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  1. Congratulations to the Sequatchie Co. Middle School on a 42-34 win at South Pittsburg in Rd. 1 of the Playoffs.
  2. This was the weirdest game I've ever been at and I've been to pretty much every Sequatchie game the last 25 years.
  3. I wasn't going to create a thread for this game since no one else did but I want to give a shout out to the Sequatchie Middle School a 22-8 win at Jasper last night.
  4. In this past week's Grundy County Herald there was an article on the Jackets preparing for the season and it listed them as hosting the Jamboree on the schedule in the article. So pretty good bet its in Coalmont.
  5. Are we sure its in Pikeville? I was told Grundy Co. had it?
  6. If anyone is interested the 2019 Sequatchie County Quarterback Club Golf Tournament is planned for April 27 (8AM Central Time with a Shotgun Start) at Fall Creek Falls Golf Course. Come out and meet this years special guest VFL Gerald Riggs Jr.! Register by emailing your 4 man team to Coach Taylor Harvey: [email protected] Cost is $280 Per Team of 4. Cash or Check ONLY (Made Payable to Sequatchie Co. QB Club)
  7. The upcoming Sophomore (McCurry) will be the QB as I have heard the coaches talk about his potential going back to last summer when the Middle School kids could start practicing with the team. And with the JV going (5-1) has done nothing to make me think different. I agree #5 (Morgan) will probably be the featured back. There is a number of other guys who will get carries a Senior who was injured all last season should see time in the backfield as well as LB if he comes back. As well as a number of underclassmen the coaches are high on. (#26) from this past year graduated. The FB will probably be the Sophomore (Meeks) some of you who follow the SVC Middle School conference probably remember that name. There is any number of potential ball carriers a few of which will probably be moved to receiver. Hopefully they can get another couple of athletes in the school to come out and play like they did the last season with several Sophomores & Juniors who hasn't been on the team before like the Senior (Carr) who had played in LL & MS but had only played Basketball & Baseball in HS until then and played spectacularly in the defensive backfield. Including several who had gave up football under the last coach.
  8. Well excuse me if I think those kids deserve better support. Enough is enough on this topic. You obviously don't know what you are talking about. Nothing was or has been covered up. The individuals in question have been a part of the school system, students at SCHS and members of the football program since late summer and from what I was told in July they were approved for enrollment by the Superintendent of Schools as well as the Principle and others involved at the HS. Nothing was hidden about them being members of this seasons football team.
  9. I have to say I feel sorry for the Red Bank players & coaches. They were a 10-0 team in the 2nd round of the Playoffs and couldn't get more than 100-150 fans to the game and it was well short of that at kickoff.
  10. 48-24 Sequatchie. Grundy used every trick in the book to stay in it. From a fake FG to the old hook & ladder.
  11. That should be good for the betterment of the program overall. IMO It would allow for the coaches to spend more time with the younger guys (non starters) and help get them further along so when fall practice starts they will hopefully be ready to contribute. If I was going to change anything about Spring Practice I would make it where incoming 9th graders who were on the Middle School team in the fall (and plan to play HS ball) would be allowed to workout/practice/attend team meetings with the High School team if not participating in another MS/Jr High sport. So they are better prepared once summer/fall workouts/practice starts. JMHO
  12. yes, several were talking about the restroom facilities and the wait lines while folks were leaving. They need to add visiting side restrooms and the ones on the home-side could do with some refurbishment. While they are at it add about 8-10 feet of new bleachers on each side of the existing visiting section.
  13. There was the Sequatchie Bowl played at Sequatchie Co. High School in Dunlap in the 1970's. I'm not sure if this was all of them but its the ones I know of. 1971 Porter 23 Sequatchie Co. 14 1972 South Pittsburg 24 Ooltewah 21 1973 Whitwell 32 Lake City 16 1974 Sequatchie Co. 22 Charleston 00 1976 York Institute 28 Charleston 21 1977 Marion County 28 Charleston 06 1983 Ooltewah 26 Sequatchie Co. 14
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