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  1. UTRok

    Coach Bray resigns at Cookeville

    Talk a couple of years ago was that Josh Heard coach at Prescott middle school and teacher at Cookeville high school would be the successor for this job. He was an assistant at Cookeville years ago before he left to coach in GA. He played at Tech. He has been around the program some the last couple years. Now Cookeville high school has a new principal that I assume will be involved in the hiring process. Interested to see who gets this job.
  2. The Herald Citizen is reporting Coach Bray has resigned.
  3. With summer ball and team camp coming up who you interested in seeing?
  4. UTRok

    4 Classes Predictions....

    NC has 4 classes but each class has A and AA. They play a mixed schedule during the season but then at conference time you only play your conference be it A or AA. Works pretty well for them and it's all based on ADM numbers (average daily membership).
  5. UTRok

    Macon vs Cheatham

    No not an upset when you win by 24. Just a much better team on that day at that time.
  6. UTRok

    Macon vs Cheatham

    Cheatham can play and I would be suprised of a double digit win. Not suprised at all if Cheatham is able to win.
  7. UTRok

    District 8AA

    Upperman has no real issue with Livingston and led wire to wire. Sells was fairly quite he had 3 points in the 1st half. I think Rush had 14 rebounds at half time. Time for the region.
  8. UTRok

    District 8AA

    On paper YI was the bigger better team. They were out played. UHS 5’ 8” sophomores guard played a tremendous game. #25 for YI played very well and kept them in the game.
  9. UTRok

    We need SHOT CLOCKS asap!

    So I can only have one point? See you could care less what a poll in VA said. Just like I care less what you think about it.
  10. UTRok

    We need SHOT CLOCKS asap!

    In my opinion, it benefits kids regardless of whether you have post-high school aspirations or not, Primarily because it's going to increase the number of possessions per game for a lot of teams. Which means a lot of opportunities for individual players to make plays, the ball to be in players' hands. You had similar debate when the 3 point shot was added. It seems to have worked out. A shot clock would help the flow of he game. I also think if the people are polled you will see that most will want the shot clock in place. For example this is being debated in VA presently. I saw a small poll there of 399 people and 81% favored the shot clock. It's coming just a matter of how long till it's implemented. California: Boys – 35 seconds. Girls – 30 seconds.New York: Boys – 35 seconds. Girls – 30 seconds.Washington: Boys – 35 seconds. Girls – 30 seconds.Massachusetts: Boys – 30 seconds. Girls – 30 seconds.Maryland: Boys – No shot clock. Girls – 30 seconds.Rhode Island: Boys 35 seconds. Girls – 30 seconds.North Dakota: Boys 35 seconds. Girls – 30 seconds.South Dakota: Boys 35 seconds. Girls – 35 seconds.
  11. UTRok

    We need SHOT CLOCKS asap!

    Look you have your opinion and I mine. I think high school needs a shot clock. Appears some folks agree with both of us.
  12. UTRok

    We need SHOT CLOCKS asap!

    Exactly correct just look at the rate of transfer in college. 7-800 transfer out of D1. Speed of the game being one of the major reasons. Shot clock being one of those reasons. Didn't say anything about it effecting recruiting. With the rate of transfers from all levels in college many do not adjuster to the speed of the game or new offense. This is documented year in and out. The closer the game is to the college game the easier it will be to transition to the college game. Sorry those fact escape you Einstein.
  13. UTRok

    We need SHOT CLOCKS asap!

    Lots of kids struggle at the next level when they have to play with a shot clock. Kids that come from a very slow paced high school and then they have 30 sec to score. It causes some to lose playing time. Talk about colleges going to he 24 sec clock. Some high schools play with a shot clock. It's needed in high school in large way.
  14. UTRok

    District 8AA

    I would assume that the district top 4 are. YI should have the tie breaker with UHS since they swept the higher seed Watertown and UHS split with Watertown. LA YI UHS WTown
  15. UTRok

    2018-2019 8AA

    That is what a student should be like!! Most student sections in TN that I've seen are very Lame.