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  1. I'm sure it will be a pay cut for Jackson but coming home makes up for that.
  2. Nope they had 2 or 3 in the 80s and it didnt click well with the small community. Especially Conditt. That's why you want see them hiring outside the family unless the alum coaching tree fizzles out. That is why Clemmons took the job so they would not have to hire outside. But all of the alum coaches have been great coaches so why not just keep hiring within.
  3. Did MURPHY confirm. Is any of oakland players entering the portal .to follow.
  4. Gville always keeps it in the family tree so it's TRUE. They will not hire outside the family. That's why clemmons took the job until S J was ready to make the move. Clemmons will remain on the staff.
  5. Always respected the tradition but the Tc kids helping the H20 players up at the end of game was very classy. Much RESPECT!
  6. No excuses here the better team won they were more prepared and more physical. Woodshed type night. Congrats to Tc. Congrats to the fans and community congrats to H20 after the 1st 3 weeks not one person thought you guys would be playing in round 3. #14 cousino tough kid went down with possibly a broken bone in his foot heel up for baseball kid. We have enjoyed watching you.
  7. Suspended 1st half of 2032 season opener.
  8. Game day! Watertown you have came a long way. What I witnessed in Tc last night I never thought I would see in my lifetime. A Tc team and the community having a night geared up to beat Watertown. To the game Tc may have better athletes and have more speed but H20 will have better coaching and more heart. H20 24 tc 15 . I am hearing Murphy has alot of photos being released later this morning.
  9. Come on down You will finally get to see Hartsville play. Oops but at least I didnt say dodge.
  10. That is @kingjacket i know those lips anywhere.
  11. Another Grumor for biggest to check out. Sources say a movie will be played at 2nd creek after the rally for the team. Can you verify and if so what movie will be played.
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