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  1. I wouldn't wear a pair of Nikes to the barn to feed the cows...bottom line.
  2. You guys like hiring those washed up old has beens don't you? Now my question is who holds his walker while he tries to coach...or will that Grider feller buy him a hover round?
  3. Could be a great starter program for someone. Will they hire 1 person for both boys and girls?
  4. What he did is akin to shaving points off a game without the gambling presence and that is unforgivable. Were the supporters you mentioned numbered in the crowd of fans who booed him and his team when it became apparent they were "tanking" the game? Look I have no problem with him trying to coach someplace...it is obvious he is pretty good at it...but no he doesn't need to be allowed to do so...he compromised the game...on the high school level...and if that makes me a "pious Pharisee" then so be it. Stones being loaded...
  5. Nobody is damning his soul to heck...he just should be banned from ever coaching high school kids again...I mean didn't they ban Shoeless Joe Jackson and the Black Sox for throwing a game? The support this guy is getting on his Twitter sickens me...just out and out lack of integrity.
  6. Lapse in judgment does not constitute throwing a hs game...that is called a lack of ethics and professionalism. I may say he deserves another chance but please don't try and sugar coat it.
  7. Hope this isn't true but if so that tells me everything about the character(or lack of) concerning Lebanon's AD and principal. Hiring someone who was forced to resign for embarrassing his former school.
  8. Bond was under fire from parents long before this year. Crazy how folks are even when you win and go to state tournaments.
  9. Anyone interested in this?
  10. Faragi Phillips...surely you have called him.
  11. Oh I totally agree with you on this...and that should be what happens...but we all know how hs kids are. If it happened to a teacher some kids would look on it as a weakness and I think the effectiveness would be diminished...that is the way they think...sad but true.
  12. I know this may not be appropriate but in all honesty it's going to be hard for Ron to come back and be effective now. I would look at it from a kid's perspective and from mine if I were in this situation. The coach took a severe beat down from a kid. Yes it was criminal and the kid needs to be prosecuted but we all know he will be back on the streets...its the way the juvenile system works. I just don't think his players will look at him in the same manner now...and he will always be on the offensive. It's going to hurt his discipline no way around it. I just wonder if this would have happened with Rankin...and what would he have done if it did.
  13. They can be moved to another school...isn't that what they were going to do with Wes?
  14. Wes did a great job with baseball. He did a great job in football. He has never coached hs basketball in his life. The community wants a basketball coach...an experienced one. Now he should have never been allowed to leave this community. Great person. I say right the wrongs. Hire him back as assistant football and head baseball coach. Bring in a proven basketball coach. If you want a good team to compliment that nice facility we have.
  15. I'll tell you what is really sad. Channel 4 is reporting this thing and the assigned reporter states they went through the coach's personnel file to see if he had any past disciplinary letters or reprimands. No doubt they were looking for anything they could blame him for. Typical media garbage...just looking to nail this guy and somehow vindicate this criminal that accosted him. These people are fabricating vultures...
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