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  1. Does Hampton have a passing game?
  2. I think this game will be similar to the last two games Westview played against MAHS and Riverside…tough, close first half and Westview pulls away in the 2nd half. I just don’t see anybody keeping up with their offense for all 4 quarters.
  3. Trenton is a very good team. West view gave them all they wanted tonight. I was impressed with WV’s offensive line and defense….both areas everyone said Trenton would dominate and I don’t think that happened tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t the toughest opponent both teams will face all year. Even though I was hoping he would miss, it put a smile on my face to hear y’all’s announcer yelling “that’s my boy!” When his son hit the game winning field goal. Proud dad moment right there.
  4. Two good teams slugging it out. Not the blow out everybody predicted so far.
  5. The radio said 16 of 17 for 296 yards and 5 touchdowns and 70 yards rushing for 1 TD
  6. Long time Westview head coach Don Coady has returned as an assistant, so expect Westview's offensive line to be vastly improved. Simpson completed 16 of 17 passes to 8 DIFFERENT receivers for close to 300 yards and 5 touchdowns. I think he ran for another 70 yards and a TD..... I think yall are underestimating WV. They are going to be a handful.
  7. I know who most people are hoping for....I would be surprised though. I don't think the money is there to make it happen. I'm sure we'll all know soon.
  8. I was referring to vehicle security in the parking lot. A few years ago, several Westview fans had windows busted and items stolen.
  9. How's the parking lot security down there? In the past, we've had problems with parking lot security during the game when we played in Memphis. I'm not familiar with the neighborhood.
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