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  1. Fillies will be there Mon & Tues. My girls are playing pretty good ball right now.
  2. Grass don't smell so great in November when it's a muddy mess!
  3. We've had turf @ Huntingdon for a few years now and from my observations and I've seen a bunch of very physical games we have had less injuries since we installed turf. Having consistantly footing at all times of the year means a lot.
  4. If you move to 2a and into region 7 you may wish you were back in 3a!
  5. I remember Dave Brown flying in the game ball when Peabody opened up their new stadium against Huntingdon. Peabody should have known better than to open against the Mustangs!
  6. District 12 tournament starts Thursday @ Martin. Don't know the brackets yet. Simms is a very talented young lady no matter where she plays.
  7. McCall Simms Westviews # 1 is pretty tough and composed for a freshman. Fillies beat her 5-1 Tuesday and shook her up a little. Fillies #1 a lefty is throwing very well right now. Lexington beat us 2-0 today in a game we had a shot to win.
  8. It looks like it's going to be Huntingdon and Westview out of district 12. Split the season series. Both teams young with pretty good pitching. Fillies probably the best offensive team in district. Both pretty solid teams.
  9. No doubt who the best team is now in our district. Fillies had trouble with Westviews redheaded pitcher. Normally we're a pretty good offensive team but she held us in check. Think the Fillies will win at home!
  10. I'm liking my Huntingdon Fillies right now. Girls are 13-2 after today's 15-2 win against Mckenzie. We've very good fundamentally, lots of speed with a bunch of big bats. Pitching is young but pretty good. If this team gets hot at tournament time you better look out!
  11. Jada is a very special player. Love how she takes care of the ball. With that being said as a Huntingdon fan I think she is ready to reclassify and move on to the next level.
  12. Anybody notice that the handshake after the game wasn't very cordial. Seamed like coach Haskins wasn't to excited about shaking coach Wilkins hand. Coach Rutledge and all the Weathers girls sat right behind at me at the game.
  13. First of all we're young. We can't take care of the ball. Worst passing team I've ever seen. We have the talent. We're long and can run but are just not a fundamentally sound squad. We just don't seem to be improving very much. We for sure have problems.
  14. Bunch of voters don't know a basketball from a pumpkin!
  15. Same starting 5 that started against Dyer Co and Chester Co.
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