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  1. Im just curious. How many 19 year old seniors does TC have this season?
  2. Ive seen zebras in the playoffs at Meigs really effect the game. Hopefully it wont happen. This should be a classic.
  3. I was shocked by the close score. Watertown is gonna make a decent 3a or 4a team here in the next year or 2 when they move up.
  4. Not gonna make the game tonight. We are having my daughters 18th birthday at the bull and thistle in Gainesboro. I hope the cell service will allow me to watch aguatown get beat down. I have a link on facebook to watch this beat down. Had anyone else saw the link?
  5. I got my money on TC winning the game and RTD winning the fight.
  6. I got my money on TC winning the game and RTD winning the fight.
  7. Lotta jack rabbits runnin around on this post.
  8. H20 man.....glad you posted. Are we riding in your car or mine to the TC/Meigs game?
  9. I see my self as 1-3 but have been accused of being a 4! LOL
  10. Should we start a thread talking about the TC vs Meigs rematch? Me and H20man have made carpooling plans to go see TC play next week.
  11. I stand by my predictions. My reputation is on the line in predicting these ballgames. I dont mess around.
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