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  1. Just watched the Gordonsville TC game. I see fumble fingers on here!
  2. Yeah, they alot better than westmoreland. LOL we played them twiced already with this team. Yall must of watched those games.
  3. Trousdale should cruise to the state with all their starters back from last season. There are no weaknesses on this team.
  4. Westmoreland D backs need to be headhunters across the middle of the field this week. They also need to hit the runners low in the open field. Last season we tried to tackle waaaay to high against powerful backs like tc have. This year our secondary is head and shoulders better above last seasons.
  5. You put it all on the line this game. This is our championship game. Not so much TC.
  6. How many starters did TC lose to graduation last season? I was shocked to see them lose to Watertown. Watertown lost alot of seniors if im correct. TC should win the state this year so if westy even scores friday it will be bad looking on TC
  7. Westmoreland was intimidated laat year. We need to come out early and take some shots if it means a couple penalties. Hit TC in the mouth early and show them we arent intimidated. If not it could be the same flavor. To beat TC you have to hit with them early and often.
  8. For some reason we play them on the creekbank for the 2nd year in a row.
  9. They prepared for the 1st offensive play all week and it worked. LOL the kids in that area have size, speed, and raw talent but they lack in the department of discipline. That being said, im glad we went down there and played them leading up to the TC game. We had some kids turn it up to another level last night after we got down by 6 early.
  10. 21-14 westmoreland. The cobras are big and quick but not fundamentally sound. We need to cover kicks well amd be discipined on snap counts and penalties to beat them. Line needs to play smart football and take good angles blocking.
  11. I was sure glad to see Trousdale back on the schedule for us a couple years ago. Now I just want us to start beating them again like back in the day when the team I played for won 3 straight over the Jackets. One of which was a state championship team. LOL
  12. I hope your right and think your right. Im just amazed when I watch film of teams like whites creek and see the size and speed they have but are not fundamentally sound.
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