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  1. I saw Roy on Saturday working with trustees picking up garbage. Wasn't sure it was him until I heard him say "What kind of mess is this?". I told him to pay that Sizzler bill and pay his fine so he could get out and see his boys play. He said Grider would charge him too much to get in now since he spent all that money fixin the place up. He also said Wendy hasn't been to see him and to tell that Murphy man he has found a better pole in jail. He said he wasn't jokin either.
  2. So from 31 to 42 in a week, not bad. As far as the Indians, you know jamborees don't count. But scrimmages.... scrimmages are like Super Bowls....hahahaha
  3. Not sure about that. I am just a fan like most on here so you guys know as much about it as me.
  4. I think we had 3 linemen that didn't play. I know 2 were held out and 1 we lost for the season a couple weeks ago. No excuses though. Next man up.
  5. As will SP's next one. (That is if it's within the next 3 years)
  6. It seems we always have good skill guys and small line. Then we will have good sized line but skill guys aren't the greatest. That all changes in the next couple years. We have some big linemen coming up and a ton of skill kids.
  7. Whitwell has a good team again this year. I would say 8-2 for the season. I think depth is their main weakness. Someone said they had 17 or 18 seniors. If that's true that's half the team graduating. Gonna need a few more kids to come out next season.
  8. I'm glad it all worked out for the best. We would have loved to have had them here at Marion but if you can finish your playing days with the kids you've played with all your life that's probably best. I was impressed with Grundy tonight. I actually sat with the Grundy fans (because it's my usual spot for home games) and you could feel the excitement from the fans. I believe you guys will do well and I wish the best for your boys and all the kids this season.
  9. Ok thanks Truth. I wasn't exactly sure about him. He definitely needs to be on the field this year. We will be loaded in the backfield for quite a few years.
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