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  1. MC's young QB has been impressive, but this will be an eye-opener. Mighty quiet on the ridge.........
  2. On sale @ Piggly Wiggly in Hartsville now. $12 + tx.
  3. Injuries aside, the Jackets should be in great shape this year. As for Gallatin, definitely be tough. But then it wasn't no bargain last year either. This isn't Creasy's first rodeo, you know.
  4. Do what I do when someone asks which one's mine. I just say, all of 'em.
  5. They would lose some $$, but they're not supposed to be in business for profit. That said, we all know their thirst for money. "IF", the publics ever started their own organization, they would lose even more. Personally, I'd love to see this bunch left holding a small bag. Not likely tho. I'll wait & see who needs a spinal transplant after the final metting.
  6. This is something that should have happened years ago. Remains to be seen if the T$$AA has the backbone to get it done. Not holding my breath.
  7. Could be, the woods are full of 'em. How are things on the hill?
  8. TC has a good shot at remaining where they are. But it's a long hard road to Cookeville. Keep everybody healthy, first obstacle.
  9. A well deserved shout out to: Kevin Creasy.Coach Of The Year 2A Kenyan Harper..RB Taidrian Seay..DL Great job guys, for a team that wasn't expected to get there....by some folks. Not always the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of fight in the dog.
  10. Looks like a scrap across the grooves. Same color as disc. Whatever it is, it's dead in the water. Called the Co., left a msg, no reply yet............
  11. FWIW, for those of you who ordered the NFHS DVD of the ( 2A ) Championship game, when you receive it, check it immediately. Mine is defective. Has a bad area around 1/2 time. Will not play past there. Has a visible spot on the DVD, mid-way thru the disc.
  12. No doubt. I have no idea either. Merry Christmas neighbor......
  13. TC's season ended, go get a drink of water & start again...........
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