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  1. SS will handle SG by 15+. SG will probably try to slow it down but pressure will be too much for them Need to win to avoid Wooddale. Nobody wants to go there and Covington at home won’t be easy either
  2. Seems to me that a true Bobcat would want the best for the McNairy players. I believe he is not that person and I believe he has proven it. Been to substate 3X in the 2000’s. One at home and 2 on the road. Lost all 3. Can’t win the big games. True Bobcats know it’s about the kids. Whose best for them. Win 881 games and 0 state championships. He’s not the man
  3. Get your head out of the sand. Every one on your coaching list above has won a state championship. Ohhh no Not all. Lott hasn’t
  4. Then make the adjustment and put her back outside. Nothing hard about that. Just another example of his ineptness
  5. All 4 top seeds advance. Expect to see a SS vs SG final with SS winning by double digits
  6. Been to state 3 times and not at all in the 2000’s. won 2 first round games-that’s all. He can’t coach. Victories because he’s been there 40+ years and a lot of years weak competition. He’s failed in post season over and over. PITIFUL
  7. I told y’all years ago the man can’t coach. Record proves he can’t handle the post season.
  8. Westview, Dyersburg, SS & McNairy will win 1st round Westview over Ss Dyersburg over McNairy Dyersburg pulls off the upset over Westview
  9. You are correct, It is a new season. However, these are kids and if you don't think what happens in the regular season is relevant you are mistaken. Team beaten twice by the same team definitely is at a disadvantage. Doesn't mean they will lose but winning team has the psychological advantage
  10. Shot clock in high school is ridiculous. Patience on offense often levels the playing field for teams with less talent. It creates strategic adjustments for the more talented team and shows great discipline for the team slowing it down. The team with more talent has the choice to pressure their opponent or sit back and let them be patient. Coaches have to coach more at high school level without a shot clock than they would with one. Shot clock would only lead to a ton of bad shots and more blow outs. The game is for the kids, not us people watching.
  11. This should be a rule for coaches too
  12. Good game. Both teams struggle from behind the arc. Strange to see Coach Forsythe on opposing bench but glad to see he’s back coaching kids
  13. Southside will definitely be the best of this pack. Will anyone else be able to keep up and who are the best players? I don't expect Adamsville and Scotts Hill to be a factor.
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