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  1. Half the Clay team was not sick. Obviously anyone would take that into consideration. Monterey was at full strength. So again...nonsense. Weak teams do not lose by two points to the #4 team in the state on Clay's home court. One close game doesn't mean a lot, but several close games to top teams does. Beating Gordonsville when they were tied for 1st by 15 points like Pickett did, does. Beating RBS by 2 doesn't mean Pickett Co is a far better team like you imply with your reasoning, but it does say they were of equal strength. You just argue for the sake of arguing even though your statements are pure nonsense. Any one of seven teams can win the tournament but I think Clay and Monterey have the best shot. Gordonsville has lost 4 of 5 and that one win was triple OT against the weakest Clarkrange team in memory. Jackson Co is questionable that they can keep the upsets going. If PC plays RBS they'll have to have another great game. But, I think it's going to be a great tournament with seven teams able to win it. 6A is by far the best district in the state.
  2. They were ejected. The Clarkrange announcer on the radio said the Clarkrange player hit first and they went at it for about 10 seconds... I wasn't there. That's what the radio said.
  3. Will Clarkrange and Stone Memorial be placed on probation because of the two players' fist fight or will it only be the players sitting out? If they are put on probation, would they be allowed in the playoffs? TSSAA actions seem to be inconsistent with fighting.
  4. Nonsense. Scores indicate the strength of a team. So now you're saying that just because Clarkrange lost to Clay Co, now they could beat them in the tournament. But I guess you have to be right, no matter how illogical your statement is. PC isn't a team anyone wants to play right now.
  5. You are PARTLY right. Close games show that teams are of similar strength and the next game can go the other way. AND, Pickett beat Gordonsville by 15 when they were tied for #1 with Clay and beat RBS. Last night they lost by 2 at Clay. They are as good as anyone now.
  6. Pickett lost to Monterey by 1 and 2, led Clay at home until the 3rd quarter, beat Gordonsville by 15 and beat RBS on Friday. 7th????Hardly!
  7. You have a good team but if you make the state you'll need to keep improving from now till then. Clay Co is most likely 6A's 4th place team which you only beat by 2. I'm not criticizing but pointing out that you'll have much tougher competition when you play outside of East TN. So play hard every game no matter if you are ahead by 5 or 30 and keep getting better. Good luck the rest of the season and I hope you make it to the Boro.
  8. Yes, but the district is tough. Clarkrange is the best. Pickett plays at Red Boiling Springs tomorrow and they looked great at the York Christmas tournament. Clay Co. could upset too. If PC gets to the substate most likely they would play at Moore Co. Moore Co lost to Whitwell by 4. PC beat Whitwell by 18. So the key for PC is to reach the substate. They should win that if they make it and go to the state for the 5th time in six years. They only lose one player next year so they will be very good next year too.
  9. Yes. I noticed during Christmas that Tennessee's girls teams won an overwhelming number of games against out of state teams, and many were lopsided scores. My Pickett Co girls beat an Ohio team which has a school enrollment twice that of Pickett Co 66-31 and then on Saturday beat Clinton Co, Ky 73-21. Another of our 6A teams, Clarkrange had lopsided scores in a Florida tournament which they won.
  10. I'm watching Clay Co 8-5 vs Cloudland ranked #4. Clay is playing terrible and is only down by 1. Cloudland would be#4 or #5 in 6A if today is any indication of how good they are. They'd be behind Clarkrange 13-2, Pickett Co 13-1 and Red Boiling Springs and maybe Clay. Clay hit a three pointer with 1.6 seconds to go which would have given them a 53-52 lead but their coach called a time out so the basket didn't count. They then missed another and lost by a point. Cloudland isn't a top 10 team from what I saw today. Clarkrange would beat them by a LOT.
  11. A big win for Pickett Co over AAA Warren Co (7-2) tonight. PC fell behind 33-23 at the half but scored 18 straight to start the 3rd quarter. They were up 47-42 after three. Warren regained the lead at 59-58 but PC made 5 of 6 free throws for the win. They are 7-1 with a 1 point loss to DeKalb. They are vastly improved over last year and are still a young team. They were talented last year but started two freshman, a sophomore and two juniors and were just inexperienced.
  12. Clarkrange 6-1 visits Pickett Co 6-0 tonight with Clarkrange wanting it to be Coach Roger's 1218th win to set the all time record for wins by any coach at any level. So they have a huge incentive to win. Clarkrange may have a loss but it was to Macon Co, one of the best AA teams in the state. PC is ranked #3 on Coacht and Clarkrange #5, but Clarkrange was voted #1 by the coaches before the season and PC #2 in the district. Also Clarkrange is defending district and region champs. For an upset by Pickett Co. they will have to guard against the 3's and Abbi Bilbrey will need to block some shots under the basket when the twins drive in. Also, they will have to play their best game of the year. Win or lose, this is the kind of game fans look forward to! Congratulations to Coach Rogers on tying the record at 1217 last week.
  13. Congratulations and I bet if Coach Rogers breaks the record tonight at Pickett County he will get a standing ovation from ALL the fans. While I hope it is Coach Roger's next game after Pickett Co that he breaks the record, we all respect this accomplishment that no one else has ever done. Also, Coach Roger's helped to make District 7A, now 6A the best in the state over the decades.
  14. If you were at the game can you give some details. I think the 5 top teams will be close this year and JC and TC not far behind. This upset wasn't a big surprise to me since Coach Bibb is an excellent coach.
  15. 1-Clay Co- Even with the upset, I still rank them first. 2-Monterey-saw them twice at Pickett Thanksgiving Classic. They struggled with Oneida but Pickett Co didn't the next day. 3-Gordonsville-Pickett Co- With their new Coach Bibb, they will be good. He was an excellent coach at Pickett Co. Pickett Co is greatly improved over last year. Only loss is by a point to DeKalb Co. 5-RBS-If Marsh gets into foul trouble they will be in trouble. 6-Trousdale Co-Jackson Co- I think they will split this season and end up tied for 6th. 8-Clarkrange
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