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  1. Oliver Springs might be the favorite in the first week. Veteran teams usually do well.
  2. I need one of those funny pictures to insert here. I believe the Pirates will still be a solid team but nowhere in the same zip code as last season. I would expect very competitive 2/3 round games this year. Also think the Prep team could cause both regions a lot of problems.
  3. middle school kid and a freshman from what I’m told.
  4. I heard they started out in Carroll County, Tennessee.
  5. What jobs has that guy not had his eyes on? It seems he changes jobs like he changes underwear. He jumps around to much.
  6. I know most Pirate starters were seniors last year. Im not sure how accurate it is but someone said we only have 3 seniors. That Prep team will probably make some noise this coming season too.
  7. Oliver Springs returns the whole team. They should make a second straight trip to the semifinals to play someone.
  8. I’d say Gordonsville will have something to say in the East this season but the gold should be McKenzie’s to take again.
  9. SP got two LV players? They must not be very good. They just went 0-10 again.
  10. It seems we lost a ton to graduation. We shall see how it shapes up for 2024.
  11. If this cat at BGA is wanting to take 1-2A players to build his team at BGA to play the teams he has to play he’s going to get that butt waxed.
  12. This is sad. You boys still don’t have a coach? Someone backed out because the admin told him one curse word and he would be removed? That sounds like they are wanting the program to not exist to me. Go out and find you a preacher as a non faculty coach and go from there.
  13. Not saying you’re wrong. Can we confirm Lookout Valley? Next question is didn’t they lose every game last season? So I question how much it could help. Hope they do great though.
  14. More like got taken to the back of a Copper Mine only to be never heard from again.
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