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  1. Why would your defense not come to play against Alcoa? Would they be looking past them?
  2. Well maybe they will help you guys with Alcoa, because you'll need it.
  3. McKenzie Lunsford and he is a great kid. He's had a great career for the Redskins were going to miss ole Lumpy.
  4. Good game Lions! Really proud of our Redskins this year on a very good year during a difficult time. Good luck to Red Bank, you guys have a tough one next week.
  5. Redskins did finish last drive with TD. Got to keep it up! Penalties killing us.
  6. 10 7 red bank halftime. Loudon had a bad illegal motion penalty that nullified Harig 51 yd TD run. Red Bank also blocked a FG. We got to finish drives just like 1st meeting. Both teams playing hard.
  7. Did someone else log into your account and post on the 1st page of this thread? Because going off of that you didn't say that it was going to be a blowout. I will say this if you didn't get to come last night you missed hearing cowbells for 4 quarters. I give it to the Upperman fans no matter the score they pull for their kids till the end. Watching our 3rd and 4th string kind of worried me a bit giving up 2 TDs against a team with that much lack of speed. Were going to have to coach them kids up next couple of years.
  8. Refs in this game were hilarious. Had fun over there though nice people.
  9. 41 to 0 Loudon I'm heading back to Loudon cant take anymore of this nail biter
  10. 34 -0 Redskins, Loudon too much speed.
  11. If Brainerd beats McMinn Central then Loudon is #1 Brainerd is #2 and Red Bank is #3 no matter the outcome of this game. If Red Bank wins and McMinn Central wins Red Bank is 1, Loudon is 2 and Brainerd is 3. Red Bank can only finish 1st or 3rd, Brainerd can only finish 2 or 3. Winner of Signal and Sweetwater is 4. Yes this year is a mess due to COVID-19.
  12. Red Bank would have to beat McMinn Central as well.
  13. I forgot to mention Brainerd has to beat McMinn Central in order for my above scenario to play out.
  14. Also, been told covid forfeits aren't counted as a lose. If you go to TSSAA website you will see Red Bank is 5 - 0. So technically they don't have any loses. Coacht scoreboard schedule is not official.
  15. So we don't get any credit for beating them on the field? Not sure i see your logic.
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