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  1. MC faced adversity throughout the westmoreland game. They gave us fits and we responded. Westmoreland has been the toughest opponent so far. This game will say a lot about how good MC is. MC has speed like I’ve never seen on a Tiger team before. Overall, the skill position has quality speed to keep up with the jackets.
  2. Has a great chance to be one of the best games in this series rivalry. MC has been dominating opponents throughout this season. This Tigers team could be a very special team. A win on the creek bank could give the tigers huge motivation going into the meat of their schedule. If TC isn’t careful through discipline and turnovers, the Tigers will take advantage. I can’t wait for Friday night next week!
  3. This game is not until next week, but the tigers will have the week off due to Glencliff not being able to play. Unsure if the Tigers will get a W from this game since it’s been cancelled. Either way, the tigers are rolling so far this season sitting at 3-0. The Tigers have taken this meeting between the two the past three years. Will the tigers remain undefeated or will the Jets slow down the tigers and put them into the loss column? Thoughts?
  4. I stand corrected. I saw an article the other day about the last time being in 02’. To my knowledge, I had thought it would be the first time.
  5. I sure hope so. I’m one proud alumni that’s for sure.
  6. Westy came in ready to play last night and the Tigers just had the experience to overcome a sloppy game last night through penalties and turnovers. MC has a great opportunity to be the first team in history to start the season 3-0. Hope everything is well in H2Otown!
  7. The Tigers finally get over the hump against two rivals they struggled to beat the past few years. They enter this upcoming week 2-0 playing Mt. Juliet Christian for only the second time in school history. Last years meeting the Tigers had a field day against the Saints. Will the Tigers improve to 3-0 or will the Saints beat the Tigers on their own turf? Thoughts?
  8. It was bad as it sounds. MC dominated throughout the whole game. Overall, was a great performance from the tigers.
  9. MC comes off a dominant win over SC. MC is looking for a 2-0 start and some revenge over the Eagles. Westmoreland comes just short of beating LA. Does the Eagles bounce back this week or do the Tigers end the two year win streak of the Eagles? Thoughts?
  10. One of the most dominant performances I’ve ever seen in the run of this rivalry for MC. MC single handled SC with ease. MC was dominant in all aspects of the game last night and got the win they needed. MC needs revenge against the Eagles next week at home. Could give the Tigers momentum if they can start the season off 2-0 against the rivals they’ve struggled to beat. Proud to be a Tiger!
  11. It’s hard to say how I think the game will go Friday night. MC has had to fill in some roles that were lost this past year. I’m not sure what the Owls are working with this year. I feel like MC finds a way to end the streak. Those seniors are hungry for a win against the owls as they’ve never beat them in their tenure.
  12. This contest has went to the Owls the past three years. Each team has lost quality players to graduation this past year. The tigers and owls both return players that contributed to each program. Do the tigers end the losing streak to the owls? Or will the owls make it 4 years in a row? Thoughts?
  13. Yes you are correct. He could be a big X-Factor for the tigers!
  14. Landon Whittemore TE/DE has 20 plus offers from all D1 schools (FCS and some FBS)
  15. Has does this year span out in the region? LA loses a lot to graduation. Dekalb is coming off a Cinderella story run in the playoffs and returns A LOT. MC loses key guys in the skill and lineman position but has quality guys back on the roster including Preseason All-State player, Landon Whittemore. How does Stone perform this year? Does Cumberland have any chance at the playoffs in the last year of this region? Will these teams see each other again next year after reclassification? Thoughts?
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