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  1. Any idea what team(s) will Meigs scrimmage next month??
  2. It sounds like a broken record, but you know the deal: if we can stay healthy with this schedule, we should be ready(the emphasis being on the word "should"). McMinn Co is always tough but it's a game the kids really need!
  3. Hey there my friend. We didn't have a spring game but otherwise the kids are looking pretty good! Couple of scrimmage games in early August against McMinn Co and Notre Dame will show me something. I see Meigs is represented as well!! Can't wait for the season to start!
  4. I forgot about that...I should have said starting the 2ND Round!! (Not withstanding the occasional #4 beating a #1).
  5. True. Teams must be mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically ready during the playoffs. If they aren't any team is capable of winning!!
  6. He's making an excellent decision with his choice. My son graduated from Annapolis In the 90's and it was valued at $250K and no debt. Guaranteed job after graduation!! Congrats to Aaron Swafford and best wishes!!
  7. It has been a while. Been involved with a lot of other stuff but getting ready for some spring football. It is hard to get a scrimmage scheduled nowadays.
  8. Too early for any kind of poll but #3 is ok with me!! "Up and down" year? We ended up 10-2 with losses in the 1st and last game. That game against Trousdale had some background issues(that never should occur during playoff season) that I purposely didn't mention because I didn't want to make any excuses. Trousdale showed up to play and we didn't!!
  9. Ok guys..who won the Cleveland/Memphis game?? The score isn't posted on Coacht either!!
  10. Can anyone watching the game give us a half time score? ENashville/Howard
  11. Same with Howard and Brainerd both in District 6AA!!
  12. Just depends on what you mean by "tougher". Both have their advantages and shortcomings. Either team can cause you a problem.
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