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  1. That's correct, Coach Turner's first year at Tyner was the Fall of 1991.
  2. Which team can put the emotional win behind them?? Howard @ Red Bank tonight. Should be a good game. Won't be able to make this one but t-mac, if you do keep us posted!!
  3. Can't recall when the last time this happened but what makes it special is that it was on the same night!!
  4. Congrats clevelandblueraiderfan on y'all's #1 ranking!! Looks like District 6AA got a couple of good wins last night. The "Best of Preps" finalists both lost: Baylor lost to Red Bank 41-40 McCallie lost to Howard 46-43 6AA is good in 2020!!
  5. Tennessee AP statewide AA poll: 1 Jackson Southside 15-0 2 Wooddale 9-5 3 East Nashville 9-1 4 Upperman 8-1 5 Scott County 14-0 6 Tyner Academy 9-2 7 Howard 8-2 8 Sullivan South 14-2 9 Covington 12-3 10 Community 9-0
  6. Hey t-mac I agree and I was confused about why Howard wasn't there either. I'll just go with it being a schedule conflict. I bet next year they will be included !!
  7. The atmosphere was fantastic! They had to stop folks from coming in!! I'm expecting the same when they come to Tyner on the 31st!! Got to get there early because our gym is not as large as Howard's!!
  8. What a game!! Howard led by 3 after the 1st quarter, and by 6 at halftime! My "Rams" fought back and after 3 took the lead and won by 3!! Got a feeling it will be like this all the way thru the Regional! Congrats Rams and great game Howard. The season starts right now!!
  9. Big District 6-AA game this coming Friday with the winner taking control of 1st place: Tyner (8-2, 4-0) at Howard (8-1, 4-0). Howard is better offensively averaging 64ppg but the Rams are better on defense only giving up 44ppg. Something has to give!! Go "RAMS"!!
  10. Thanks!! It's a little early but hopefully both teams will be in the 'Boro' in March!
  11. After the game last night against Cleveland, I would say that the Tyner "Rams" is the best team in AA!!
  12. Brainerd lost to Howard last week and Tyner beat Brainerd last night 70-46. We will have a better idea after the Henry Bowles tournament in Chattanooga next week!!
  13. Congrats Trousdale on a game well played! No excuses y'all are better but a couple of times in the game we could have done better. Good luck the rest of way!!
  14. Roster size matters especially if you have quality players to substitute for the starters(with a 3rd team also). TC beat Lebanon 2 years ago and lost in 2018. They maybe 6A but not top tier!! Rtd you love to make keystrokes but you knew the point l was making. No comparison between Lebanon, Baylor and Alcoa.
  15. I suppose next you will tell us that TC's roster size is larger than both teams!
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