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  1. How did the O'line look to you?
  2. What to expect? Lost all lineman on the O'line. RB's and good WR's will help out 1st year starter at QB. Any opinions on this year's team?
  3. KJ had 27 points.
  4. There's a RB at Lewisburg Middle school last name is Braden is the real deal. He should see some action as a Freshman next year. And no he didn't transfer from somewhere else.
  5. Great win by Cornersville. Huntingdon has a ton of weapons and only used 1 of them #9 he is very tough because C'ville stuck him hard all night. C'ville defense is the toughest I seen play all year. See you in Lake Co.
  6. Marshall County Tigers fan headed to Huntingdon Friday. I hope this game is as good as these post. I got my Popcorn ready.
  7. Marshall has played a very tough schedule this year. Most of the injured players will be back this week. MC 28 SM 14
  8. I think this is going to be a hard fought game. Any thoughts?
  9. Tullahoma defense is very tough. I say it will end in a TIE.
  10. Hopefully Marshall County can wrap up a playoff spot with the win.
  11. Not sure why nobody started this yet. What are your opinions on this game?
  12. If the QB would have taking a knee. Ballgame see you next time we play you. Other than the last play it was a pretty clean game. Take a knee.
  13. He didn't take a knee. He faked it and ran around to our sideline.
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