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  1. MC has beaten Riverdale, Oakland, Loretto, and many more great teams this summer. The transfer is looking really solid right now. She’s played a vital role in rebounding and defending and can score when she’s given the opportunity. So far she’s played fairly well in the system up here at MC.
  2. I’m hoping to see more of the younger Ashburn, Ward, and Scott step up a play a more vital role. They’ve been putting in work this offseason all around. Hoping it pays off with a championship run. MC had the best shot of winning it this past year with everyone down compared to most years. Can’t wait to see what this season has in store for the Tigerettes! Should be a fun season! 8-AA has a great shot to represent two teams in the tournament again this year
  3. She’s a forward. She’s really quick for her size. This could be the missing piece that the Tigerettes have been looking for.
  4. The rumors are true. I think she’s coming from Watertown. Can’t remember which girl she is, but she won most improved on their team last season. It should help the Tigerettes big time going into the season this winter
  5. Congrats to Cheatham on their championship today! Now looking at the field next year who has the best shot at getting back to the state tournament? What team might surprise the state? Who’s your top ten?
  6. Macon is very quick and can wear out Westview’s big girls. That was the case last year. Plus, WV would be pressured very tightly by Macon on defense and I don’t know if they’ve seen a defense like Macon all year long. Hoping to see this matchup. It most certainly would be a classic!
  7. All is good with the health of players up here. Hopefully, it does not strike our girls before Wednesday. The flu is going around up here though.
  8. I totally understand that. I’m sure MC would be the same way.
  9. I’ve been to every game this season and years past and I don’t remember seeing one of the students bring a dog to the game making fun of that parent. Might wanna have proof before you start accusing the students of something they didn’t do. I understand where you are coming from about chanting against a player and why you would be upset. But high school kids will be kids. And them saying that doesn’t mean they mean it. Everybody knows that up here in Lafayette.
  10. I don’t think you understand the concept of it just being for fun. Nor do I think flatten the tornadoes is not as bad as chanting a persons name. Peoples lives were lost and to make fun of that is way out of hand. It’s all just for fun a games when MC chants “we hate Upperman.” They just want the fame that upperman has had the past few years. Maybe you should just get over the fact Upperman is no longer in the tournament and is irrelevant the rest of this season.
  11. You’re exactly right. Knock on wood it stays that way after Saturday night.
  12. Macon has tended to play slow in the first half for some reason most of the season except for the past few games during the tournaments. I would love to see a great game since these two are the top teams according to the Tennessean which I hate to see one go home. Macon plays a lot better at home, which will make it tougher for Meigs. They seem to be able to make the three better and play a good game all around. I just can’t wait for Meigs to see the student section for Macon. It’s one of the best ones I’ve seen in a long time. They bring it every game and helps our girls a lot.
  13. Looking forward to Saturday night. Both teams are the top two teams in AA and one unfortunately has to go home. Me being a little biased, I feel like Macon is the favorite considering they are gonna be playing in Nera White which is hard to win in with the student section being a great as it is and they hard playing their best ball at the right time. Meigs is very capable of winning in Nera White but I don’t know if they’ve played in an environment they are about to play in. Hope for safe travels for Meigs County and good luck!
  14. Trust me Macon ain’t gonna overlook Meigs. Meigs is a good team that’s about to walk straight into a war zone in Nera White. That place is gonna blow the roof off on Saturday. And Macon feeds off the crowd very well...
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