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  1. Why in HellO would that be a good thing? The rivalry was deliberately stopped costing The Captain & Crew financial hardships, that probably are still being dealt with. Captain Jones handled that issue decisively with a stake thru the neck. Last year was a season that will reign in the hearts & minds as unforgettable. A large part of that is not having to deal with the jailhouse kinfolkes! Captain Don & KC & The Sunshine Band stopped playing the neighbors south the border for far less crimes! BTW, congratulations to Captain Stone Cold.
  2. This hole mess done got a raw spot on this skillet head. Old Pirate says that Rankin man is OLD. Ifin he is chasing another State Championship, the Chattanooga based Circle Fly Fake Pirates sure ain’t where that’s goin to happen anytime soon! Nows, Ifin he’s owning chasing “W”s then he still ain’t on the fastest route!
  3. Old Pirate says a SOS is reported to be in the picture. YepReconSo
  4. Roy was right, Yous is a colabirater! Old Pirate says PP don’t know this mess, Leastways he would have spilled the beans long ago! Is PP not still yous Co-Pilot? Yous part of the orchestration! Well, Help my time!
  5. Old Pirate says theys a HEEP of REPEATing in the mess but this is fer the blue bloodline skillet slingers and skillet heads that is slower. Patient diligent churning will always bring the creme to the Top. Figure the pure simple truth is, Theys bound to be a HEEP of orchestrating by somebody, somehow, somewheres! Grab the popcorn while remembering, basic churning & harvesting honey takes time and Fast strokes don’t do the job that slow strokes do! YepReconSo
  6. Old Pirate says, Ifin a feller gots the good ingredients and a powerful mount of patience, along with good churning techniques, creme will always find its way to the top. OP says theys been a powerful HEEP of churning, if this churn is holding whats fellers a saying. Figure a Tornado lassoer jest might stir up the surrounding area something awlful. Theys goin be folkes sure nuff searching fer a safe refuge. YepReconSo
  7. Old Pirate jest had to pick the dentures out of a mess of cat poop. That dang blasted cat always dumping & pising everywhere. PP, yous been spending to much time with that new squeeze that plum got you really confused. Theys Not going to ever be a feller going by Happy Meal coming to the Pitt. Dad Burnit, jest about said except fer a ear holing. That feller done got rid of that happening again. Theys 3 things a feller can bet on, ain’t going to be a return of the SOS, ain’t goin to be a return of a 1 game coach and sure ain’t goin to be a streak ending earholing coach from the jailhouse neither. Figure he is a right smarter than us fellers thought, the Pirates would have hung 2 more “EH” on that record and as it looks that streak would have stretched a HEEP.
  8. Old Pirate says if was Lexus buying ole Roy would sure nuff been doing a HEEP of complaining bout higher gate prices. Now as fer all this here TNTBSUS gossip, fellers gets a visiting them there way too much with the skillet slingers. OP agrees with you on a coach jest wondering by & sitch when the Speedway has an opening. Theys jest way too much estrogen in here fer a old skillet head like OP. It is usually the regulars that always yapping like when an old blue tick hound sniffs an electric fence. Nows with all this mess, Ifin whoever gets hired ain’t the hire all is yapping about getting hired, the feller that gets hired ain’t going to be a good hire, cause the great hire didn’t get hired in the 1st place. The Pirate’s last coach was a great hire, then that hire didn’t turn into a good hire cause he got hired away after one game. Some Pirate fellers ain’t never goin to learn a cotton picken thing from old Pirates. Point here is Ifin the great hire ain’t hired, no worries, the fellers done there has got the credentials to do jest fine. The liars tables around the area sure are chatty fer sure. YepReconSo
  9. Old Pirate jest explaining how come blinds makes a difference when a feller is a trying to pick him a goodun. Recon confused fellers it can be a right more a chore.
  10. Well help my time, Old Pirate jest checked out the SP coaching hire status. Pert near seems as usual folkes confused & carrying a HEEP of orchestrated rumors. OP says supporters need but remember an attempt to hire some SOS. One particular feller ain’t never had a single practice much less a fued with another team. The last one lasted jest 1 fued, then gone in the brisk fall air. Another feller left the Pitt and been hired at multiple schools before he even had a practice with another. Point to this here duck hunt, is having the right blind. Location is among the most important considerations. The blind must be located wheres ducks wants to go. The prevailing wind and the position in relation to the son are important factors. The Pitt blind stands in a shallow open county pond surrounded by heeps of migrating young ducks. Now figures Old Pirate is a saying, theys a smart amount of uncertainty when building or choosing a blind. Recon Pirate folkes best jest settle down a bit. Hear tell theys a smart amount of worrisome fellers from nearby blinds worried something awful. YepReconSo
  11. Well help my time Roy, Fellers knowds theys ain’t no one but Wendy that can accurately size up the jock straps. Old Pirate is a smart doubtful yous toting a plum full load yet neither. Someone still ain’t put OP’s Gold Star back, Leastways that there email mess was a handled by the herds younger SKillet Slinger. RD, OP is starting on the Trail of Tears toward South Texas now that the fiddles & sitch is all tucked in. Figure OP will be bout 3 weeks touring with the SS. Recon, that sums up the Trial of Tears reference. Dad Burnit RD, yous better make sure we don’t get a SOS this time neither. Folkes is plum fed up with that mess. BTW, brush up on yous secret messaging.
  12. You fellers itching to start a HEEP of wrong yapping. Old Pirate been gone no where’s neither. OP been a mite punny after getting the gonads cut on. Thought a right smart bout getting one of them Delux Pumps installed. Ole RD been bragging bout his too much and that skillet of his done let The Cave skillet Slinger know about double matches and sitch. Leastways, some feller went and took OP’s Gold Star causing RD & OP unable to communicate privately. Coacht jest trying to help OP out and you fellers gone and start orchestrating. The younger skillet slinger in the herd helping with this e-mail mess. BTW, us War Eagle don’t take kindly to Bulldogs nor Elephants. But was great to see Bama fall flat. Jest fer those nosing fellers, OP is headed to South Texas fer a spell, so hire a good coach this time and Not a nary SOS!
  13. Old Pirate says the Pirates looked more like them Jasper fellers version of the single. Them youngons only knowds what great gran pappy told’em. Leastways, sure got some hair standing up on the neck.
  14. Old Pirate liked that version of the single wing bloody nose!
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