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  1. Congratulations to the Sequatchie County Middle School Braves who moved to (4-0) with a 40-12 Win over Bledsoe Middle School last night.
  2. Bledsoe County (2-1) @ Sequatchie County (2-2) Sequatchie County looks to recapture the "Chief Roaring Eagle" trophy after Bledsoe County took it back to Pikeville in 2020 for the first time since 2012.
  3. Congratulations to the Sequatchie Middle School Braves moving to (3-0) last night with a 38-12 win at Signal Mountain.
  4. First I've heard. You have to keep in mind for Sequatchie it's a completely new system for those kids on both Offense & Defense and they haven't had a lot of time to work. Tonight marked Coach MacIntyre's 60th day (50 if count that he was hired days before the Dead Period started) on the job and the 33rd day for new DC Coach Gilley. Coach worked a lot of underclassmen into the game in the 2nd half.
  5. Your guess is as good as mine. I do believe the Indians are a much better team than people have given them credit for going into this season just because of last year's results. There was no excuse for the record they had last season and was a much better team than the record indicated I think three players went down with season ending injuries in one game and I think five for the season. They should have beaten East Ridge if I remember they were dominate early up 14-0 in the 3rd (I think) driving the ball inside the 15 and one of Sequatchie's kids gets injured taken away on an ambulance (all momentum/energy drained away) they end up not scoring on that drive and ER rolls off 21 unanswered. They lost to Smith Co. & Grundy by a combined 14 points. Had they won those two even with the Upperman game getting canceled (Covid) they would have finished 2nd or 3rd in the region (I think). Not sure if they would have been allowed a playoff game or not. All that even though I think they had a HC that had checked out long before the season kicked off. IMO I believe that was part of the injuries problem they were not conditioned before the season started. Numerous people who have seen the team more than me have said for weeks the players are in better physical (I also think mentally as well) condition than at any point the last two years. Why he waited so long to make it official that he wasn't coming back I have no idea although I now think how it worked out will be better for Sequatchie in the long run.
  6. Complete Scores unknown on most if it was JV or Varsity action. Quarter 1 Sequatchie Co. - 14 Bledsoe County - 07 Quarter 2 Bledsoe County - 14 Grundy County - 00 Quarter 3 Rhea County - 06 Grundy County - 00 Quarter 4 Rhea County - 07 Warren County - 00 Quarter 5 Sequatchie County - 28 Warren County - 00
  7. This was the JV that played for Sequatchie in the opening Quarter vs. Bledsoe. Not sure if it was JV or Varsity for Bledsoe. Sequatchie Varsity vs. Warren Co. in the 5th not sure if it was the Varsity for Warren but according to their own Facebook & Twitter pages the Pioneers only traveled with their varsity squad for the Jamboree.
  8. Roy, Hopefully it goes just like that Middle School game last. That was a lot of fun.
  9. Hope everyone has a fun and safe time tonight.
  10. The players all seem to love him. Now does that transfer to wins, that's yet to be determined.
  11. The last Jamboree held in 2019 at Grundy Co. was disaster with parking you had people parking (around the HWY 56/108 intersection) nearly a mile from the stadium. Now from what I was told when it became knowledge that SCHS was installing turf several administrators/ADs at other valley schools agreed that they didn't want what happened at Grundy happening again. Most saw that it would happen again at Whitwell when during the last time they hosted the Jamboree you had vehicles lined up on both sides of HWY28 that's not safe at all. It was my understanding that one or two schools didn't really want to host the Jamboree at all. I could be wrong but it was my understanding that all schools with the exception of Whitwell voted to have it at SCHS. Now after the vote I don't think anyone expected Jasper & SP to jump to the Chattanooga Jamboree. Once again it's my understanding that Whitwell was invited to come to Dunlap for the Jamboree but chose not to be a part of it. We welcome Grundy Co. & Bledsoe Co. schools and fans as they continue to be a part of it. We also welcome Rhea Co. & Warren Co. to be a part of this continuing Valley tradition.
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