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  1. I'm hoping that Salem or one of the Forrest fans will verify the transfer-not for my sake bc I know that it's a done deal, but for the sake of the beloved General. I worry that he will not be able to progress through the stages of grief as long as he has a sliver of hope that I have misreported the matter...
  2. Bruh, That portion of the post was simply a product of my imagination. Try to keep up. The real purpose of the post was to rub salt in this fresh wound following FF’s departure to BGA.
  3. I actually hate losing one of the top players in the region, but whatever is best for the young man…
  4. A few weeks back, battleground boosters reached out to Old homer for my opinion on Fields, and I told them to pursue. Looks like it’s official, Fletcher fields to battleground academy.
  5. best player will be playing on different fields next season
  6. impressive staff too--gold ball winning Oakland Qb & a Lipscomb Academy DC
  7. Ok, well it all started to spiral out of control for me after the season-ending ER massacre. I have been the first patron to arrive at The Iron Horse & the last one to leave 6 days/nights per week. I haven't held a job since 1983 bc I made a fortune future trading pork bellies. Anyway, Coach Tyre is a sharp dude who has given a lot to the community & I'd guess he's after his pork belly-but this is mostly speculation & Homer sticks to facts... The new coach is a fiery winner. He played Qb/S for Cascade before getting drafted in MLB & pitching in the minors. Despite his athletic success, I get the impression that he is still salty about losing to Forrest 23-20 & again 33-27. He was the OC for a 7a school than won the state championship in 2021 & glancing at the scores from this past season, he had them scoring well again, despite, I think, a 6-5 record... I'm not sure if he's met the players in person yet--but this past week there was a video-call & I had several of them say they were impressed & looking forward to getting to work. Last month the Champions acquired a Scary monster of a D-Lineman--uh dang homeschooling behemoth-no clue how they kept this kid hidden for so long-- but I got in his ear a little bit already & he already don't like Chapel Hill. Sadly, A top returning player is considering transferring to Webb. Please join me in prayer- as together-if it be God's will, we can pray the gay away & he will choose to stay. Additionally, I hope the DC stays right where he's at--I think that's the plan but I haven't had it confirmed-prolly get a phone call any day now. I considered writing an open letter to the new coach explaining that the DC is a fiery winner too-but I ultimately decided that'd be weird and Forrest-like.
  8. Sounds like Coach Anderson to me fwiw
  9. Coach Anderson has applied and he/she equals 3 very real candidates within one candidate. (Bruce, Pamela, and Jaime) ( competing philosophies but they work well together when properly medicated)
  10. Dang, this time, my 6th phone call, they patched me through to someone with the title: Supervisor of Special Populations --And not because they thought I was special---At least I don't think---they just share my concern that a Cisgender Male is the expectation for this hire. Calling all Alphabet people, Calling all Alphabet people (not that there is anything wrong with that), this job is yours for the taking, CascadeHomer has greased the skids for anyone with purple hair or gender dysphoria. Are you confused whether you are a man or a woman? If so, this is the job for you!
  11. I hadn't considered that my favorite shirt could have been sent by a Forrest fan--I won't entertain that as a possibility--I'm already muzzled regarding day-to-day Wartrace transactions--but, if I can't walk into The Iron Horse & have a contemplative stout porter & mess with the Chapel Hill crowd, what would be the point?
  12. The administrator and I spoke about the downfall of the patriarchy, systemic violence inherent to football, micro-aggressions perpetrated on indigenous peoples, and the social benefits of women in sports… As I left the discussion, I realized that I was full of optimism about this next chapter in Forrest football.
  13. After the conversation I had, I'd be shocked if it ain't a Tranny with a gender studies degree (not that there's anything wrong with that!)
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