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  1. Don't go telling the truth you will upset some apple cart. Smith county had just over 650 I understand.
  2. Upperman will be significantly better this season than they were last year with a deeper bench. I have not really kept up with the rest of the district. I know LA, Watertown and YI lost quality players to graduation. LA still has Sells. Dekalb and Cannon should be improved.
  3. UTRok

    Akira Levy

    Do we know they lost her? Did they offer her?
  4. I did see where UHS beat East Nashville this summer. The transfer to Macon will be interesting. She is a solid player that will require touches. Those touches will have to come from somewhere. I do not see her happy as just a defender and rebounder. As she is a capable scorer. This may take a bit to get worked out. I've not seen them this summer maybe it's already been worked out??
  5. Herald Citizen tweet. Search complete.. Josh Heard is reportedly the new Cookeville boys hoop Coach
  6. UTRok

    Akira Levy

    Upperman girls basketball coach Dana McWilliams, who coached Levy in high school, confirmed to the USA Today Network that Levy will be in Knoxville on a visit on Thursday and Friday.
  7. #Mizzou women’s basketball PG Akira Levy has entered the transfer portal, per a team spokesperson. Levy averaged 4.8 points per game as a true freshman before tearing the ACL and meniscus in her right knee. Big blow for the Tigers
  8. I look at it this way if your willing to take on the responsibility of transportation to and from school until the child can drive. Go to the school you want to go to if you live in an open enrollment zone. I do not agree with changing from year to year. Why have open enrollment if you can't choose your school? Prescott has a good STEM program that drawls some students. UHS boys and girls basketball has had success in recent years and that will drawl students. Just because CHS has over 2000 students will push some families away. My understanding is CHS charges to play baseball that pushes some away. The new coach at CHS may make some changes and that may help. Time will tell.
  9. They're not necessary CHS players. My son went to Prescott and was a year behind that group and was never going to CHS. Who out of the sophomore group played summer ball with CHS? I know the big kid did and maybe one or 2 others. So that would mean 3 played with UHS as a total of 6 went to UHS from Prescott that year. I know UHS tried to play CHS 15/16 & 16/17 years with no luck.
  10. Wont hurt Upperman any. Not hard to start when your the better players, Gifting with open enrollment go where you like. I think people just realized that. Not near the politics at UHS as Cookeville. To find better players for Cookeville basketball team one just needs to look in the halls. 2300 students what top 5 or at least top 10 largest schools in the state. Why doesn't Cookeville and UHS play in basketball?
  11. Or the reason they have more talent walking the halls than on the team. Right around 2300 students a top 10 school in the state size wise if not top 5.
  12. Talk a couple of years ago was that Josh Heard coach at Prescott middle school and teacher at Cookeville high school would be the successor for this job. He was an assistant at Cookeville years ago before he left to coach in GA. He played at Tech. He has been around the program some the last couple years. Now Cookeville high school has a new principal that I assume will be involved in the hiring process. Interested to see who gets this job.
  13. The Herald Citizen is reporting Coach Bray has resigned.
  14. With summer ball and team camp coming up who you interested in seeing?
  15. NC has 4 classes but each class has A and AA. They play a mixed schedule during the season but then at conference time you only play your conference be it A or AA. Works pretty well for them and it's all based on ADM numbers (average daily membership).
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