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  1. The " coach" is a heck of a trainer though like he trains some of the best in the country can't take that away from him. Let them tell it these kids have never been recruited since they played with each other since the 6th grade. I take nothing away from the kids they are talented no doubt, but the fact is they were still recruited, and it is an all-boys school is wild. They are literally allowed to host recruiting events throughout the city red flag? Charter schools should be moved to the private sector or bumped up in classification either 3A or 4A. If TSSAA continues to allow this then public schools at that level will never have an opportunity because they cannot yes you guessed, they cannot recruit.
  2. Its obvious majority of those cats have never played. I've seen games where they have given a delay of game for players dapping each other up after a free throw. Watching these state tournament games this week I see its an issue across the state.
  3. You are speaking on south central. It's embarrassing to watch. I will say they didn't call in favor of the other team it just they are that incompetent. They are the worst in the entire southeast of the United States. They sent a guy to the state tournament last year and he had 36 fouls called in one game. Everyone wants to talk about join TSSAA,.. how about stop allowing any and everybody to join because that is exactly what South Central does and you still can't make chicken salad out of chicken turds. There needs to be legitimate training and classroom sessions for new refs. Stop putting them on big time games until they prove they are ready. The old guys need to be pushed out because they are way too soft when it comes to taking stuff from coaches. Update their court mechanics instead of looking like robots out there and understand basketball is indeed a contact sport. TSSAA has a big issue when it comes to South Central Association and something needs and must be done. They are an embarrassment to the state and the game of basketball.
  4. Best player in the state is Imari Berry hands down... can she led her team to upset Bradley?
  5. Special doesn't even properly describe that kid haha...they don't make many like him anymore. Did not know he was from Chatt originally.
  6. On another side of the this.. Why doesn't TN go to the format like some states have in place where they actually play at a neutral site for region games instead of in high school gyms creating home court advantages for host schools. Like in Alabama they have 4 regional sites Wallace State CC, Jacksonville State, and two Arenas located in Birmingham and the other in Montgomery. All 7 classifications play one of the 4 sites based on the location of your region. It's just like the March Madness format... They play during the school day which is an incentive for those involved because the student bodies are all excused from school which makes the environment absolutely electric. The White Co, Cumberland County teams play their district tourney at Tennessee Tech btw. TSSAA could easily allow for colleges around the state to bid on being a host or offering them money off the gate or concession if they host. UTC, Tech, UT Martin, ETSU, UTK, Nashville area colleges have plenty of options.... Smaller colleges - Bethel, LMU, etc Do away with substate as well just make the Glasshouse the Final Four
  7. In Alabama all region games are played at a neutral site which is a college arena. Makes for NCAA like atmosphere. Schools get out of school for it to help with the attendance. Gives the kids a chance to play on a stage being in a college arena. I know the upper Cumberland schools played at Tech the last couple of years for district and region would be great for the state to implement this statewide there are plenty of colleges to pick from to make this happen.
  8. FC is a joke since this new AD has taken over... the boy's program is next to fall. No way they should've gotten rid of Holt smh he turned that program around instantly and had them rolling. The new cat they hired who was the assistant under holt just isn't par for the course when it comes to being a Head Coach.
  9. Holman left already? like during the season lol? wow I would've gone to Tullahoma over going back to FC
  10. I'm with you brother... they think because its middle school it doesn't matter, they spend more time worrying about things that don't have an impact on the game like such and uniforms plus etc instead of calling the game. It's the same with JV refs they let them beat the snot out of each other and then wonder why tempers flare...
  11. He has a mid major offer. Came off that way.. lol but gotcha. He has played in the pro am in Nashville and held his own vs pro guys. He is worth a watch. Rick Barnes could use some scoring right now haha. Pro Level doesnt simply mean NBA either
  12. I officiated for 6 years officiated two sub states... I was paid mileage for travel up to a certain distance like every official get still to this day. Never attended a game nor a game that I played in has a coach never not yelled. High school, college and pro level when has a coached never yelled? I currently coach high school basketball (not in this state) How do not know what your signing up for? Thats the problem part of the people signing up never played the game or must have never been to a game if they are going to be in their feelings because people yell at them. I'm glad to know you no longer ump or officiate games. Respectfully
  13. The cost I understand the fees are a joke when TSSAA claims they are " non-profit". You do get compensated for drive mileage even though it's not great. Players, fans, and coaches scream and critique at every level that's not an excuse you know that when you sign up. Fans pay to get in they should be allowed to voice their opinion and cheer on their team. Coaches have the right to "yell" they get paid to win or they lose their jobs... you will still wake up and go to your job the next day. Refs have seemed to develop rabbit ears now days. Facilities shouldn't alter how well you call a game. Also, you knew when signing up to officiate rather or not you job would allow to make contest or not. Respectfully
  14. Does the lack of ref's stem from low wages? because TN is one of the lowest paying states when it comes to contest officials. I have heard some say due to fans and GA's not keeping the gym in order, but fans have been barking for years it hasn't just become a thing. Middle school may should maybe consider moving contest to Monday or Wednesdays across the state and slot High school contest on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday there has to be away to help with the cancelations. I did know that officials have to pay all fees which is a joke in itself. The summer camps they work only count for meetings and no training is really offered to them. I have seen the way Alabama high school association is ran far as the ref's side of things and it is a well-constructed model, and they offer them trainings and meetings all summer and fall ( TSSAA should take note) I remember at the State Tournament last year there was 30+ fouls and in the boys' games a kid received a tech for dunking and hanging on when players were underneath him. I would think in games of that magnitude you should send the absolute best officials across the state not just picking from associations. This needs to be looked into to help solve the issues
  15. sarcastic much? The kid is an underrecruited player thus far but still only a JR. Ja Morant wasn't a high major kid either in high school but had pro level talent look how it turned out for him.
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