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  1. Region 7AA is tough but I don’t see either one of them winning. Crockett might be close SG game won’t be
  2. Crockett beat Chester in a tight one SG knocked out SS. SS lack of outside shooting finally caught up with them. However watch out because Fuller has no seniors.
  3. Didn’t make a comment until about 2 weeks ago. SS played well and I believe they’ll make state. Can’t believe Westview can match athleticism, especially after seeing game with Lexington.
  4. Not the first time my opinion was wrong. Just ask my wife
  5. SS vs S Gibson and Crockett vs Chester SS defense will be too much for SG and Crockett will finally reach finals of region SS wins it all by 8
  6. Be seeing refs from another region. Most of them you haven’t seen all year. Teams and coaches will have to adjust to the way the game is called
  7. Sorry guess my history isn’t so good. 3rd and last trip to state and only win. Thought that was in late 80’s. I believe 1993 was 26 years ago
  8. I always want the bobcats to win. Facts are still facts. Apparently you don’t like the truth. They haven’t made a state appearance since the 80’s. Correct me if I’m wrong
  9. SS, Crockett, Westview and Lexington win Last 2 in OT. Great games. I got Westview and Crockett in finals
  10. It’s a fact. Facts are facts and speak for themselves
  11. Then it makes no sense at all. Makes all 7 of them look ridiculous
  12. I don’t know why Miller didn’t win. Surely the other 7 coaches didn’t not vote for her because of her style and attitude. And surely Coach McNeil nominated her for POY. Surely
  13. That’s boys. This is a girls thread
  14. Zero state appearances since 80 something
  15. I agree. Hard to pick but feel shot selection may be huge and SS will take some bad ones allowing Crockett to pull it out
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