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  1. MC threw a few times tonight and looked good doing it. Still a lot of work to do on offense. A LOT. 1st string defense has only given up 1 TD this season. Forrest always has some good looking guys kids. Their defense played pretty well for the most part. Offense was just limited in what they did. Score may not show it but they're a pretty good ball team.
  2. MC offense sluggish as well. A lot of that is Forrest defense though.
  3. Shhhhhh........ Lol..... I can remember an away playoff game many years ago and walking from the parking lot to the field and leaves crunching under your feet. Get inside the stadium and the field was a mud bog. I guess it only rained on the field
  4. Some of us got worried when Forrest drove it down and scored on the first drive. No one had done that all year.
  5. I think the field will be fine. The sun is out now. Rain supposed to be out by mid morning tomorrow and then 2 full days of sun. Who told you about the helicopter?
  6. To be honest no one at Marion has been impressed so far either. I've only watched highlights of the 3 teams you mentioned. Riverside and Huntingdon should be able to hang with them because they're top 10 teams as well. I'm not sold on Lewis Co. but of course seeing something on video is a lot different than in person.
  7. I don't really know anything about Huntingdon but I have watched Westview. Be very hard to stop that passing attack.
  8. He is a hoss now. I read an interview back in his first season and Sanders said he fell through the cracks. He could have been an ACC back. ETSU plays in Chatt in Oct so it will be a chance to see him close to home.
  9. He was underutilized in a lot of games in my opinion.
  10. Gotta brag on our guy a little. https://www.timesnews.net/sports/talented-versatile-saylors-flourishes-in-his-role-with-bucs/article_991a260a-1677-11ec-a223-cfad93626610.html
  11. If Westview doesn't win it all something is wrong. No way you can have a 5 star QB playing 2A ball in TN and not win it. It's like Trezevant's Cordarrian Richardson in 2015 and 2016. A top 5 RB in the nation playing 2A ball in TN. In small ball in TN its unheard of.
  12. I think it's a better game than people think.
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