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    I study American Military History mostly the battles, campaigns & leaders from the Civil War (Confederate perspective) and World War II (Allied perspective) mostly from the European Theater of the war as well as the modern War for our Freedom. = Own 200 plus books on Military History. I also collect Civil War Art Prints by Historical Artists John Paul Strain & Mort Kunstler!


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  1. Well it's official. The New Region 4-3A Cannon County Lions (Woodbury) Community Vikings (Unionville) Giles County Bobcats (Pulaski) Grundy Co. Yellow Jackets (Coalmont) Sequatchie Co. Indians (Dunlap)
  2. That's possible with Basketball, Marion Co. Central TZ) is in with all Chattanooga teams which is in the Eastern Time Zone . While Sequatchie/Bledsoe are in with Monterey, Jackson Co, & York Inst. that's some possible hazardous travel on a school night in the Winter. Grundy is stuck in the Middle TN district with Cascade, Community and Forrest. That takes out a lot of gate money with border rivals.
  3. I have no idea what the Sequatchie Valley schools were appealing?
  4. It just makes no sense to send Sequatchie & Grundy two & half hours west on the other side of I-65 or for that matter Giles that far east. It will cut down on gate money at all those schools as most fans will not make that trip. A trip like that would also put buses getting back to each school at well after midnight. They should put Jackson & Smith back in Reg. 4 and put Giles in Reg. 5.
  5. I agree with Meigs that is almost like the old Reg. 3-2A in the mid to late 90's when Sequatchie was in there along with Meigs, Polk, Tellico, Tyner and I think Bledsoe.
  6. Seriously, are they kidding? Not a fan of this at all. Smith Co. & Jackson Co. weren't the only ones who got screwed but Sequatchie Co., Grundy Co. as well as Giles Co. really? The travel between the first four wouldn't be that bad a straight shot up hwy. 111 and a 15/20 minutes on I-40. I also didn't mind what the travel over to Community would have been every other year but traveling to Pulaski is going to be a nightmare. There's no way this gets approved. IMO. Giles should be in Region 5. They can hop on I-65 and be in the Nashville area in no time.
  7. Does Jackson Co. & Community have the seating capacity for what they really need in 3A and this region? I remember Sequatchie played at Community 6 or 8 years ago and they had one small portable bleachers and people had to bring lawn chairs or stand up. Part of the game was also played in a downpour if I remember.
  8. According to our AD when he called to try and get more tickets. He was told they would only have around 50-75 tickets available for sale at the gate beginning at 5PM. People weren't going to take the chance to drive two hours and maybe be able to get in. I myself didn't get a ticket either and this was the first Sequatchie Co. game I have missed in 25 years (1995 Playoff game in Greenville, TN to be exact)
  9. It's pretty dirty they did that. They know the Sequatchie fan base travels extremely well. That amount of tickets isn't going to cover half the parents of the players much less when you add in parents of cheerleaders and regular fans. The game should have been moved to Dunlap and if on the schedule next year Sequatchie then could have traveled to Jamestown.
  10. Congratulations to the Sequatchie Co. Middle School Braves a big 38-20 win at South Pittsburg last night.
  11. Congratulations to the Sequatchie Co. Middle School on a 42-34 win at South Pittsburg in Rd. 1 of the Playoffs.
  12. This was the weirdest game I've ever been at and I've been to pretty much every Sequatchie game the last 25 years.
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