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  1. Tabor wants to stay in Pikeville. Grider has a good gig in GA he wouldn't leave. Fayetteville asst may get it.
  2. Good to see you back on. Seems like it's been 5 yrs
  3. Was the mystery man the Fayetteville asst? Hope he works out for you guys. I think you're better off in the long run.
  4. I love coaching searches in the state of TN. Changes from day to day. Heard one of the 2 is a no now.
  5. It surprised me some too. I just saw the video on Twitter today. It's from February and it shows the squat and the claim of a school record. Austin Gentle is the young man's name. (He and his twin brother both received scholarships to Harvard.) We were talking about it at practice tonight and we have quite a few kids that can actually do that. Definitely a lot of weight for anyone but it did surprise me that our 165lb RB can do it.
  6. I couldn't hire either really. They're both pretty good coaches though. Ross has moved around way too much and it's no secret what Mac was a part of. I told a friend of mine that of those 2 Ross would be gone in 2 yrs and Mac would be fired within 3. Just being honest.
  7. Surely you're coming to the Marion game right? You'll get to see Hutchins. He's a small back, maybe 5'9 165 to 170. I watched him squat over 500 lbs. One of our former players has sons that play on the line at McCallie and have received a lot of D1 offers and one of them holds the squat record at McCallie at 535 lbs so I think that's pretty good for a kid his size. He is shifty and if he gets into the second level of a defense it's over.
  8. Possible. I heard Ross a lot for a couple days now hearing Mac. Puzzles me that anyone would hire him around here after all the mess that happened.
  9. Idk. He's in the mix and I've heard from a few that he's gonna be the man. All gossip though.
  10. Hearing conflicting stories from different alums. A lot of chatter about McCurry now. I'll just sit back and see how it unfolds. New coach will have excellent facilities and a very good fan base if he can win a few ballgames out of the gate. Good luck in your hire.
  11. Nope. Married to distant relative
  12. We must have different sources then. I can see Tabor not leaving because he is a Bledsoe guy. Vic has a good gig at CC. Ross wants back in the valley. Has for the last few years. I wouldn't touch Mac with a 10ft pole.
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