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  1. That is good as I hope for a good game when we play in January.
  2. That is surprising. Lincoln County has a chance to make a run at the state tournament. Tullahoma has looked bad the two times I have seen them play this season. Just goes to show you that anything can happen on any night if you are not ready to play. Have to believe Lincoln County will make a deep run and from what I have seen early on I do not think Tullahoma is good enough to make it out of their region, with so many better coached teams in the Upper Cumberlands.
  3. Not a whole lot of games in middle Tennessee tonight, what are your best games to watch tonight before heading into holiday tournaments? Any games worth getting out to and catching this evening?
  4. After seeing Lincoln County play a couple times this season now and seeing them fully dismantle a solid Lawrence County team I believe they might be the team to beat in that district over Coffee County.
  5. From all indications it sounds like the Warren County and Franklin County jobs are the same, ones that nobody is wanting to take unless desperate.
  6. Sorry I missed this game, sounds like it was a good one!
  7. Yes, Tullahoma struggled getting the ball up the floor against their pressure and could not keep Rockvale in front of them. I was really impressed by the pace of play by Rockvale.
  8. Rockvale was very impressive tonight, suffocating defensively and great coaching. Look forward in seeing if they can make a run this postseason.
  9. Any reason she decided on Clemson? Of all the places, is there a significance to Clemson? She will get to play immediately for sure, great education.
  10. In hindsight she should have gone to White County. This is a lot of Middle School small town political drama being put out in a newspaper article and it just does not make a lot of sense to air all the dirty laundry. All I can think about is all those applicants who are probably counting their blessings on not taking the job in Warren County last Spring.
  11. Deciding on the York/Cookeville, Tullahoma/Rockvale, or Cumberland County/Rhea County game this Tuesday. Have not seen Cookeville or Rockvale and wanted to see Cumberland County after seeing them early in the year.
  12. Did she not develop all the young talent? What direction should they go in if they move on after one year of the current coach? If I’m not mistaken, didn’t the old coach leave the program knowing they were going to struggle for a few years? They should be happy to have someone who wants to be there and wants the job, just my opinion. They aren’t going to be better than Coffee County or Lincoln County anytime soon.
  13. Lincoln County is putting a clinic on In Fayetteville. After one half Lincoln County has put up 40 points and Tullahoma looks like they have not ever stepped foot on a basketball floor to play defense. Lincoln County has to be shooting 70% from three and Tullahoma has not defended anything beyond the arc. Lincoln might score 90 points if they wants to tonight. coasted to a 20 point win, Tullahoma looks like they do not want to be on the floor with each other. Lot of conflict on bench with coach and players, could be trouble in year two.
  14. Tullahoma girls were trying to leave during the summer to go to Coffee County. Looks like Tullahoma and Franklin County both are places nobody really wants to be.
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