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  1. I’m going with the Bees tomorrow night. I think Caine finds a way to bring down the two time defending state champs. Feel like Rollins and Dedman for Upperman is going to have a big night on the ground attack.
  2. I was mentioning the Rollins kid from Upperman lol. He’s a sophomore running back and is legit. However the Rollins kid from Elizabethtown is stud too. I’ve seen some of the stats he’s put up through looking at stats and scores in the East and he’s very impressive as well.
  3. TC is playing some tough ball right now. I’d give the edge to TC. The Claiborne boy is a stud and gave Watertown all they wanted tonight. Good luck from ole rival MC!
  4. Takes a lot for a backup to come in as a sophomore and get the job done. Not many can do it. Looking forward to seeing y’all represent region 4 next week! Good luck!
  5. Listened to majority of the game through Upper Cumberland reporter. Sounded like y’all had another well-rounded game. Rollins will be a force for the next two years in Region 4 and all of 4A. It was great to hear the rushing kid step up in the spotlight and lead the team to victory. Congrats to you all, @crow6424
  6. Feel like it’s going to be a slugfest in Watertown tonight. I’m leaning towards TC winning this one but I wouldn’t be surprised if Watertown beats TC for a second time this year and breaks the quarterfinal curse.
  7. They ran the ball effectively. They really took advantage on 5 yard stop routes and other short screen routes. They came out with intensity and like to get set up quick in their offense. Also, some of their TD’s were big plays, but not the majority. The running back is legit too. I think if you all can have success in the passing game. I like the chances of you all winning. Because that’s what hurt us when we needed to throw it and not getting the third down stops we needed.
  8. Red Bank is legit. Upperman will have to cut away the personal foul penalties and be able to play a complete game. Hoping to see Upperman pull out the win.
  9. I’m over here at the local sonic getting me a large blast to enjoy for an extra few minutes lol.
  10. Pulling for the Dawgs to pull off the upset. Clay County’s athletes I think will catch SP by surprise at first on how good they are. I think Clay will put SP on their heels for majority of the game, but the Pirates pull away in the late stages of the game. It’s always fun to see the Upper Cumberland schools have success in all sports. One of the best parts of TN to watch any high school sport.
  11. I complete agree with you my friend. It’s going to take a lot but I feel good about it just hoping the boys go out there and have fun win or lose. Good luck over there in H20town this week!
  12. The Stone and Red Bank score was a bit deceiving. Stone was having success moving the ball down field against the Lions. Stone had five turnovers in that game. You can’t have that and expect to stay in the game. Therefore, leading to my point, if MC can protect the ball and stop the big plays like we did against Chattanooga Central in the second half, I think this game stays close till the end. I’m very curious to see how MC plays against the adversity by having to make the 2 and a half hour road trip. Either way the game goes, it’s always a good year by having a winning season and getting a playoff win. As far as I can remember, the only teams to win in the playoffs for MC was the 03’ team, 16’ team, and this years team. I want to say maybe one of those teams in the 60s and 70s did but I can’t remember.
  13. Thank you my friend! It won’t be easy but MC seems determined and wants to shock the state, so we will see how it plays out. Wouldn’t mind seeing Upperman vs MC again. Feel like MC would be more prepared if we were to go another time against one another.
  14. Good luck to both teams! Should be a great game! Hoping and praying we see an all Region 4 quarterfinal matchup!
  15. I’m going with the underdog in this one. I think Dyer puts a game plan together and the Owls pull off the upset. Should be a good game to keep an eye on. Good luck to both!
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