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  1. Should we just cancel 2021 season and focus on golf or something. This is terrible! Can’t we just get a proven head coach and get busy? What’s so hard about that? Get Tabor. Get Mac. It’s not that hard.
  2. Oh my God. We’re turning into Bledsoe county. Shoot me now...
  3. I’m hearing this name a lot now. Not impressed. Someone asked why Tabor would leave? 100$k! Also, Bledsoe is about to bottom out soon. His rep as a good coach will be gone. Whatever. Let’s get someone and give it a try.
  4. I hear it’s Ross, Tabor and mystery guy
  5. I’m hearing they are conducting another round of interviews. Vic isn’t coming. They supposedly have a realistic top 3 in mind. anyone?
  6. Good news. Hate to hear any kid get hurt. Talking to my Meigs buddy he said it’s a hit. Will mean more carries for Key and Pendergrass which are both good.
  7. I bet the wind begins to blow towards Tabor. He’s a good fit at Sequatchie. Just makes sense
  8. That’s a big loss. Who’s potential replacement?
  9. I still Think we get Tabor from Bledsoe. Anyone have the latest information?
  10. Thanks! I gotta think Tabor from Bledsoe has to be our top candidate! He’s Young. He’s Close. Seems to be a hot commodity. I hear he really like us and what we have to offer at Sequatchie. No brainer for both parties!
  11. And Tabor knows when the getting is good at Bledsoe! His stock will drop like a lead balloon if he stays in Bledsoe. It’s a no brainer move!
  12. Buddy I hear you there . But we have a long ways to go before then
  13. Seems very likely that Bledsoe county coach is the leading contender to head to My Indians! We have a ton to offer including the top facilities around. Plus, Tabor can see there’s nothing coming down the pike from middle school.it’s a easy drive. More money. Win win for Tabor.
  14. Heard a little more today. Nothing earthshaking but.... The defense should be very solid early which should give the offense time to mature and grow thru the season. The Meigs defense is big and fast. Meigs has a couple of top notch seniors on the OL that should help blend the younger guys. Meigs found a kicker so no issues there. I’m still compiling my list for top 10. Waiting on coaching domino’s to drop. Especially if we get the Bledsoe coach. Which seems likely.Word is he’s really blown away by the facilities and everything that we have to offer at Sequatchie. Gonna be interesting!
  15. Word I’m getting is Tabor from Bledsoe is the lead horse! I can see that. Young coach that took a average Bledsoe team and went undefeated! Keep in mind Bledsoe has been fighting a political mess for years firing coaches left and right. Keeping ones that should be fired. Tabor can see what’s coming down the pike in pikeville and it ain’t pretty! Gonna get ugly quickly in pikeville. It’s driving distance for Tabor.We can offer more money. Plus we have the best and newest facilities in the valley! It’s a win win for Tabor. Bring him on!
  16. Very underwhelming hire for Tyner! They could do better.
  17. That’s just a darn good breakdown. I’ll ask again to see what else I can add.
  18. I will get my poll together soon. Hope others will do the same with a summary
  19. Same report I got from my Meigs buddy. He Said Meigs returns 15 starters. They been working hard in the weight-room and have gotten faster as a team! Players of note were Wr hickalbee, Rb/lb Pendergrass, RB/DE Key, Qb/Safety Falls. Couple of young linemen with great potential are working hard. It’s a critical 2-3 months for them to get stronger and faster. The coaching staff at Meigs and support from community and system are second to none. They are on the same page. Look for Meigs to make some major noise this year!
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