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  1. Gibson County was definitely the champs last year. Greenfield in 2018. As far as Loretto and Weathers, if you doubt she is one of the top players in A (or AA for that matter) then all you need to do is take a look at her offer list. That says it all. Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Missouri, Florida State, Indiana, Iowa State, Belmont, MTSU..... I know that Darby and Moore both have significant offer lists and are both amazing players. But in the games that I watched in the state tournament last year she was the best player on the floor of all the class A teams.
  2. Very good question and points. I have expressed my opinion on this ranking and the coacht rankings in other threads. There needs to be a coaching poll where established coaches and maybe some AP writers vote in these rankings. But this isn’t it....
  3. Lay off the sauce repo. Not a chance we will be a .500 team! This team is loaded. We won 22 games last year. This year that number will increase. And we probably have the best freshmen class this school has seen in a very long time....maybe ever.
  4. Looks like the Lady Cavs will open the season with their first two games of the year against the #1 and #2 ranked AAA teams in the state according to Mr Lownsdale's TN Report. They open the season against Lebanon on Tuesday Nov 19 and then play Riverdale four days later (both at home). I LOVE it! If you want to be the best you first have to beat the best. They also have an home and away later in the year with East Hamilton which is also in the top 5. This is going to be a fun year for the Cavs.
  5. That’s what I get for trying to work and type. Hopefully Vinson will make a speedy recovery.
  6. Bahaha! I had to read that 3 times before I figured out what you were talking about! Apparently I typed the guys name I was talking on the phone to. Let me fix that.
  7. Tullahoma was a different team the second have of last year. The post that became eligible REALLY improved that team. That and Duncan may be the best player in the district this year. Especially with Vinson coming in off of an injury over the summer. CC will be solid but they will miss the scoring of Morgan and the physical play of Vaughn. Now teams can focus defense on Vinson. I still expect them to be very good. I saw the PG and Vinson play several times this summer. They will carry that team a long way. I haven't seen the enough of the other teams to give a solid opinion but unless they all improved drastically I think CC and T Town will fight it out. That rivalry game should be a good one.
  8. Carter (MC) has several offers like Gardner Webb, Arkansas State, Carson Newman.... Hurst (UHS) recently received an offer to Anderson and Johnson (York) has an offer to Treveca. Kauffman (Cannon) picked up 3-4 offers this summer. And I know I read that Meeks (Cannon) received her first offer last month. I am sure there many more...
  9. Senior starter having to give up basketball due to reoccurring back injury. They posted about it on their team twitter page. I am sure that’s hard to swallow for a kid that has played that long. Wish her the best.
  10. Dang. Terrible news coming out of UHS. Tough decision #12. Get well soon. There are more important things in life than basketball.
  11. @8aabasketballfan Very good post. I posted how I think they will finish above but this is why. I don't think Macon loses a district game this year. The post transfer is the difference. They now have 3 solid scoring options and great defense. I think 2-4 will be very competitive. Upperman and Dekalb will be solid again this year. Dekalb is returning a couple players from injury which I think will bump them ahead of Upperman along with the amazing play of Ferrel this summer. Upperman has several good players. Crouch and Hurst are ballers and Upperman will go as far as those two carry them. It wouldn't suprise me if Dekalb and Upperman flipped but I expect those to to battle it out for #2 all year. I think Cannon will be the most improved team in the district this year and will pull off an upset or two. They have 4 solid seniors and I think Kauffman could first team all district this year if they can pull out some wins. I think York needs another year. The freshmen will help them but I am not sure Johnson can score enough to beat the teams above them. Should be a fun year in 8AA.
  12. With the connections between TN Report and the TN Flight program it’s obvious they have some very biased rankings. But I will say this MJ didn’t look good this summer when I watched them.
  13. Looks like she is committed to Vandy.
  14. Clay only lost 2 of their top 3 all time leading scorers. It will be hard bounce back this year with that much offense gone. I expect them to slide a spot or two this year.
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