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  1. Gots to be a HEEP following the Pirates. Pert 75,000 peeks in this topic thread.
  2. Ain’t No Nary Cure fer Stupid, Best jest leave those fellers to playing pocket pool. Leastways even them Fellers have orchestration to do! YepReconSo
  3. Pujo, Good to sees yous still a tad perky. . Old Timers getting restless with No Real Fueding goin on. Leastways Coach Jones done went & orchestrated the spring schedule with a 3 enter squad games for Jr. High, JV & Propective Varsity come next week. Word is Varsity numbers are down, Little Fellers is up. BTW, did you see that AZ Sports article bout the orchestrated effort to renege on Coach Pruitt contractual aggreement? Vols fans sure nuff have a HEEP of mess to endure until smoother waters and becoming relevant.
  4. Old Pirate totally agrees. Ain’t No fixin stupid. YepReconSo
  5. Old Pirate says theys a HEEP of orchestration culminating today at The Speedway.
  6. Figure that jest proves Old Pirate’s point! It ain’t a nary bit right accusing a feller fer of being a feller he ain’t neither! That Milan feller and a HEEP of his pocket pool playing Fellers need to free up hands open then dad Burnit ears and take notes. Theys been told & told & told RD ain’t The Captain or a nary other coach.
  7. Jest what in the cat hair was yous talking about knowing ROY? ROY is a arm chair coach with a extremely interesting approach to training & sitch.
  8. Well help my time, OP says that Real Dumb virus done got pert near all round these here threads. This mess went got OP a trying to figure this HEEP of mess out. Figure is jest one answer here, that durn virus done got a way of traveling thru these here keyboard buttons. That Peabody feller done went & caught it. Easy to sees OP ed-you-Kate-shun ain’t reach this feller neither.
  9. Dad Burnit RD, Old Pirate says yous done got a tad of that dumb virus. Best yous see the doc, cause ain’t No nary amount of slapping will get rid of stupid! Leastways fellers can appreciate the attempt at good intentions. YepReconSo
  10. What in tarnation is bat totter talk on this Earholing thread? ST is yous feeling confused?
  11. Old Pirate feels a mite more convinced the Pirates did good with Captain Jones. Theys a HEEP of building excitement taking place! That other feller in the hunt done went leaped two more times now. That fellers sure is a rambler. YepReconSo
  12. Well help my time, theys a feller putting it simple. That’s real good, cause theys a HEEP of real, Real, REAL dump fellers post on the T. You does knowds this could be construed as orchestration! LOPAO
  13. 1i, Old Pirate says the orchestration that Pirate fans are somehow bad is expected from some. The Speedway does have spoiled fans, most appreciate good play, some jest can’t stand defeat.
  14. Old Pirate says a HEEP of folkes leaving early is old folkes needs to go a private toilet. OP ain’t jest joking neither
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