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  1. Does TCA go Div II next year
  2. buddyball

    Houston vs Riverdale

    Oh the one who took her jersey off and walk off the court to the locker room, attitude!
  3. Are you talking about what the Tn Gatorade Player of the year
  4. buddyball

    Region 3AAA

    Freshman of the year, All Sec 1st team, and all freshmen team.
  5. buddyball

    Girl's Teams Headed to State Tournament

    Summertown starts 4 sophs and a freshman! Loretto and Summertown will be around for a long time.
  6. buddyball

    West Tn Class A

    oh yes they shot 48% from the 3 against Dresden in two games
  7. buddyball

    West Tn Class A

    This is the same bunch 2 years ago that Summertown would not score threes against Dresden and would send Summertown home in the rain, Dresden went home. Last year they said Dresden wouldnot let that happen again. 9 thress two years ago and 10 last year and more points with just threes then Dresden scored. Its going to be a long next two years.
  8. buddyball

    2018-2019 Miss Basketball Nominations

    Correct! Loretto was 494 for classification and Summertown was 454.
  9. buddyball

    5AAA Predictions

    Peak is over Hah
  10. Collect district champs and go direct to sub state
  11. Greenfield played Summertown in the finals, and Summertown never play Clarkrange.