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  1. Congratulations to the Pirates. (Pains me to say that lol) Those young men fought through a lot of adversity during the season and deserve all they've accomplished. You could see a difference in the kids this year than last years game. They wanted it more. A lot of hard work accomplished that and my hats off to you and the staff and community for their support too. Congratulations
  2. There you go. You and him make a nice couple. Congrats!
  3. Lost me on that one Shyrone. You seem to be a good stress reliever. Just keeping it real
  4. Being awfully protective it seems. That's a good woman there. Not many like you anymore. Keep on keepin it real hun
  5. I think Shyrone is the TowerMan TTP. He's the one letting Roy in the back door.
  6. You could care less but here you are continually posting stuff. Seems you do care. It's pretty obvious you actually don't know much about the rivalry because that's just the way it is. Just keepin it real. Still.
  7. Like I said. Rent Free Actually pulling for the boys tomorrow but after that it's back to business as usual. (May even let you fellers know who your coach will be next year. Maybe)
  8. Should have tried to hide some things a little better. Might be why you're on probation.
  9. Your reading comprehension is about as good as your game prognostications. Ain't nobody worried about them boys down south. TTP just taking a shot at Roy for bumpin his gums. I guess you forgot who cried the most on these boards about people getting players a few years back. (Ask them Greenback fellers if they can remember. I'm sure they could jog your memory for you.) I can remember us having a qb who played here all his life and transferred to AL his junior year but decided to come back home his senior season. Tore some sp people up. They were talking about a 25 mile rule being broken (not sure what that even is). Tried to get his dad to take him to Signal Mtn to play because they were a better team. Yeah I said Signal Mtn We own that loss to Watertown no problem. The offense will adjust to the players on the field next year. The offense this year was lights out until the best athlete on the field gets hurt on the 2nd play of the last regular season game. It wasn't the same after that. MC should have pretty stout teams for the next 4 or 5 years at least. No Marion fans on the 2022 1A thread but already got a few sp people on the 2A thread. Who's worried about who? I would say we are living "rent free" in their heads but that's a very touchy subject for them. Yep reckon so Just keepin it real too
  10. What new ones have we added in the past few years? Probably not an argument you would want to be in....
  11. Offense is changing I'm told. May be some new faces on the roster with a coaching change in the valley.
  12. It's easier to think that without having the stress of it being your team. I just knew Hampton had moved the ball well all night and should have gotten those late TDs earlier. TC was a very good team though. Enjoy everything this weekend. Lots of hard work got you guys there. (As well as all the other teams that made it) Going to be some great weather for December football.
  13. At the beginning of the season I thought a region 3 or 4 team would be in Chattanooga but after watching Hampton vs Oneida I had a different perspective. I watched the Trousdale game and knew that Hampton would be ok down 20-8. Hamptons size and the way they just run the ball down your throat I don't believe anyone in region 3 or 4 could have beat them honestly. Sometimes it's just your time to be the top dog and this year was Hamptons.
  14. Congrats to the Bulldogs. Ever since that 2015 semi when Jones got hurt I have pulled for Hampton to get to the title game. It was a great game to watch and hoping you guys get that gold ball. Congratulations!!!
  15. He definitely had a good game that year at TC. I remember one poster saying he ran like he was mad at the ground lol. He's a good young man.
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