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  1. Yea not when it comes to Watertown schedule they still get no breaks next week. Hopefully, after week 3 H2O will be 1-2 and on a two-game losing streak. While TC sets back and gets two weeks of game planning and film study just for Watertown. Like I said getting that W is all that matters at the end of the day.
  2. He look good running around last night. I was hoping the off week will help with his health.
  3. Can we say struggle win but it's still a W take them however, you can get them.
  4. Will #23 be back for Watertown game and any time table on #4 return?
  5. That great news seeing that TC runs the wing t now.
  6. Croz what's your take on Watertown.
  7. Hopefully, both teams finish injury-free and who does H2O play next week.
  8. TC decides not to shake hands after the game and then threw his helmet on the field. TC coach told the kid to get off the field wouldn't leave and was escorted off the field by an officer and he turned around and push the officer. I'm sure he will no longer be part of TC team.
  9. I was surprised he didn't leave in handcuffs when he put his hands on the officer.
  10. Good game hard-fought game by both teams. Great game even though #51 on TC showed his butt that was very disrespectful toward both teams and coaches no kid should ever act like that I'm sure that will be his last game in a TC uniform.
  11. I understand what you're saying between a spread and a power run game on a wet field. I was talking about excuses for this year I give it to you last year after that playoff game you basically said the better team that day won.
  12. I rather beat Watertown with both teams healthy. That way H2O man won't get to rub it in for 2 months that Watertown is the better team. Also, I hope its perfect conditions as well so he has no excuses.
  13. It didn't come out the way I attended. The starting QB from last year at TC is the starting QB for CC in Mississippi. The kid that finish the game last year against Peabody at QB for Trousdale last year is the starting QB now. TC best offensive weapon besides from its pre-season all American at the center is #2 he is a starting wingback Kobe Ford. He was kick off the team last season after the 3rd game of the season. His running style is a lot like Peabody #4. Also with a new head coach TC team is a lot different this year. TC will be. The more physical team especially on offense. But the line is still a question mark with 4 new starters.
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