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  1. Covington is a fast, athletic team. Mustangs just couldn't catch them when they broke the line of scrimmage. #2 & #:21 were outstanding running backs. Their defense gave us problems as we had trouble getting the edge with their fast pursuit. Huntingdon has a young team that's only going to get better, but today the Chargers got the best of us.
  2. The weather ? Beautiful afternoon for football. You wouldn't know it had ever rained on the magic carpet. The Mustangs needed a monsoon to stop #2 from Covington.
  3. Mustangs held MAHS to one score in the playoffs, probably our best defensive effort of the year. Fast, athletic squad that is pretty well coached. Most physical game we played in all year. Both teams scored once, we made our extra point, they made their 2 point conversion. Ball game. Wouldn't want any part of them in the 2nd round!
  4. The Memphis school, Can not think of their name that ousted us last year closed. Those kids are now at MASE. I know they had a so. db that Tennessee has already offered.
  5. Starting center returning that's it. Had to replace 4 starters last year also. No big deal
  6. Mustang offensive line knocked the Tide defensive line off the ball last year, why because we played lower with better leverage. You let a offensive lineman get under you they're gonna move you. Huntingdon plays with great leverage which is a main reason we've been so successful moving the ball. Hard for me to believe yall gained more yards than us in last years game.
  7. Man we're going to need a lot of luck this season. Got a young team that has to face a McKenzie team opening weekend that is probably the best team in their programs history. Thought of losing to Mckenzie 3 times in a row is horrible. Then we got Riverside, the best team in region 6 to contend with. Then we got to play the Gibson Co duo who hate us as much as they hate each other, then finish off the regular season on the road against Westview and Union City. Yeah I think we could use a little luck.
  8. Looks and size are great but can they move and play low.
  9. Yes I did. Mustangs moved the ball consistently all day. Defense played fairly well, gave up some yardage getting the ball thrown over our heads and that super quick Dyersburg seatback got the edge on us a few times. We've got a transfer running back that is going go give us that breakaway threat we've been needing. Young team overall but I don't think we're taking a step backward this season. Maybe not a step forward either but we aren't going to be great but we are going to be very competitive
  10. You'll have your hands full against the Mustangs @ Huntingdon. Better buckle those chin straps.
  11. Hearing Huntingdon will be @ Lexington on Friday.
  12. I've seen South Gibson and Southside both this summer. Both very solid teams. I would have give the edge to Southside though I'm sure Catie would disagree.
  13. What about those antique visitors bleachers. Hope the flood washed them.all the way to New Johnsonville!
  14. What are you expecting out of the Bulldogs this season? Who's going to win the " Dog and Pony show this time? What's you're impression so far for y'alls new coach. Pretty young guy.
  15. You're right he will be a 7th grader this year. I don't know what I was thinking. Heck I saw the kid play 3 times last year. Throws the deep ball better than most.high school.quarterbacks right now. 5 star talent
  16. Hearing the Mustangs have a running back that transferred back to Huntingdon that played middle school here. Heard he was pretty good. Both Eubanks and young Warbritton have good speed in the backfield. When Warbritton gets strong enough to break arm tackles he's going to be really special.
  17. Westview should be the team to beat in region 7. The Chargers have an outstanding linebacker returning plus young Simpson beginning his high school career. He's the best middle school quarterback I've seen, even better than Dresser Winn who was great. Keeping my fingers crossed that a major college will hire coach Simpson!
  18. Mustangs don't have many seniors on this years squad. Gonna be a pretty young team. We could use a little more speed. The coaches are talking us down. That's a pretty good indication that were going to be allright. Junior and sophomore classes have good numbers and talent. We may not have great team but we should be pretty competitive. As usual you better bring you're lunch when you face us!
  19. Remember that game. Jerry Robinson our outstanding running back broke his arm early in that contest. Haywood had a great team that year. Didn't Rocky Felker play on that Haywood team?
  20. Sixties probably the Mustangs greatest decade. 2 undefeated teams plus 5 one lost teams. 1966 team in my opinion was the most dominant team I've ever seen. Put up 436 points and gave up 33 in 11 games. Starting defense gave up 6 pts on the year!
  21. Wonder what the play-off record is between the Mustangs and the Bulldogs. Seems like when there was 3 classifications and both of us were playing 2a we played about every year. Man I've seen some great play-off games between these two.
  22. Fillies played Dyersburg @ UTM camp. Very competitive game. #24 from Dyersburg took over late in the game. Very athletic young lady. Little raw but super quick with a nice 3pt touch. .
  23. Huntingdon is growing. Maybe not twice the enrollment now but in the past it has been.
  24. Hard to compare, not a level playing field.USJ is still a young program. Don't think they have ever beat the Mustangs. I do know that USJ has the best young girls basketball player that I maybe have ever seen!
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