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  1. We in Carthage,TN wish Coach Steve "Big Daddy" Thompson had stayed on forever. He was greatly respected and loved.
  2. Coaching not that good. They pull up anyone that has a connection with a principal. Faragi Phillips was probably the last really good one.
  3. It may be a weak tournament this year ...I'm going with Clarksville.
  4. Sad isn't it? This government intends on hurting us and what we love.
  5. They are a true team with no great individual players. Typical small town type team. They play great defense and play hard. Never give up. I'm sure they'll have a big crowd but The Tribe travels pretty well to even if they are 5 hours away.
  6. I think getting to Murfreesboro is a great accomplishment regardless of who gets you there.
  7. Dark horse or weak district and region?
  8. Milan has always had potential. The football program especially Tucker wanted to keep it down.
  9. I'll bet the farm Beech stays undefeated... McDowell finds a way to choke.
  10. From Carthage. I know his family. Gary Rankin has ZERO intentions of coaching South Pittsburg. It will not happen. Focus on someone that's an actual real hire. It's like Tennessee fan clowns actually thinking Jon Gruden was ever going to coach there.
  11. Well the so called best coach in the state isn't doing very well at Tullahoma.... maybe he saw the handwriting on the wall at Macon
  12. Legend...Pure class...his teams were gentlemen...wore blazers and ties to games. His teams were fundamentally sound... maybe one of the best...and he never raised his voice. Haven't been to Livingston Academy for years but I hope he's in a HOF.
  13. I've never seen it...ever ...in any sport
  14. I don't think so hoss...I think it's a pretty logical statement...do you people in SP deal in logic?
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