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  1. You think yall got it bad. Try driving to Linden to play Perry Co on their baseball field.
  2. Crappie fishing, you're talking my language now. I know more about crappie fishing than football. Got around 600 stake beds on the Big Sandy River. Used to fish a lot of crappie tournaments. Good buddies with Ronnie Capps xho I think is the best in the country. I live for the thump.
  3. Huntingdon never gets any transfers. When a kid thinks about transferring to Huntingdon and Henry Co gets a whiff it's all over. If Tennessee could recruit as well as Henry Co they would be in the top 10.
  4. Lake Co has a good-looking defensive line. After seeing both teams, you can't judge crap on hudl, the Falcons are bigger and move pretty well. Mustangs noseguard might weigh 165 lbs. Mustangs I think are quite a bit quicker, they penetrate very well and pressure the QB well, have a bunch of sacks. Huntingdons front 7 are faster than Lake Co but much smaller.
  5. Let's wait till the end of the year to decide who's got the toughest schedule. Still a lot of football to be played.
  6. There's really not but 3 good 1a & 2a football teams west of the river. It's hard to have a tough schedule as weak as our competition is. Hopefully things will get better.
  7. Man there's no way to compare all the great classes to graduate in Huntingdon. I guess you could judge by how dominate they were against the competition of their time. I played on 2 undefeated teams and lost 3 games in my career but to think we could beat today's team is crazy. Schedule wise we had tough opponents about every week though
  8. I'm not sure, can't see many classes being better although we've had bunch of great senior classes come through our school. All this bunch needs is a gold ball. They want it pretty bad.
  9. Milan put it on us in 2016. I think that's our last regular season lost. We'll have won all our regular season games the last 3 years at the end of this season.
  10. Whoever won that game was going to win it all. That was the big one.
  11. Wayne Co won it all that year. Great ball game between Wildcats and Mustangs.
  12. Tssaa moved the Mustangs to region 6 that season for the play-offs. We played in region 7 all regular season and was undefeated. Another time the tssaa screwed us bigtime
  13. The best part of yalls trip will be the fish!
  14. I witnessed your game against the Bulldogs. Milan did not show up that game. Would be a battle if you played today,ask Covington. Our seniors would love to play the Tide but the TSSAA is going to screw us any chance they get. One thing for sure we haven't lost to an opponent as weak as Gibson Co the last couple years. Yalls region is tougher than ours but still not very tough.
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