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  1. Dont sleep on the others coming back for City! KJ will be better and overall I believe the whole team will.
  2. Good lawd...that is going to be tough...I like it tho!
  3. I wasn't sure if this was the official list but I'm happy for these young men none the less.
  4. https://www.stateoftennesseehsfb.com/articles/stateoftennesseehsfbcoms-1a-all-state-team/ State of Tennessee HSFB ← Back to portfolio stateoftennesseehsfb.com's 1A All-State Team Published on December 17, 2020 By Carter Mansfield Here is the stateoftennesseehsfb.com 1A All-State Team! Every head coach in 1A was given the opportunity to nominate players. This factors in nominations from coaches, statistics, and film. OFFENSE QB: Kyler Parker, Moore County, Sr. QB: Emmett Hegland, Midway, Jr. QB: Joseph Paul, Jellico, Sr. RB: Hunter Frame, South Pittsburg, Sr. RB: Kolbi Stewart, Huntland, Sr. RB: KJ Jackson, Fayetteville, Fr. RB: Darrell Holt, Gordonsville, Sr. WR: Jordan King, Jellico, Sr. WR: Dawson White, Moore County, Fr. WR: Devin Ramsey, Unaka, Jr. WR: Caleb Goodman, Midway, Jr. OL: Jared Stone, South Pittsburg, Sr. OL: Bryson Ridge, Coalfield, Jr. OL: Colton Alexander, Greenback, Sr. OL: Grant Hoover, Monterey, Jr. OL: Gus Hill, Fayetteville, Jr. ATH: Xander Moon, West Carroll, Jr. ATH: John Wayne Freels, Sunbright, Sr. K: Pedro Garcia, Huntland, Sr. DEFENSE DL: Rodshun Cheirs, Lake County, Sr. DL: Gio Davis, South Pittsburg, Jr. DL: Randall Ray, Gordonsville, Sr. DL: Antonio Ibarra, Fayetteville, Jr. LB: Javien Beene, South Pittsburg, Sr. LB: Hunter Staggs, Wayne County, Sr. LB: Donavin Pearson, Moore County, Sr. LB: Brandon Nation, Oliver Springs, Sr. DB: Kaden White, Moore County, Sr. DB: Zayshon Pullen, Fayetteville, Sr. DB: JT Morgan, Lake County, Sr. DB: Wyatt Pemberton, Gordonsville, Sr. P: Clay Bagus, Wayne County, Sr. Built with Journo Portfolio
  5. I sure hope he stays!!! We are loaded the next 4 or 5 years and I am sure he knows it!
  6. Anyone know when region awards will be released? Or all state teams?
  7. I agree with this one. Having played all the finalist, Parker should be Mr. Football. He was more valuable to his team, had great numbers on the year, and put it on us not once but twice. Figures he would do well the first game but for us to have already played him once and know what to expect the second time around, he still showed out. We brought the gold ball to region 5 and Mr Football should come out of region 5 this year too. Just my opinion.
  8. Each transfer that was at City this year went to a city elementary school and middle school. They also played youth ball together thru 6th grade. 9th grade they chose to go to Lincoln County. One didnt play his jr year at all so he was eligible as soon as he came back to City as a senior. He actually went to county to get away from a certain coach at city and that coach ends up at county wich as why he quit playing. There was an incident between a coach and player at county last year that resulted in these transfers quitting at the end of the season. The incident did not involve any of these transfers but was serious enough the coach was let go. I was told City coach told them not come because it was their senior year and would not be able to play until late in the season. They all sat out a full calendar year, 365 days, before they were allowed to play. Been wanting to clear the air about the transfer thing with City for a while. From the outside I see how it may look but this situation was just these kids coming back home to play with basically the team they grew up playing with. Sorry for the long post!
  9. How bout them Tigers!! Very proud of those guys! I wanted to jump into this thread early in the week and put my two cents in on everyone picking SP and the blowout scores but I am way to superstitious (down to the socks). I would hate to think I put the jinx on them by voicing my thoughts. Coach Morson is the man! He had the guys ready. I've felt all season they played to their opponent and I believe the same happened yesterday. That was one of the best games I have ever seen. Congratulations to South Pitt on being there. I'm sure you will be back. The game played out like it was yours to take but City played like they had to take it from you. Maybe see ya again next year! GO TIGERS!!!
  10. They were..maybe had a couple out for tracing I think. Another example of playing to our opponent I guess. I will say we held the mr football candidate below 100 I believe. Did he play when yall had them? He got hurt early in our first game but not sure how long he was out
  11. At huntland we were missing maybe 5 or 6. Some were waiting on eligibility and a couple were hurt. The same were out for Cornersville I believe for the same reasons. 1, 52, 77, 20, 72, 8. I think that's all. I believe we were still fitting pieces together in huntland and were ready to go up 21-0 in Cornersville before the ejections. Coach Morson has shuffled kids depending upon who we play and their strengths. The man knows football and worked this team like a personnel jigsaw puzzle each week. Early season was get the young guys in but limit their time until the they are proven. As the season progressed they settled in and now sophomore and freshman are playing like seniors. We are overall young but like SP these guys have played together since 5 or 6 years old. We seem to play to our competition so I'm sure SP will bring out the best game they have in them. We could have mollywopped some teams but good coaching makes you play younger guys..like all freshman at some games into most of the 3rd and all the 4th.
  12. Man what a game! Congrats to LC on a great season and making it to the semifinals. My takeaway from the game was City wanted it more. Yalls tailback is nice! Heard he's a freshman. That position looks locked in and pretty scary for other teams in the future. Citys d showed up in the 2nd half and the run game was much better. Going with our bruiser RB 23 to close out the game was nice! Congrats to my guys and on to State!! Good luck to the future LC Falcons!!! GO TIGERS!!!!
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