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  1. And Mwvols has a new user name!!!
  2. Cheatham County is a good team! Today was their day.
  3. Sign shouldn’t have been allowed and I agree that is terrible. Kids are young and stupid, mine included. I just think as parents we need to recognize when they cross the line and correct it. Cheer for your team. Make noise when the other team is shooting. Don’t make it personal. I wish both 8AA teams nothing but good luck. Keeley should have been a Miss Basketball contender this year in my opinion.
  4. Well the kids they are making fun of in Baxter think they mean it and take it personal. Yes, the students had a dog at the Macon/Upperman game. It was a shepherd and it belonged to Shrum’s family member.
  5. I’m sure you condone the fact that the Macon students brought a dog to the gym making fun of a players parent that has a service animal. I absolutely do not condone making fun of or making light of people losing their life or home in a tornado. I didn’t see the sign that is being talked about but it shouldn’t have been allowed by UHS principal. It is not right to make fun of or personally attack a group of teenage girls. I don’t care how talented or famous they are.
  6. Having a sign that says we are going to flatten the tornadoes is not even comparable to the booing, to basically the whole gym chanting we hate Upperman, to the student section chanting Reagan’s awkward, Akira’s better, or Ashlyn is really a man. Those are personal attacks! I do feel bad for the Macon player that missed her free throws. I also absolutely hate when our student section chants a player is overrated. I find that classless as well. Tell me you’re fine with your daughter being treated that way when she is treated like that.
  7. You all justifying screaming insults to a group of young girls that work extremely hard and have worked extremely hard are pathetic. Maybe you should tell fans and the students to have a little class and act like they’ve been there before.
  8. It was really great when the Upperman girls walked in and both student sections and some adults chanted “we hate Upperman “ and booed the girls. Such sportsmanship and class shown by both groups!
  9. They missed 10 free throws! Totally agree they should have made them but they missed 10. I would hardly call that a blow out!
  10. Yes, and should be called both ways!
  11. I don’t think that’s a bad thing!
  12. To hate a group of 14-17 year old girls is just really sad! I don’t care where they are from.
  13. The whole squad is returning along with some upcoming talent.
  14. Upperman has no seniors and only 2 juniors!
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