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  1. York played poorly that night. The main difference in the game was Kolby Morgan. York's defense was good on most plays but Kolby was everything he was cracked up to be and broke away for touchdowns. Without him it would have been a close qame...but since they had him, Oneida broke their 6 game losing streak to York since 2001 (I don't know about any games before then). Oneida should go a long way this year and I always pull for area teams, when we aren't playing them!
  2. Or Simply Fresh, on Hwy. 52 east just past Walmart.
  3. Spare yourself from CrossVegas. Miles of car lots, parking lots, ugly signs and sprawling mess.
  4. That is a lie. It is a good restaurant.
  5. York has a back that if he gets loose, no one will catch. I think he is the fastest Dragon I have seen in a long time. They had 405 yards on the ground...Miller 162 yards, Cooper 150 and Gibson 96. They held JC to 87 on the ground. But overall the team is young and inexperienced. They won by 21 and 11 the last two years, and have won 6 in a row since 2001, but I expect a win by Oneida this year.
  6. It really wasn't a struggle. They stopped JC on the goal line several plays and took over the ball. They were deep in JC's territory twice and could have scored but didn't go for it in the 4th quarter with a minute to go. They also fumbled on the goal line and should have scored on that first possession. . It could have easily been 32-14 or 38-14. But they are young and not the powerhouse of the last couple of years. They gave up too much yardage on passes for 3 quarters but shut them down in the 4th, including an interception. Oneida should be favored but I hope they overlook York.
  7. Will they be allowed into the playoffs if they qualify or does probation mean they can not play in the post season?
  8. Wow...one school compared to private schools getting people from anywhere and public schools can not.
  9. York lost heavily to graduation but I think they can come in 4th. Their coach is very good and will get a lot out of them.
  10. Clarkrange will be down a little next year after losing two good starters. They don't have any players as good to replace them. But either they, or Pickett County (lost 1 starter from a 23-6 team) or Eagleville will be two of the teams going from our area.
  11. Clarkrange lost two starters and have no players as good to replace them. They still will be good enough to make the tournament, but on't be as good as they were this year.
  12. And Clay County also could have won if you played them.
  13. Parker graduated last year. Paxton is currently a junior.
  14. His father was head coach at Tennessee Tech . He was head coach for 8 seasons but resigned at the end of this last season. Here is a quote: "We want to extend our sincerest thank you to Steve Payne for his numerous years of dedication and service to Tennessee Tech men's basketball," Wilson said. "Steve has done a tremendous job of recruiting the right student-athletes that embody the culture that we wish to continue to build here at Tennessee Tech. We wish him the very best in his future pursuits and thank him again for his guidance of our men's basketball program and his representation of Tennessee Tech University and the Tennessee Tech Athletics Department." He was hired as an assistant at a Missouri college or university but I don't remember which one. Paxton and his older brother Parker both were outstanding players at Monterey. Parker graduated last year and Monterey went to the state tournament. Paxton was one of Monterey's two best players this year as a junior and they were 2nd in the district but lost in the Substate to Eagleville who was #1 art the time, 56-50 . If he leaves it will hurt Monterey a lot leaving them with only one starter back.
  15. I think Loretto is the team to beat. After seeing them, Greenfield and Gibson County in Murfreesboro, I am still shocked that Loretto didn't beat Gibson County. Congratulations to Gibson County, but I think Loretto will win it all next year with Greenfield the 2nd choice. Pickett County should be back next year at state, but will have everyone back the next year and should have a shot at the title in 2020-2021...their possible 6th.
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