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  1. Can I get everyone’s opinion? Does it hurt region 8 this year not playing football last year? What’s the impact?
  2. Yea Bledsoe be lucky to finish 3rd this year. If Tyner don’t get a coach they probably will finish 3rd
  3. Hmmm. Sounds like phony bologna
  4. Hmm. Can’t recall who it is?
  5. Who’s the new kid? From Whitwell?
  6. So Spring rolling for a lot of teams! Any new polls? Predictions? I will do this one and one about the end of May when spring practice is complete. Based on what I’m hearing. 1- Meigs County- Deep. Complete. Return several starters. Great coaching staff. Road tough also if needed. 2-Watertown- great traditional team and staff 3- Marion- Young up and coming team history of success... what will be this bunches legacy? 4-hampton- Give Meigs all they wanted last year, got a lot of return starters 5- York My surprise team!
  7. Fair enough. The big question Is will their success in middle school carry over to high school?
  8. Does the show on 2A change anyone’s mind on rankings? Let’s see them!
  9. Well Sequatchie ain’t gonna scare anybody I’m sad to say.
  10. Yea. Bad call Pushing Turner out. Gonna hurt them IMO
  11. What’s next? Who’s next? big setback in my opinion. Any thoughts?
  12. Looks good! What do you guys got cooking over the river there? Awe full quiet ....
  13. Well let me try it here... 1A- South Pittsburgh Vs Peabody 2A- Meigs County vs Westview anyone else?
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