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  1. That first paragraph is EXACTLY what I was saying. I agree 100%. Recruiting takes time. Relationships with these recruits are built over time. Her only shot at grabbing some top kids quick was taking some top assistant coaches that already had the relationships established. Even that would be hard for her because it’s hard to bring a top coach or assistant to a dumpster fire. That’s exactly what we have been for the last several years. If she can coach then she will recruit well at UT. Winning fixes everything.
  2. Like I said....2 months. That’s not enough time.
  3. That’s what the rumors have been for a while. Hopefully he can get the community and players on board quick. Already lost our best player to a transfer so he has some work to do.
  4. Coffee County did beat Cookeville by like 7-8 pts after FTs at TTU camp but we did have one of our best players out due to illness. CC is still a solid team even without Morgan. Cookeville is very undersized and Vinson is a bad matchup for them. Actually Vinson is a matchup nightmare for most teams and is going to be a very special player there. Haven’t seen Shelbyville play this summer but I do remember the teams they used to put on the floor and I would love to see them doing that again soon. Cookeville will be fine once they get back to full strength. They are loaded with talent this year. Just learning to play a different style with a smaller lineup. Wins over Blackman (by 30pts), Oakland, Stewart’s Creek, Mt Juliet, etc this summer. They will be rolling when season comes around.
  5. That still isn’t a fair argument. You can’t judge her recruiting history and compare it to SEC teams. She spent the last several years developing relationships with players that could play at the level she was coaching at. She couldn’t bring top 25 players to Missouri St so I doubt she has those relationships currently. She has been there 2 months and we are bashing her recruiting? Seriously? Lol
  6. We didn’t make a big name hire so we can’t expect her to come in and be a big name recruiter. Not the first year. That isn’t a fair expectation. Let’s face it Holly trashes the legacy that Summit left. I am not a Holly fan at all. They kept her way too long. She signed her best class a year ago I believe. That’s why they kept her another year. She just couldn’t coach at this level and that is why we lost games. Harper knows what it takes to win at TN and if she can actually coach we will be ok and she won’t need 5 years. Levy would be a red shirt this year anyway if she decides to go that route. But if you look close that roster isn’t bursting with PG’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if they take her. She was on the all SEC freshmen team so some other people think she can play.
  7. Not really a fair analysis by either of you. She wasn’t recruiting the same level of kids at previous job so the recruits she gets in this cycle will be challenging. Give her some time. If she can win with the talent she has now other players will come. Recruiting will get better. I am more concerned with the effort, heart, and discipline she puts on the floor in the fall. Everything else will follow that. Holly signed great classes but couldn’t get anything out of them.
  8. I never said they were ever CHS players. I said CHS would need to keep the better players in Cookeville for things to change. But your point on the number of PMS players going to UHS is exactly what I am talking about. That can’t happen and CHS be a state power. There were lots of reasons that happened. Maybe new coach will change all of that. And the reason they don’t play currently probably has more to do with the girls team. I am sure the girls team would have loved to have played Cookeville 15-17 with Levy! And I am sure Cookeville wanted no part of that. Hopefully they can work things out and make it happen. Would be a crazy environment for both schools. Again maybe new coach will help. Good luck this year.
  9. I know that Cookeville coaches tried to make that happen last year. UHS didn’t want any part. I understand what you are saying about the number of students. I have made same argument before but to be honest there isn’t a lot of the better basketball players from middle school level that quit playing basketball when they get to HS. Just because you are an athlete doesn’t mean you can play basketball. What is happening is several of the better players are not staying in town. Just like a couple years ago when most of the freshmen class went to UHS after playing for CHS all summer including camps and then going to UHS when they realized they weren’t going to start at CHS and were instant starters at UHS. I am not saying they made a bad choice. I am saying CHS needs keep the better players in town.
  10. Totally agree with this. Bradley will be the team to beat with Blair. Madison Hayes is a 2020 graduate so she will be back. That gives EH a shot but the supporting cast wasn’t impressive last year. They will need the younger Hayes to play D and do something other than wait to shoot the 3. Cleveland returns most if not all of their better players . And Williams will be much better this year. McMin will be solid but too small IMO. I would probably pick exact same order with 2-4 being a toss up.
  11. This change will surely hurt Upperman teams in the future. Hopefully no more gifting of an entire team to Upperman in one summer! But maybe not they should still be able to pick up a few players especially if they offer them starting positions like previously.
  12. I have heard that all summer. Even before Coach Bray was let go. It will be interesting to see how the opening is posted in the TSSAA job listings.
  13. My point was I think Dekalb may be #2 this year. They will be much better. Ferrell was tough last year but she will have a monster year this year.
  14. He was given the option to resign, resign, or resign. Which do you choose?
  15. Not sure what happened but something has been brewing for a couple years. This year has been really bad. Parents not happy. Starters quitting the team. It hasn’t been a good offseason. Hopefully they can get it turned around soon.
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