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  1. Macon wins 9-AA regular season with strong teams in the league like Dekalb, Upperman, and Livingston. Whoever makes it out of district will be a tough out. Morgan Carter for Macon has 19 homeruns this season.
  2. Coach, do y’all still have the spot available?
  3. This season should be fun as it looks like there will be several quality teams in the district this year. Thoughts on who comes out on top and why? WH WHH Beech Springfield and Macon They all seem like they could have solid teams with Greenbrier and Portland not being pushovers. Thoughts on how it might play out?
  4. MaconVol

    Post Season

    Springfield and Beech game got interesting last night.
  5. Macon County 3 Greenbrier 2
  6. Wanted to start a catch all thread based upon games in District 9-AA. Obviously White House is the favorite to win this district and rightfully so. So far we have, Macon County 2 Portland 0 Springfield 4 Greenbrier 0 White House 5 Macon County 0 White House-Heritage and Beech haven't played a district game yet due to rain-outs. Will be interesting to see how 2-7 plays out.
  7. Again, in my original post, I was talking about her reaction to the shot attempt in which she jumped up and blocked it cleanly. I was saying that the official reacted to the shape of Levy’s body and how she reacted to the attempted shot which is why the foul was called. The referee anticipated contact and blew a whistle that shouldn’t have been blown. To the best of my knowledge, no one has said anything about how Levy reacted in celebration when she first thought they won. The controversy is the foul call and how McWilliams reacted, not the celebration.
  8. I’m talking about how she reacted to the attempted three pointer that they said she fouled on, not how she reacted when they thought they had won at the end of regulation.
  9. The officials had a bad game from start to finish and it was magnified by the craziness at the end.
  10. I just watched the replay and I don’t believe that Levy made any contact. I believe the referee made the call based on how Levy reacted to the shot anticipating that contact was made and it ended up not being made. However, a coach CANNOT touch an official.
  11. Foul calls are missed and gotten wrong all the time. That was an official who made a bad call. If every coach touched an official when a bad call was made, it would be a full on melee. The first wrong didn’t give McWilliams a right to step outside of the rules. It is universally accepted that you don’t make contact with officials and she made contact with two officials.
  12. I’m surprised that no one has even talked about the fact that the McWilliam’s clan has turned Upperman High School Basketball into a de facto AAU program.
  13. The referees were horrendous all night long both ways. If those were the best referees in the state, then I have some ocean front property to sell you on the Upper Cumberland. One referee specifically, wanted the game to be all about himself and it showed big time. Regardless of whether or not the end sequence was called correctly, Dana McWilliams should’ve been thrown out. If the roles are reversed, Larry White is headed to the locker room early. The referees were scared to death and it showed. Everytime a fanbase was not happy with a call, they would call someting less egregious to appease the fanbase. Scared to death.
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