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  1. Well I believe it will come down to injury situation for Meigs and Marion. Marion has home field and Meigs has 2 weeks to rest and prepare. So far Meigs has lost a Rb and Marion has lost a good lineman so it’s a wash at this point. Opinions?
  2. Speaking about the new look. Turf. Ect. We will take a win anywhere we can get it. We aren’t all cocky like Marion fans are this year..
  3. That make us 1-0! Gotta give us the nod there.
  4. Just repeating what I overheard this week brother. Just some Marion folks marking their territory.
  5. 4 is definitely a big feat. Going to be a interesting year. Marion is blowing pretty hard they have something waiting for Meigs come week 11!
  6. It’s called sarcasm…. my biggest focus will be in the valley lol
  7. How did those kids fare vs Bledsoe? You all lost at least 1 good ol correct? You seem very confident in this ol. Just trying to understand how good because they didn’t score vs Bledsoe
  8. Caddalic is a good player but he don’t have any linemen help at all! The line is all gone
  9. Bledsoe went to Marion last year and whipped some tail! Could be a good game at Bledsoe
  10. No Sequatchie? This can’t be right..
  11. Who got bit? What position?
  12. Actually Swafford is from Bledsoe. I Saw him tear Sequatchie up for many years! They had a machine going in Bledsoe but most of them are gone now.
  13. Well his brother played there and Meigs has a shot to win state this year so that’s probably 2 big reasons. I have heard Fitzgerald is a great coach to play for and Meigs has a great sports program established. Just my guesses but I’m not at Meigs but know a couple folks there.
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