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  1. Is the skillet slinger the head of search committee?
  2. LRDAO.... Old pirate these Peabody fellars is alright. After all they wear the P as well. Big Purple bowel excrement is just over here spewing his mess. You think im joking but im not.
  3. That Hayes boy is going to that Martin mans school. That Kelly boy that got an offered to play at that Martin mans school. If he goes there maybe that Hayes boy could nock a hole for him. You think im joking but im not.
  4. LRDAO.. Ole RD done told you coach t fellars I aint no durn coach. Grider wouldnt even let me work in his concession stand. Thats why I slip in that tower mans back door. Anyways you fellars take it easy on the rest of us. Good luck fellow P guys. You think im joking but im not.
  5. LRDAO... Let me ask you a question. Does your administrator no you on this board all day and not teaching and coaching? What kind of mess is this?
  6. LRDAO.... Now bowel excrement dont run home mad. I aint ready for you to throw the towel in just yet. At least wait until we meet up and I slap the stupid out of you with my thermos and Murphy Fair book. You think im joking but im not.
  7. That Kelly boy is a pre season Mr Football prospect. What about your boys? Do you have any?
  8. LRDAO.... If you fellars lose too that Jacobs man you going to run from them like you did that Rankin man? Asking for OP.
  9. LRDAO... Go tide. If ole big purple bowel excrement was confident he could beat a little 1a school they would be a heep of mess in here spewed by him. Fact is he aint. You think im joking but im not.
  10. LRDAO... Dont mind big purple bowel excrement. He is classless. He comes to our south Pittsburg website and bashes KIDS. One of our boys family fell on hard times from covid and was helped out for one month rent because they were facing eviction and he made fun. You think im joking but im not.
  11. LRDAO.... Here bowel excrement (bpm) over here bashing people. Dont mind him Willie and main event man. He bashes KIDS over on our south Pittsburg website. We had a kid whose family fell on hard times due to covid and they were helped out without even knowing it for one month and big purple bowel movement made fun of the family. He is exactly that bowel excrement. You think im joking but im not.
  12. LRDAO.... Ole bowel excrement is avoiding my question. I garuntee I hope this Jacobs man beats the tar out of this Diffee man. Bowel excrement is acting like it want be a big deal if they get beat. Thats laughable. It would be an embarrassment of your a supposed to be 4a title contender to get routinely ear holed by a 1a school. Go Tide. Me and that Tower man might even come to this game abs I can bring my Murphy Fair book. You think im joking but im not.
  13. LRDAO... Ole yeti started talking about this Lambert man first Jim boy. I just asked Crow boy why it was ok for this Lambert man to resign three days before spring training but Grider couldnt. You think im joking but im not.
  14. PM I garuntee ive told big purple bowel movement that I dont coach. I help Murphy with his book. You think im joking but im not.
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