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  1. Yes, I think he could carry another 15-20 pounds. I think he will out on a lot more muscle once he gets in a college weight room and with a nutritionist to put on good muscle weight. I thought he would have a hard time against the run and sitting the edge but he didn't seem to have any problem playing the run. I just hope this will help him get more offers from schools around here.
  2. He is a great kid well young man now. I watch the game also he did well at DE with juice playing LB his whole high school career. I know Juice personally and he feels that playing DE will give him the best opportunity to play at the next level. He broke a bone in his hand practicing basketball. I love the effort and hustle he showed on special teams and also getting to the ball on defense. The future is bright for that young man.
  3. At the end of the day, Forrest and Watertown both entered basketball season the exact same day. Does it matter who was the better team Peabody are the champions. Move on last season is in the past never will be played again you lost get over it.
  4. Right back to your answer to everything you beat them 5,6 years ago. Your criticism doesn’t matter when your team has never won anything. Criticize TC all that you want.
  5. Watertown is head and shoulders better than Forrest. I actually agree with you on everything you said.
  6. TC last coach got around a 40k-60k raise and everyone was upset that he left. But he went back to his home state and took a raise in money that is life-changing kind of the money he makes 120K a year now and all he has to do is coach, but in TC he was making 60K but he was also an athletic director and administrator. Like you said everyone has a price.
  7. Looks like some great coaching. TC had same thing with Creasy and then the big boys started paying attention and made Creasy a offer he couldn’t refuse with a job at Oakland. That’s only thing about have great success at a lower classification is the bigger schools coming and offering your coach almost double the salary has happened to TC twice in past 4 years. But I love our coach it all worked out in the end.
  8. Great information I'm a history buff so I love this especially the history of TC football.
  9. Do you know where Bille White ended up coaching at? I know some of the stories of the off the field issues and problems some of the seniors have faced. Great post is very informative on the history of TC football.
  10. Oh, so Meigs have recently just become a powerhouse.
  11. I'm proud of the group of seniors for what they accomplish with all they went through. I don’t think any group of seniors in TC has had 4 different head coaches.
  12. Every year it's the goal here ring or bust. How long has it been for Meigs since won a gold ball.
  13. I hope you’ll fill the huge shoes of #19 it may be filled with a few players not just one. When TC lost Baines last year we had a few kids to step up. I hope we both can make it back to Semifinals on the creekbank next year and we can do this for a 3rd time and have another classic game. I thought you'll had Peabody but I think the champion will come from the east next season.
  14. I think the prisons are counted as residents too but I could be wrong. We have people that come here from everywhere live here for. Year and work at the prison and then they are transferred a different prison after a year.
  15. Most of the apartments and houses that are being built are for the people that work at the prison in TC. Some of these new apartments you have to. Work at the prison to be a resident in the apartments or houses. Not all these new apartments and houses are for TC residents.
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