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  1. Anyone can make could be/should have statements about a game, when they don't have to back it up. You can't back it up, everybody knows it. Fact is you weren't that good, didn't make the cut. Come back next year& show all how good you would have been. WV has the gold ball in their case, Hampton has the silver in theirs. Nobody else is getting either. You're making yourself look much less than a brain surgeon
  2. Not a chance, and they know it. They're staying put in their safe place.
  3. Pujo, #9 is a stud. Wish he could have gotten more snaps. Hoped for a different outcome, but water under the bridge. As you said, back to work, get ready to go again. Hope to see you down the road somewhere. Take care, pal.
  4. Congratulations to Coach Creasy & Oakland on another Championship season. Coach Creasy also has been named to the Coaches Hall of Fame. Well deserved.
  5. LOL. They always come out of the woodwork, after the fact. Never shows up before the kickoff.
  6. Great season, Dawgs, wish it had turned out different.
  7. Pujo, uknowit2, Hampton, much respect for you guys & the program. My kind of folks. Pujo & me go back a ways. Hard to forget him, LOL. Pulling hard for the Dawgs tomorrow. Grab that Gold. I'll be watching on the telly.
  8. I think TC's demise is exaggerated. Do we lose some good seniors? Of course, seniors graduate every year. Haven't gone 0-10. Wishful thinking by some. May not win State, but no doormat.
  9. You are aware there are two teams playing?
  10. True. . Nashville literally gave Alcoa points in the 1st half. Waaay too many mistakes. Whoever is supposed to be keeping down & distance on the tv clock is pathetic. Stays behind the plays. I know this isn't NFL, but no excuse for that. It's happened in all games.
  11. Sleep sounds like something I may try, so, " well.....by.." Good luck Dawgs!!!!!
  12. Too bad we're not close enough to hang out. Tombstone. Dirty Harry non-sweater vests. Fun for sure. More fun than hauling manure, LOL ( and I have).
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