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  1. 3 coaches got called back for 2nd interviews. One being the one you reference here. One also being from Georgia who as a assistant helped lead teams to multiple state championships and the other being the interim from this past season.
  2. Why go for 2? Doesn’t whitwell have a decent kicker?
  3. Bledsoebtheboys

    Bledsoe county @ Watertown

    I didn’t watch the whole game just the 1st quarter. We caught tyner off guard with #42 playing and he burnt them quite a bit. Tyner will have more athletes and speed for sure but Watertown might be more disciplined than tyner. A fundamentally sound team will beat tyner.
  4. Bledsoebtheboys

    Bledsoe county @ Watertown

    I don’t think they will on your starters.
  5. Bledsoebtheboys

    Bledsoe county @ Watertown

    Terrible no call horse collar tackle on Bledsoe QB. Not that it matters as far as game outcome.
  6. Bledsoebtheboys

    Oneida vs Bledsoe

    It sounded boring on the radio. Thanks for the info on where I could listen.
  7. Bledsoebtheboys

    Oneida vs Bledsoe

    5 fumbles and losing 4 of them. Hard to overcome that.
  8. Bledsoebtheboys

    Oneida vs Bledsoe

    2 turnovers in the 1st. Got to clean things up.
  9. Bledsoebtheboys

    Oneida vs Bledsoe

  10. Bledsoebtheboys

    Oneida vs Bledsoe

    Does Oneida have a radio station that streams their games? Won’t be able to make the trip.
  11. Bledsoebtheboys

    2A Playoff Match-ups based on current standings

    He had a catch in the closing seconds of regulation but other than that no. They pretty much double covered him all night.
  12. Bledsoebtheboys

    2A Playoff Match-ups based on current standings

    Bledsoe isn’t a given to win at Tellico.
  13. Bledsoebtheboys

    Polk @ Bledsoe

    Great defensive game.
  14. Bledsoebtheboys

    Polk @ Bledsoe

    Bledsoe kicker missed a 35 yarder as time expired but got his redemption in OT. A lot of pressure to put on a freshmen.
  15. Bledsoebtheboys

    Polk @ Bledsoe

    Polk fumbled on their 2nd play in OT and Bledsoe recovered. Kicked a 18 yard FG to win.