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  1. Old Pirate says, granted he was hampered with the hamstring. The question is, there were plenty of things he had plenty of time to improve. How much did he improve in the weight room or was the down time for relaxation? OP don’t think anybody can’t see potential, potential means nothing when effort is lacking. Old Pirate says playing at the next level takes a HEEP of commitment and he should be kicking axx. Hope all of the Pirates have to up their game come Friday. They’ll be many that will have to do more to bring home the bacon.
  2. Old Pirate says # 75 has not stepped up his effort or play! Certainly he is better than others for the Pirates, But a real D1 prospect abilities hasn’t been shown upon return. Maybe this title game will raise the intensity & level fer all the Pirates. Pirate -1+
  3. Old Pirate says the Pirate Supporters is jest hopeful the Pirates can make a few tackles along the way and get a few snaps off. Obvious the Pirates ain’t respected, everyone needs to seek out a HEEP of lucky charms.
  4. Old Pirate says the Pirates got a bloody nose at jest the right time!
  5. Well help my time, Jest where in the cat hair has yous been Butchie? Great to see old fellers still kicking, Ifin it ain’t as high as it youst to be. Old Pirate plum tuckered out and can barely speak after howering fer the Pirates & yesterday at the Iron Bowl. OP says them mountain youngons put a real humbling to the Pirates with the bloody nose attack. The War Eagles let one slip thru the cracks. Leastways OP still proud to be a fan of both.
  6. Dad Burnit RD, Jest when in the cat hair did you up and git to be bosom buddies with this feller? This ain’t atall normal. BTW, yous best keep Wendy from finding out bout that there picture yous claiming is her. You’ll be laid up fer a long spell Ifin she does. OP ain’t jest joking neither. NopeReconNot
  7. Old Pirate says this was the best assessment of this thread and worth acknowledgement.
  8. Old Pirate says Congratulations to the Pirates on the Big “W” & congrats to the Gordonsville team on a great season. Unfortunately the end comes to all things, the most important thing is making the ride!
  9. Dad Burnit RD, where in the cat hair did T get so feminine? OP says reading some this mess is like listening to a hen party. YepReconSo
  10. Well help my time, Old Pirate says theys a HEEP of estrogen making a mess of this here thread. Too many girly fellers worried bout misspelled names and sitch. Carry On ladies! PIRATES by 1+
  11. Find Wendy, she can identify who is who! Much to the dis-grin of RD. LOPAO
  12. Old Pirate hates even think about riding 4-5 hours to watch any Fueding, so if CF wins would be jest fine!
  13. LOPWOAO….. Recon this proves yous a Real dummy. YepReconSo
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