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  1. PurplePower68


    Never said you were backwards or stupid. Read it again man. Already talked to some who are not 100% behind this and that's sad. Don't really have a dog in the fight. Just being honest and you know it. Hopefully the powers that be will allow our schools to schedule once again.
  2. PurplePower68


    Fall of 2016 was the main reason. We were put on probation for a player showing up to talk to our coach about transferring. Tate was involved in it and he also tried to nail sp on something as well. There are GC people on this site that are privy to this information as well. I can't argue this with you. All I can say is what I was told by the man himself. Whether or not this was official policy or just him voicing an opinion I can't say. I do know that was the message our coaching staff was given. Trust me we wanted to play Casey after that. I can also say I saw forwarded text messages from the former coach to a player trying to convince him to help take down more than one valley school. This is all I will say about it. Didn't mean to hijack a thread that should really be about Grundy's kids and their excitement over their new coach. I wish them well because I know some of the kids and they deserve better than what they've been given the last few years. This new coach may turn it around and start winning. If that happens it may stop some of their kids from transferring to other schools. That may not be a good thing for some.... lol
  3. PurplePower68


    He probably would lol.
  4. PurplePower68


    I will have to disagree.
  5. PurplePower68


    I have seen the posts about refusing to play the valley teams being a part of it but I can't just assume that it's 100% accurate. I work with 2 dads with kids on GC team. They seemed to like Coach Smith and they said their kids did too. They were talking about transferring yesterday. I didn't see them today so I don't know their reaction to the hire. I would like to see their kids do well but knowing how things are on the mountain some people are not going to like the hire.
  6. PurplePower68


    There's a lot more to his firing than the scheduling thing. My info about the supt having the final say in the schedule is pretty rock solid.
  7. PurplePower68


    This will be left up to Mark Griffith. It's my understanding it was his decision that no Marion County schools would play Grundy after some of the stuff Casey pulled. That decision may change now that Tate is gone though. Nothing to gain for MC to play them unless they start winning and bring a better gate. Just being honest.
  8. PurplePower68

    Griders pirates in 2018

    Oh ok didn't know that. I just remember Roy crying about having to go to Atlanta.
  9. PurplePower68

    Griders pirates in 2018

    May be a good thing. East Atlanta game trip would have been costly and starters out in 2nd qtr. You guys will be able to go to the Creekbank and watch Whitwell or head up and see Coalfield vs Greenback.
  10. PurplePower68

    Talent in the Seq. Valley

    I was all for it. It's all about the money in jamborees.
  11. PurplePower68

    Talent in the Seq. Valley

    This is true. There was talk last year of MC opting out of the Seq Valley jamboree for a different one. Maybe next year.
  12. PurplePower68

    Griders pirates in 2018

    That rumbling may have been that Brinks truck that Google used for that $100k donation to Jackson Co schools. They could have spread the wealth a little lol. I've seen pics of the upgrades. They look really good. Pirates have always had nice facilities and it's good to see people take pride in the program you have.
  13. PurplePower68

    Coalfield in 18

    I would say if GB has no injuries and the season plays out like it should, they are 21+ pts better than any 1A team. (Probably most 2 A teams as well.)
  14. PurplePower68

    TC Football 2018

    MC will have a little surprise for teams this season.
  15. PurplePower68

    TC Football 2018

    We will play Tyner in the regular season. I doubt we could beat any of those 3 teams this year. Also Saylors signed with ETSU this spring. He will be missed but we have been very fortunate the past few years with good RB's. There are a couple who will step up and do very well I believe.