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  1. Riverdale baseball has the following for sale: (2) 24' foul poles with 12' wings for sale They are used. $200- come get them Approximately 150 ft of yellow fence cap-$50 If interested please email David Limbaugh - david @ riverdalewarriors.com
  2. https://tssaasports.com/history/results/?sport=baseball 2003 - When Spring Fling moved from Chattanooga to Memphis and went from 4 teams to 8 teams https://tssaasports.com/event/bracket.cfm?id=20020401
  3. https://www.coacht.com/tennessee/article.cfm?id=358997
  4. Draw was this morning https://tssaasports.com/event/bracket.cfm?id=20180403
  5. Welcome to WT Jones Field Lake County, Greenback, Eagleville and Summertown!
  6. Warrior Spring Classic Week https://arrowsup.org/2019-warrior-spring-classic-schedule/ https://arrowsup.org/2019-warrior-spring-classic-junior-varsity-schedule/
  7. https://arrowsup.org/7aaa-baseball-standings/
  8. https://arrowsup.org/2019-warrior-spring-classic-schedule/
  9. As blue says - no more 'hybrid' or 'modified' stances in high school baseball will be allowed. It was never 'allowed', just 'tolerated'. Now it is not tolerated. https://www.nfhs.org/sports-resource-content/baseball-points-of-emphasis-2018/
  10. One of the biggest problems with high school sports is fans/parents who have no clue what the rules are. From dads screaming "he traveled before he threw the ball in! He took steps" because that rule existed when he played in 1975 to seeing a player knocked to the floor by his own teammate and hearing a mom scream "where's the foul?!?!" because she sees her son on the floor and then yells "he did that on purpose" with no clue who the 'he' was. The "Where was the whistle?!?!" answer is that it is no foul to knock down your teammate. Basketball is the toughest game to officiate and just about every possession can be called one of several ways. Think of officials more as arbitrators than umpires in baseball. If you think they are bad, imagine trying to play a game without them. Be grateful you have people willing to take time from their wives/husbands/kids/grandkids to spend time with your kids. A thank you goes a long way.
  11. Why I stand at attention for our National Anthem
  12. http://www.limbaughlooper2016.com/why-i-stand-at-attention-for-our-national-anthem.html
  13. This sums it up pretty well: It’s Not About the Flag or the Military. It Never Has Been.
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