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  1. The game is on as scheduled as of now for 7:00 at Beene Stadium. Also on the contact tracing. There is not a state wide rule that says the entire team has to quarantine. Contact tracing doesn’t necessarily get the entire team. Some teams around the state have routinely played games this year with 7,8,9,10 kids out and quarantined that week. Yes, some schools have just shut down the whole team because too many of their players would have been out. One coach I spoke with was going to have 14 kids out from his 32 man roster so they choose to shut it down for that reason.
  2. We aren’t moving to 2A. That’s a guarantee. We will play whoever we have to in 1A. It is what it is.
  3. Senior RB/CB Hunter Frame at South Pittsburg is the most explosive player in 1A. He’s currently at over 900 yards rushing on 68 carries and 18 touchdowns in 6 games played.
  4. It’s all about contact tracing with whoever on the team has it. I know of several teams that had someone positive. They contact traced the ones that were within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more. It depleted some teams and they still chose to compete while others didn’t. The entire team doesn’t necessarily have to shut down. I know of one in particular in west TN. They had a positive it affected 8-9 other players as well. They still played with all of those kids out.
  5. What time does this game start tonight? Tickets limited?
  6. Contrary to popular belief. The majority of these seniors have been together since they were 5 years old. SP has NINE defensive starters that have played together since they were 5-6 years old. That leaves TWO defensive starters that haven’t been here the whole time. One is a DT and one is a LB. Offensively SP also has NINE offensive starters that have played together since 5-6 years old. Our QB came here in 7th grade after playing with this group in baseball as a kid. We also have ONE receiver which is also the LB referenced above. Good luck to the warriors Friday.
  7. What time does the game start tonight?
  8. What time does the game start tonight?
  9. I will bite so you can get your facts straight. Copper Basin had two straight open weeks. Last week and this one. SP has one this week and next week. Because of other teams cancellations, Copper Basin was asked last week if they wanted to move our game on Oct 30th up to today. That would allow both teams time to find other games on Oct 30th. Having longer to find a game might have helped us both do so. However, CB did not want to move it up so that was the end of the discussion. The goal here is to try and let the kids play as many games as possible and take advantage of all dates. Ultimately it’s about the kids. Have a great day.
  10. One of many that turned us down because they “couldn’t travel.”
  11. Hey guys. I will confirm we would all like to play but we do not have anything in the works for this Friday I’m 99.9% sure we won’t have a game this week. It stinks nobody wants to play but it is what it is. We have looked everywhere.
  12. That has been discussed. They aren’t able to move their game.
  13. Fyffe agreed to come to SP last Tuesday. They called SP and we accepted. It was a done deal. Our backup plan was Greeneville. We thought Fyffe was solid and was happening. It was going to be announced Friday night after our game. When they called and backed out Friday morning it was too late to schedule Greenville as well. The Fyffe coach and the Clark County coach are friends. So that was that.. It would have been a great game and brought us a huge gate.
  14. We need one this week as well. Friday night at Beene Stadium is an awesome atmosphere. What is McKenzie contact?
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