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  1. Ha! Probably not but MC will probably need Gregory to have a similar year.
  2. Gregory will have a monster year.
  3. Prayers for the Murray family.
  4. Of course this is only my theory but I believe the cancellation probably has something to do with an insurance policy or contract. They already cut their gate by 60-75% by announcing restrictions on Friday-Sat. They sold the broadcast contract before the event. So that broadcast company was the one that was about to make the money. The TSSAA wasn’t making any money the rest of the tourney so why not cancel? The risk didn’t make any $$$$.
  5. Fritz almost brought back Maryville single handily! She had a monster 4th quarter. Probably didn’t shoot enough.
  6. I am not going anywhere. You will find me in the gym or watching games somewhere. Happen to be watching the streams today. Stone looked good. You know they felt good about that matchup after drilling SH earlier in the year but even with the pressure they still looked great. I am surprised by this Maryville game. I really didn't think Maryville would keep it close but they are.
  7. I agree but most teams have scorers. Few have D like that. They had a great year regardless.
  8. I think Westmoreland is the best defensive team in the state. They are holding teams to like 30ppg average. You dont want to play them in a sectional on the road or at home! I wouldn’t be shocked if the didn’t make it to final 2 in state.
  9. Anyone know if the game tonight is going to be streamed. If not what about radio station?
  10. The matchup is similar to what they have seen with Stone but Stone guards are much faster.
  11. We definitely didn’t take the ball in enough but there were a lot of fouls that wasn’t called outside the paint. While the foul count wasn’t in our favor, I would say our shooting cost us the game. We shot 6-24 from 3. I only made the comment on the fouls because of the comment from previous poster complaining about fouls. BC is a very good team. I would say they are pretty equal to Stone. Should be a good matchup in the finals.
  12. They have to guard Hampton too and they don’t have anyone that can do that without help. Cameron will guard Walker. But most likely will play some sort of zone. Hampton will keep it close.
  13. Yes that is a correct. And what a weird matchup! Bigs vs little guards.
  14. Seriously???? We shot 3-11 the first half and led the entire way homer. You shot 28 FT and we shot 8 FT!! The referees were bad like you said but they called 8 fouls on BC the entire game!!! No wonder our coach got a T! We were getting hosed by the zebras. That annoys the crap out of me when you try to trash every team you play. It was a 4pt game with 2 min left! Show some respect. That’s all I have to say about that.
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