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  1. Thanks and good luck to the York! Our prayers continue for the folks in the Upper Cumberland!!
  2. Thought we had it done but couldn't close it out. Congrats to Cleveland and good luck!!
  3. Correction: 6AA has swept 4 times, I left out 2019.
  4. Under the current district setup, 2009 was the first year 8AA and 6AA were as they are now. Prior to 2009, private schools, etc were included. Since 2009 this is the first year that 8AA has swept. 6AA has swept 3 times, 2010(Tyner/Howard), 2015 and 2016 Brainerd/Central swept both years. There have been 24 sectional games since 2009. Brainerd, Howard and LA have won 5 each. Tyner-3, Baxter-2, Central-2, Macon and York-1 each.
  5. Looks like Baxter is making the trip down to Chattanooga to Howard.
  6. Looks like we will be there on Monday if you win on tomorrow night! Howard played there best game and wanted it more. Hopefully we will give you a game!
  7. Howard vs Tyner for the Region 3 Championship: Although the Rams lead the season series 3-0, this game and will be decided in the 4th quarter!! The winner plays Monday at home!! Go "Rams"!!
  8. York vs Upperman for the Region 4 Championship Haven't seen either team play but by looking at the series (3-0) Baxter is the prohibitive favorite! Anything can happen but you never know and that's why they play the game!
  9. 55-48 Congrats to Meigs ; how did RB close the gap?? No 20 point win!
  10. Howard or Tyner. Will any of the 8AA coaches come to Chattanooga tomorrow night?? Hope all of the fans in middle Tn. are safe and l pray for strength for those that were affected.
  11. What a game!! That's why I said that the Region semifinals are very "tricky" especially if you are playing a team from your district that you beat 3 times. I am looking for a better game from the Rams on Thursday!
  12. It's #1 vs #1 on Wednesday. Meigs vs Red Bank. Really impressed with how the players have stepped up for the injured pt. Guard. Don't know how much they have left in the tank with only 2 reserves! We will see!
  13. If RB's bench can help, they should be ok. 25-10 with 5 min before half
  14. SM finally made a game of it and got out hustled at the end! Congrats Meigs
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