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  1. TCR, I'll be at the game, any last minute thoughts on the game?
  2. Kinda figured that. He's a good guy. Looked it up, 2008 1/4 finals.
  3. We played Oneida years ago in the playoffs, I met a guy that went by crow on here. Probably not the same tho.
  4. Crow, thanks for keeping us updated. No streaming anywhere that I can find here in Trousdale Co.
  5. MC's young QB has been impressive, but this will be an eye-opener. Mighty quiet on the ridge.........
  6. On sale @ Piggly Wiggly in Hartsville now. $12 + tx.
  7. Injuries aside, the Jackets should be in great shape this year. As for Gallatin, definitely be tough. But then it wasn't no bargain last year either. This isn't Creasy's first rodeo, you know.
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