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  1. Crawford was a huge missing piece but I don't remember Jones playing for WC. Should be a pretty evenly matched game with everyone there.
  2. Well deserved win by Indy. Very close teams and that performance by Jett couldn’t be matched by Cookeville today. Cavs didn’t play bad but didn’t play well enough to win vs a really good team. Great season regardless. Standard is set.
  3. Shooters gonna shoot. And I think they come out blazing tomorrow. People been waiting to see us go cold all year. After todays game I don't think it will happen. They are too locked in.
  4. I think they held Bartlett to 12 pts the second half And Bartlett looked lost on Offense. If you haven't played against a matchup zone that executed at that level its a hard thing to gameplan for with just a few hours to cover it between games.
  5. Haven’t got a big guy… What’s going to happen when they play a team from the west…. PG too small…. Live or Die by 3…. They keep showing up! They keep making huge shots! They play TEAM basketball especially on D! If you haven’t figured it out yet this team is the real deal! Let’s get ONE more!
  6. Jackson County won 4 in a row and like 6 in 10 yrs if I remember right. 2000-2010
  7. Looks like they are having some server problems.
  8. Cookeville looked good yesterday. Everyone keeps saying they have no big but they keep beating really good teams with multiple 6’7 and 6’8 players. Defense travels and shooters will keep you in many games you aren’t supposed to be in. You are already there boys so why not just win this whole thing! Bartlett looked good yesterday but definitely beatable. If we shoot well we have a shot at beating anyone. Indy did look really good on the other side.
  9. I think it was said multiple times that this class was wide open and the strongest field of all the classes. While McMinn and GP were picked as favorites by myself and several others, I don’t think anyone was betting the house on them. Nor was anyone saying the west had no chance. And this class lived up to the hype. Great games from beginning to end. There were no easy games or easy path to the Gold ball. So many great performances and endings of games. I really enjoyed this years AA tourney.
  10. Should have called his last game a bit sooner! It was rough. I wanted to mute it several times. My favorite part was she asked him a question about one team and he starts answering the question about the other team. I am sure he was good once. Just not his best this weekend.
  11. 9:30 on Wednesday and again on Friday if they win. That’s scary in itself. How many teenage boys are game ready at 9:30 AM on spring break??
  12. There has been some great games today! I knew that McMinn vs York game was going to be great. Smith county put up a heck of a fight. And now this Loretto vs Westview is a 2pt game with :21 left. Great day!
  13. I believe that was a game that was also not on the original schedule. It was a last minute replacement for a cancelled game if I remember right. And don’t remind me about that Cookeville game!
  14. He deserves all the credit he can get. He will say it’s the players but you don’t do go back to back season breaking 40 year records without having an amazing coach. The town is behind him, the school is behind him, and now the team believes they can do it. They are clearly underdogs but a team that will run through a brick wall for their coach is dangerous!
  15. How about Smith County?!?! They have been flying under the radar all year. I watched them early this year and and again in region final where they were tied entering the 4th with York. The improvement this group has made is amazing. Those seniors are great leaders. What a coaching job Coach Ferrell has done with this program. Took them to sectionals in year one for first time in 40+ years and in year two they are in the glass house! Wow! I know you see this coach! Go do something crazy now. And just an FYI they have a loaded freshman class. This program is here to stay!
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