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  1. Old Pirate wondering if spring practice starts Monday?
  2. Old Pirate is catching up on the T since coming back from south Texas. It sure ain’t no lively activity here. Leastways when is spring Fueding preparation starting?
  3. What in Tar Nation is this here mess? Old Pirate weren’t not reading fer this mess. The only thing worth spit is Pirate folkes won’t have to deal with near the investation around the Speedway with only 1 of them 2 Circle Fly fellers come a visiting in 24. Back to Back visits would sure mean a HEEP would need to start ordering HazMat gear. Now as fer them below the border fellers, Old Pirate sure nuff over the years warned against playing them fellers was more dangerous than visiting a strip joint blind folded & drunk. Leastways, hearing this mess while chasing golf balls sure is distracting.
  4. Well help my time. Old Pirate says this post is interesting to say the least. This self confessed skillet head curious why come TTP makes sitch an observation & statement. Leastways, OP will be headed south until warmer weather after the Music City Fued. Happy New Years to all you skillet heads!
  5. Old Pirate bought a new black hoodie that was spiced up with state championship graphics. OP accompanying the Skillet Slinger doing Christmas shopping got stopped multiple times due to the hoodie graphics. One particular encounter was by 2 youngons inquiring about the 24 Pirates expectations. OP’s response was quick & short, The Pirates are expected to be serious contenders fer the next several years. Both youngons relayed their desire to play fer the Pirates. Ain’t No Surprise to the Old Pirate!
  6. Old Pirate says this feller is really full of pure hatred. PL, he does a HEEP of anonymous yapping without disclosing who he supports. Figure attaching his post he will have an opportunity to provide who he supports! That is bout as likely as the Vols or the War Eagles winning a National Championship next year. LOPAO
  7. RLH, Old Pirate says Yous reputation is taking a severe hit with you being referred to as a buddy to this Cuntian feller who had posts removed & likely on a short leash on the T. Sure nuff unflattering, YepReconSo. Leastways, multiple Pirates will become part of a special group. Congratulations to those that will have rings fer both hands. The 24 Edition of Pirate Football should be a favorite & have a legitimate chance to return to defend this 23 title.
  8. Old Pirate says Cuntian is full of mess, 95 was last time Gold found its way to Jasper, pert near 3 decades and only possible quick turnaround is fer Jasper folkes to get a consolidation, that could possibly only be with Whitwell and the Tigers don’t like them & won’t schedule Jasper neither! So Jasper is left to play with themselves.
  9. Old Pirate says replays are always a great way to spend a rainy day. OP suggests not responding to the courthouse kinfolk - Countian. Obvious theys attempting to rattle cages because he lost his rattler.
  10. Old Pirate gives a huge shout out to the Pirates for bringing home the bacon. The 100th Pirate team will forever be referred to as a top team in the hearts and minds of followers. Many old pirates got a glimpse back to times gone by of old fashioned power here we come football. The defense was stiller all year while the offense produced a nice combination of power & finesse. All individuals on the team & supporters made a life time full of memories. Congratulations to the Captain on his 2nd state championship team and his fine staff. A shout out to the SP supporters that showed up to give the team an enormous welcome home celebration for the team. Those new to the area, as one couple was completely blown away as an ex highway patrolman from NY & wife watched & participated in March to the PITT. South Pittsburg is unique and a very special place.
  11. Dad burnit better put some Velcro on them balls.
  12. OP was scratching this skillet head thinking the same thing. Figures they had better packed enough gun powder….. yep recon so
  13. Congratulations, continued best of luck to a special player.
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