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  1. Starkey huh? Well just tell him to stay down that way and don’t be painting on our fine new establishments up here.
  2. Wow. That’s a tough lick for Marion. I suspect some of those kids will move to South Pitt and other areas now. Marion would have been competing with Meigs and Tyner for the district.
  3. And I don’t think Tellico will be a threat in that district
  4. I think this is close. I feel like Marion will be down. They are losing their qb/ leader and Rogers who is a stud. I think Marion is running the same boring offense this year so that won’t help them. Bledsoe loses a lot. They get back several linemen I think but they lose most of their skill guys. Not sure on the coaches. Tyner returns the most but can they put it all together? It’s hard to trust a passing team. They got thumped in the playoffs. They didn’t lose a lot but the ones they lost was the heart of the team. That’s hard to replace. Meigs lost a lot of talent. But they have several good players in the upperclassman area. Purgerson and Pendergrass are all state type players. One big thing I’m hearing is Coach Fitzgerald himself will be coaching the Line! If this is true it could prove to be the difference again for the defending champion Tigers. Feel free to add more if anyone has anything. My Indians will be improved from last season!
  5. I believe that’s game, set, and match!
  6. I think Meigs has several good players. Also a real good coaching staff. I’ll get my report soon and get back with you. We might even have to place a small wager since your prediction is gloom and doom.
  7. Spot on! I believe everyone better hold down the fort on their players with Rankin on the prowl with a big checkbook
  8. Good post. I agree that Baylor and McCallie are in charge in Chattanooga. However you know how kids now days like the shining new thing and thats Rankin! I will slightly disagree on Rankin not carrying any water with these kids. I think most high school kids know that Alcoa has been in the butt kicking business for a while now and that Rankin has been at that helm! I don’t think Boyd has the money of McCallie but they are gonna come out swinging for the fences with the chatty talent in the Brainard , Tyner , Red bank Ect area soon! You can believe that!
  9. I bet Rankin is gonna take that big recruiting budget and go shopping at several local public schools! South Pittsburgh. Sequatchie Ect. But especially in downtown Chattanooga area. TYLER, Howard. Ect will be getting swamped by Rankin and staff.
  10. I think your a nut. He’s got Meigs rolling. His daughter is there and he just built a new house there. That’s the report over the river.
  11. Rankin with the money backing will be dangerous NOW! He’s got several area schools in the Chattanooga area to recruit from. Look at Brainard and Howard and Tyner alone. Lots of talent in these areas that Rankin will be after! They would be crazy not to go play for Rankin
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