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  1. Good game. Smith Co to me looked the the better team in the first half and York had the momentum in the second half. 0-0 going into the 4th quarter and it was one of those games where one play would win the game and it did. York was deep in their own end and started to throw. I was thinking that that was dangerous throwing that deep and on the next play Smith Co picked it off and ran it in for the TD. York took it from the 20 deep into Smith Co territory on some great runs but ran out of time. Their injuries are really hurting. Zack Gibson started but had to come out early with his knee still bothering him. Smith Co. has a 6'10" 300 some pound sophomore! I think he was hurt and came out and hope he's ok.
  2. A year ago is a year ago. Clarkrange's Monday twins easily stole the ball against taller opponents all year. No one won like they did in the first game. Gibson Co. won over a Pickett co. who had gone into a slump late in the season. Loretto and Greenfield were very unimpressive in their first round games.
  3. Any input on this game? York has injuries. I don't know for sure if the QB is out but I heard at the end of their Grace game that he may have a broken collar bone, but they weren't sure. The best game I ever saw was there years ago in a playoff, where York led most of the game but Smith Co. went ahead late. With less than two minutes to go, York was on the 8, Brian Reynolds completed a pass to Tyrell Asberry who raced down the sideline to score. They went for two and completed a pass. They then held off Smith County in the last minute for the win. The atmosphere is terrific at Smith County.
  4. I've heard that York would stay at 3A even if they could drop down. But with a new coach, this may have changed.
  5. York outgained Grundy Co 160 yards to 40, but Grundy's defense kept York out if the end zone. Grundy got their field goal down 6-0 after York fumbled deep in their own territory. York held them for 3 downs and then Grundy hit the field goal. Grundy has some big players and this was the first time I remember them giving York a tough game. Good luck the rest of the season. Congratulations to Mikaela Reagan on her 35 and 25 yard field goals and being Player of the Game.
  6. Mikaela Reagan went 2 for 2 with field goals of 35 and 25 yards and was named Hall's Player of the Game, to lead York to the win. She made history as the first Lady Dragon football player. York outgained Grundy Co 160 to 40 yards, but Grundy Co's tough defense kept York out of the end zone. York's defense was even tougher holding Grundy to just a field goal.
  7. Greenfield certainly didn't impress me in their game. Clarkrange won their game 80-36. They won by 44 points. Greenfield beat Huntindon 88-59...29 points. Last year's tournament was last year and has absolutely nothing to do with this year at the tournament. Clarkrange by at least 10, EASY.
  8. Last year I heard that York would stay at 3A even if they could drop to 2A. But with the new coach that may have changed. It will be interesting in basketball though. If they drop to 1A, they might play over to the east with Sunbright, Oakdale, Coalfield etc., because they won't play Clarkrange and don't want to play Pickett County in 6A. Or they could go down and play Van Buren, Whitwell etc. since that district only has 4 teams.
  9. So the refs helped South Pittsburg score 46 points. And Marion cheated? So this week will it be cheating or the refs? Resorting to trying to insult me says nothing about me, but everything about you.
  10. It has been one of the best districts in single A the last few years. Clay Co as always has to be the favorite. Pickett County will be in the thick of things. Gordonsville should be very good too. I don't know about Monterey and Red Boiling Springs. I think they lost a lot. I have no idea about Jackson Co and Trousdale County. Clarkrange will struggle again.
  11. In single A, Clarkrange has to be the favorite and I think would have won it last year. I think it could be a Clarkrange vs Pickett County final. Clarkrange has everyone back and Pickett lost one starter but the two possible replacements will be as good if not better. Everyone else has lost players. Pickett fell apart the last few games last year, They had only lost to Clarkrange all year until losing to Gibson Co at the state tournament. Of course, upsets can always happen along the way, especially once the playoffs start. Did Macon County lose many? I think they would have won it last year in AA. Also, does anyone know why Dana McWilliams left Upperman for Cumberland County? That doesn't seem like a move up.
  12. Let's see... South Pittsburg 1A, 46 Sequatchie Co ZERO Marion County 3-7 last year, 35 Sequatchie 26 Get back to us when Sequatchie County wins a game.
  13. Why should York play two years in a row at Oneida and why should they let their field be destroyed when the conditions were so bad?
  14. York had 202 yards rushing to Jackson County's -29. Overall it was York 202 to JC 86. York fumbled at the 1 yard line with just seconds to go. In the 4th quarter York's offense began moving the ball easily down the field. It looks like Sequatchie and Smith are way down this year and Cannon and Grundy are the same. It should come down to York at Upperman Oct. 2.
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