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  1. The CoachT schedule says that the OR vs Maryville game is in Bearden. I thought the region was being held at Maryville?
  2. Booger my friend from the Air Force wanted me to get Tee Martin autograph...lol tell coach thanks

    1. Booger


      who's Tee Martin:roflolk:

  3. Gonna be a tough matchup for our Redskins, I do wish Alcoa defensive end was playing for the Redskins, his dad was a great 3 sport athlete for us. I used to carry him on the basketball court when he was a young Sophomore (I'm just giving you a hard time Lee...lol). Good luck to both teams and I just want a good and injury free game.
  4. I'm sorry for bringing this post back up, but my Redskins fans think you missed badly on this prediction
  5. On a final note, how in the world Drew Jackson isnt a Mr. Football finalist is really head scratching. Kid is a great player and played the best all around game of any Loudon player I have seen in a long time!
  6. Really good game by the Redskins, total physical dominance up front and Drew Jackson did everything. I just wish the York bunch could have seen us tonight...lol Now on to the toughest challenge of the year. We will have a huge uphill climb but the kids will play hard!
  7. Drew Jackson is once again the best player on the field
  8. Lumpy, Jackson, Smallen ran it great tonight. O-line opened some holes! Got to get better in the passing game and play a complete game with no mental errors.
  9. 41-7 Redskins final. Great game by defense line. Had at least 11 sacks, QB #2 for Smith Co is a very tough kid he took a lot of shots but kept getting up. Offense has got to play with more discipline 5 turnovers! I believe we can get it fixed! On to the 3rd round!
  10. Lumpy Lunsford from 40yds....41-7 Redskins!
  11. Another int. That's 4 on the night!
  12. If were going to throw it that much have got to take better care of the ball.
  13. 27-7 Loudon starts out extremely sloppy. 4 turnovers 3 ints on the game. Haven't had any intensity on offense and defense in 2nd half.
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