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  1. The Refs probably threw 25 penalties flags on MC but only a couple for GC.
  2. I believe it was 10 penalties called against MC. Seems low but that is what WJJM said after the game.
  3. This Friday night 10/11 at Marshall County.
  4. Prayers from Marshall County Tigers!
  5. Should be an intense game. I think we are better than last year and Giles are not as good as last year. MC 31 GC 17
  6. Not sure, we played Tullahoma on a Thursday as well.
  7. Another Thursday game for MC. What is everyone's thoughts? MC 48 LC 0
  8. I watched the Fayetteville/ Cornersville game 2 years ago and the had several of us MC fans there. So I would say yall will have a lot of fans there from MC. Good luck. I believe Fayetteville's QB is the son of a Friend I graduated with from HS.
  9. This should be a great game. Cornersville by 1 TD. Hopefully I can make the trip as MC plays on Thursday night.
  10. If #70 was 6 inches taller he could play for any D1.
  11. Sloppy game so far. MC making alot of mistakes. 14-0 MC at the half.
  12. Hopefully our RB can stay out of the dog house for this weeks game. We need to be at full strength to beat the Jackets this week.
  13. I would love to see the series keep going as well. Yes we do travel well. Most away games we have more fans than the home team does.
  14. Thanks We are trying to share this with everyone so they can vote our teams. Looking forward to coming to Springfield Friday night. I hope this starts a good rivalry.
  15. I watched some film on Springfield and looks like yall have a lot of speed. Should be the game of the week. Make sure you go vote for the Tennessee Titans game of the week and vote our game. It helps both schools.
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