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  1. We have 6-7 on Offense and 7-8 on Defense. We have to replace our RB's and 2 on D-line.
  2. What are your thoughts on the 2020 season?
  3. The Lewisburg announcer left after last season. FYI
  4. I'm pulling for Springfield. It will be close but Springfield pulls it out. Good luck Yellow Jackets.
  5. This should be a great game. I have to go with home field advantage on this one. MC 28 DC 14
  6. Nolensville should move up to 5A maybe 6A. Giles Co. I believe will move backup to 4A.
  7. If DC can put pressure on the QB then they might have a chance to beat Tully. If not this will be a blow out. Tully doesn't have much of a running game. On D Tully has some tough players that will get after you.
  8. Marshall county by 30+ then subs gets some playing time in.
  9. My Predictions on the game. Marshall Co. 17 Nolensville 14 I think we will meet again in the Playoffs as we sweep Region 3 again.
  10. This game is Televised on Channel 30 on Dish network not sure about Direct TV. Friday Night Rivals is doing to Broadcasting.
  11. This is for 1st place in the Region. This will be a great game and should be Televised by FNR. What is everyone's thoughts on this game?
  12. The Refs probably threw 25 penalties flags on MC but only a couple for GC.
  13. I believe it was 10 penalties called against MC. Seems low but that is what WJJM said after the game.
  14. This Friday night 10/11 at Marshall County.
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