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  1. This doesnt surprise me. Cheatham county plays like thugs. They get away with it most of the time.
  2. Football6, bring that kid to westmoreland next year. Coach Perry can use him. Its a shame he hasnt had more opportunity over there.
  3. Is there a chance that Satterfield just comes back to coach and saves the county alot of money? A superintendent probably doesnt do alot anyway. Could be a good business decision.
  4. Westmoreland was playing 3a ball the last good team we had. 4 years ago. They were complete and only had 3 players that went both ways. TC was in little boy ball then. It wasnt a decade ago though. TC is lucky they have a school director that will fudge the numbers to keep them in the lower classes when they need to be.
  5. TC fans are alright people till they lose. Then the excuses start flying and coaches get fired for stealing county gas. LOL
  6. I hope TCs coach didnt get gas at rhe county facility this week with his gas card! If so he may be unemployed after today.
  7. So a TC native taught yall what you know about football?
  8. Fellow named Robbie Scott played for meigs on the 1980 team and went on to play for the university of TN. 1995 team had a fellow named Tyrone Jenkins and a Blevins up for Mr. Football. The 95 team got handled in the state championship by Goodpasture.
  9. Trousdale wins by a couple scores in this game then loses in the championship.
  10. How can I watch this online tonight? My wife schedule our kids birthday tonight dang it
  11. NO, thats not JUST it. It is that along with I feel their lines on both sides of the ball are more physical. I could be wrong though but im calling a 14+ point win TC!
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