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  1. Brody is going to be very good a long with Pickett. Condra can get some of the tough yards for us too in 2022. They are all great kiddos to say the least. Coach Pruitt will be implementing some things he has gotten from JP as well. I am hoping it is another amazing year. It's always a great day to be a warrior!
  2. I am so excited about the 2022 season. Coach Pruitt and the other coaches are working these kiddos out and doing a great job. Replacing Taye, Mason, Rhylee, Big Show, Jake, and others will be a big task but we have some awesome young kiddos that should step in and do a terrific job. I am so excited to see some of the new changes we will see for next season. These kiddos were great all season long, but when Taye got injured even more it was the main reason we got upset by Watertown. We would have also done a lot better in the Meigs County and Westmoreland games if he had not had that injury. He will always be one of my favorite warriors though. He is tough and played hurt a lot of the season. #4 is going to be a great player for us next year. Condra is a good and tough runner but Pickett is going to be really good. I hope to see a lot of the Pickett connection in the backfield for the next 3 years. They should be an awesome tandem. Getting our best lineman back is going to be good too. I think he and his little "big" brother are going to be really great on our line. We should win our region this season and have a great chance to go to the championship game. We have the talent and coaching to do it if we can stay injury free.
  3. Our kiddos are good too. I know they will still be stewing after last season's game. Our kiddos will show up and play a great game. Our coaches will have them prepared and we will have a chance to win the game. What more can you ask? Watertown always has a good team but they lost a real good player from last year. Our best players are all still here. I think that will get us the win in this game but it will be a close game. We have run a lot of the same plays this year but we will have a few new ones this week. I hope everyone just has confidence in these kiddos. These are some great young men that represent our school well each and every week. As always it is a great day to be a warrior!
  4. I am not punching any ticket. These kiddos and staff no good and well who beat us last season. We know Watertown has a good team and you will not be overlooked. We are a much better team this year though. I did not mean any ill will toward you or your team. I just love these kiddos and I want them to do big things in football and in life.
  5. You are right it will be 2 weeks from tonight. Regardless these kiddos are resilient and will be there in two weeks for a rematch. I will not go into details but they will not hold us down like that again. They have a good team no doubt but so do we. These players and coaches have worked hard for this season. Coach Pruitt was also saving his new plays last week. We ran the same plays we have been running all year and Meigs County did a good job at stopping those. I think it will be a little different next time. I hope we have a big crowd tonight. These kiddos deserve it. Also Taye should be Mr. Football for our state. It is ridiculous that he was not listed. Go Warriors!
  6. It's hard to believe it's the first round of the playoffs. These kiddos played hard last week but some key mistakes made the difference in the game. I am confident this staff and kiddos got them corrected this week. You will see a dominate team tonight on the field. I am proud of the hard work our seniors have shown and the leadership during a difficult week. Keep working hard and let's get this train rolling again. This team will be in Decatur 3 weeks from tonight for a rematch that could easily turn out different. I know our coaches have an awesome game plan going forward. We will all get to see some new plays in the playoffs too. Kiddos go out there tonight and play as hard as you can on our home field. Maybe Bledsoe can pull the upset and we get to play at home again next week. If not just make sure you make awesome memories tonight at Bill Baxter Stadium. As always, it is a great day to be a warrior!
  7. I am super excited about this game tomorrow night. I know our kiddos will pull it off and finish our season undefeated. I'm sure these kiddos from Meigs will give us our best challenge of the year but I know in my heart our kiddos and our coaches will be ready for this one. I have a feeling they have been looking forward to this game all year. We will win this game and then we might get to play them again in the playoffs. If our defense keeps playing so hard then Coach Pruitt will not even have to use any of his new plays. JP has been helping our coaches and it shows with our defense. These kiddos are playing lights out this year. I just love these kiddos and this town. I am so happy they are getting to play this year. This team is going to make history this year. I just have a feeling about them. They are such awesome kiddos and nobody deserves it more. As always it is a great day to be a Warrior!
  8. These kiddos are A-MAZING and we will take care of this game tomorrow. I am so excited about the game next week. I will not be able to go to the Signal Mountain game but I know in my heart these kiddos will keep on showing everyone the heart of a warrior. The Meigs County game next week will be one great game. I know Coach Pruitt and his coaches will use this game to get our kiddos tuned up for the game next week. These kiddos simply amaze me with how they just seem to get better and better. Our coaches are doing a great job with our kids. I know that working with JP obviously helps. It's a great day to be a warrior! Go Warriors!
  9. I am so excited for our kiddos in this game. This team simply continues to amaze me. I love these kiddos that are working so hard to have a memorable year. These coaches are simply AH-MAZING. Tyner is a real good team so I know our kiddos know they will have a challenge in this game for the first time this year. I know our coaches will have these kiddos ready to play a good team. I am very excited for Tay and the boys to play this game against another good team. I know they are good but I do not think they are quite as good as our kiddos. I think they will be able to score a few more points on us than some of these other teams. I know JP has been in touch with our coaches this week to help them get ready for this game. Our kiddos will be more prepared for this game and I think we will win it. We need this win to help us win the championship for our region. I have seen the snide comments when I mention our coaches running new plays but I know they will have some awesome ones for this game. As always it is a great day to be a warrior! Go Warriors!
  10. I believe our kiddos will work some kinks out in this game. I am so proud of this team and their coaches. Coach Pruitt has enlisted and gotten help from JP and it is showing with our team. What can i say about Taye, Alex, Rylee and others. These kiddos are so fast and so good. The line will get you as well. These are some big kiddos on our line and our defense is getting better this year. You can tell that the coaches are talking with JP a lot to help our defense. Does JP do video conferences with our coaches? Does anyone know? I can not wait for the Tyner and Meigs County games. It is an exciting time for our team. The sky is the limit for them this year. We have a better than average chance to win the whole entire state and I think we can do it. I hope everyone just keeps supporting our kiddos. Someone told me that Coach Pruitt is running a lot of the same plays right now because of the scores so this means he will get to run several new plays when we play Meigs County and Tyner. I believe he will save some more new ones for the playoffs this year too. Good luck this week! Go and win another region game and let's get ready for the harder games that we will be playing later. As always it is a great day to be a warrior. Go Warriors!
  11. I believe this will be a Marion County victory. Forrest has had some pretty good teams and I remember some of our battles in the past. What can I say about Friday? Taye is just lightning in a bottle. I love watching that kiddo play. These kids are getting great coaching and did not miss a beat on Friday after being out for awhile. Big Kane, Jake, and Boomer were simply awesome on the line. I just can't wait to see what the future holds for these kiddos. I know some of you do not agree with me but I think Taye can play for Vanderbilt. He is a little smaller but that kiddo is so darn fast and his heart is the size of Nashville. I love watching him run the ball for the warriors. I look forward to a good game with Forrest but in the end we will the game. As always it is a great day to be a warrior.
  12. Anyone that was there last year will tell you that the game was closer than that score shows. We had some chances to score and did not do it. These kiddos will be resilient just like they always are. They get that from our coaches. They are all amazing. I would like to go watch these kiddos play tonight. I believe the big MC will win this time. We have had 3 weeks to get ready for this game. I know we will have some new plays that will score some this year. I do not think Coach Pruitt will run the same plays again this year. Good luck to night kiddos. As always it is a great day to be a warrior.
  13. I know our kiddos have got this. I look for it to be another game just like last year. I am just excited that these kiddos get to play ball again tomorrow. I know our coaching staff will have Taye and the gang ready for this one. I am hoping these kiddos are healthy and ready to go to Pikeville. Does anyone know if Bledsoe still has the player from last year that had the interesting name? He ran the ball for them but his name escapes me. As always it is a great day to be a warrior! Go Warriors!
  14. I don't care if some doe doe head does not want to believe me or not. Taye can play anywhere he wants to play. He is not very big but he has the heart of a champion and that can take you places. I believe in him and would love to see Taye and May going to Vanderbilt together. Just like they will be doing for the game day very soon. A diploma from Vanderbilt means something and would be awesome for them. I love these kiddos and I want them to fulfill their dreams. Taye has already got to go to Tennessee last year. Since JP is not there anymore though I do not think he will want to go play for them now. This team will work hard and will have a chance to have an awesome season. Have confidence in our kiddos people! Tyner is usually a good team but I think this team has all the right moves and can beat them two years in a row. This will be a hard game but we can do it. It is another great day to be a Warrior. Everyone be safe today with these bad storms.
  15. I am not sure but I hope it is for quarterback. Taye is an amazing kiddo and athlete. Vanderbilt would be do great things if they would let Taye play quarterback or running back either one. That kiddo is like a streak of lightning.
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