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  1. Congrats Trousdale on a game well played! No excuses y'all are better but a couple of times in the game we could have done better. Good luck the rest of way!!
  2. Roster size matters especially if you have quality players to substitute for the starters(with a 3rd team also). TC beat Lebanon 2 years ago and lost in 2018. They maybe 6A but not top tier!! Rtd you love to make keystrokes but you knew the point l was making. No comparison between Lebanon, Baylor and Alcoa.
  3. I suppose next you will tell us that TC's roster size is larger than both teams!
  4. You mean the other way around don't you Yeti??
  5. Tyner should come out on the 1st offensive series like the Alcoa game(driving 75 yds) with the only difference being a score. That will set the pace for a Rams victory!!
  6. Sonny Moore gives the edge to Hampton by 10points. Does that sound right? I don't know much about either team.
  7. Did the kids come thru pretty good health wise? Good luck on Friday!! Watertown had a really nice facility!
  8. Why not? It would be a great 3rd round game!!
  9. I've purposely held off on my prediction for this game because I hadn't heard much about SG. Got to go with Meigs in this one. Sonny Moore favors MC by 25pts.
  10. Lol Appreciate it man!! He's been at Tyner since 1991.
  11. But through all of the changes I must say that Coach Turner is the "Dean" of the area coaches and really cares about his players. In our eyes he is the G.O.A.T.
  12. Sure did but Chattanooga has added schools and things are much more spread out than they use to be. Neighborhoods have shifted.
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