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  1. Dad Burnit RD, Ifin OP ain’t told you a HEEP of times, “yous got to take fresh shucked ear of corn or two. All yous hast to do was hollowed, OP would have let you had the one used on one side! You knowds OP takes a spare! yep, recon so, LOPAO
  2. Old Pirate is wondering what yous seen to predict that?
  3. Old Pirate says, If the Pirates are going to beat SC, they better play a HEEP better than they have thus far!
  4. Old Pirate says, the Pirates need to get good at something, because they ain’t good at nothing right now!
  5. Barney, Old Pirate is a wondering in them carnival fellers up and quit coming to GB? Figure, theys an unknown explanation for them recent GB studs, then suddenly they orchestrating stud transfers. Guarantee, Cousin Ned says the dripping continues
  6. Bassy, ain’t GB got over 30% of starters orchestrated transfers?
  7. Ain’t no need SPHS09, them GB been skeerd so long, theys a huge shortage of adult diapers on the shelves in GB. LOPWOAO
  8. LOPAO, again you GB fellers proves, theys education issues in the biggest goat breeding county in Tennessee. CompPreeHenSon Youngon! Unlike GB, no orchestrating! Drip, DRip, DRIp, DRIP.
  9. Old Pirate says 61 non orchestrated players, vast majority are homegrown! Recon that means a heep
  10. Youngon, yous gots to learn cage rattling. TButt, ain’t no policeman. Figure yous got to get personal to get a feller’s cage rattled.
  11. TButt, Time fer yous to be properly Ed-U-Kated. You see back before all the division of public & private schools, theys was folkes gathered to express their concerns. The public school supporters were gathered together discussing various avenues of support for public education. The private supporters started to gather to voice their arguments, when the private school supporters started waving their arms and dispersing and sitch. Shortly, a sweater vested feller walked over to the group of public school supporters complaining about flying bugs. One old feller said, them are jest “Circle Flies”. The sweater vested feller noticed the Flies were Concentrated still around the group he had walked away from. Immediately the sweater vested feller asked, “What are Circle Flies”? One old feller said, “ theys Flies that stay around the tail of horses”.....the vested feller said, Oh, turned to walk off....stopped and turned around and looked at the old feller and asked, “Are yous calling us private school supporters horse’s azzes.....? The old feller paused, spit and said, “No sir, We ain’t saying no sitch of a thang”.....the vested feller turned to walk away when the old feller spit and said, “hey city feller, the vested feller again stopped and turned around in response, the old feller turned slightly and spit, then said, “ “It is difficult to fool them there Circle Flies thou”.....! Old Pirate says, ain’t no surprise the D2 threads are dead. You Circles Fly folkes can’t even stand each other!
  12. Figure it is all about feuding, some loves it, some don’t. Recon us country fellers take a right amount of pride in a good feud. Course, theys that get them feelings hurt ever now and again. But Dad Burnit, that’s the whole dad burn reason fer a HEEP of feuding in the first cotton picking reason in the 1st place. BTW, that durn Southtower done and told you a HEEP mess, that ain’t got not a nary bit of anything to do with yous. Figure after the skillet slinger serves OP fiddles to build strength & endurance fer the weekly tangle. Leastways, after this week’s tour of duty, OP will educate you proper!
  13. Old Pirate says, Figure, Ray my have been air drying his jock from balcony!
  14. Dad Burnit, a Circle Fly feller And a Tennessee fan! LOPAO. Ain’t no surprise the 2D board is dead or boring. Now yous done step squarely in a HEEP of mess coming out of the closet. Ifin yous ain’t knowd what a Circle Fly feller is, and is feeling antsy to knowd, Jest feel free to ask to be Ed-U-Kated.
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