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  1. Bunch of voters don't know a basketball from a pumpkin!
  2. Same starting 5 that started against Dyer Co and Chester Co.
  3. Huntingdon roared back in the 4th for the win. Fillies were the better conditioned team. South Gibson was dragging pretty bad in the 4th. Fillies starting 2 freshmen, 2 sophomores and a junior. Things seem to be coming together for us.
  4. Who is playing ball tonight? I hear Huntingdon-Adamsville & Henry Co- McKenzie cancelled for weather.
  5. Yeah the Fillies are probably fighting for 3rd in the district. Fillies are still a young team, no seniors. Got some talent, our young post had 34 against Camden Tues night. I think shes going to be special. Very long. If we can play a little more disciplined we are capable of upsetting some good teams. We are very deep squad with a lot of fouls to give. Got McKenzie Tues night at home. Going to be interesting.
  6. Great game last night. What times are today's games. Might try to slip down there after the Vols play.
  7. When's the last time a Fillie put up 34? Ms Kee has a chance if she works hard enough to be really special. Over 6' with an long wing span and a soft shot.
  8. I thought the refs were scared to call a foul on Ms Burdette last night. They treated her like a superstar!
  9. Summertown's new coach has his girls playing well. They controlled this game from the get-go. Fillies can't take care of the ball or shoot the three with any consistency. Our sophomore post couldn't handle Ms Burdette, shes very solid in there. I hope our young post took notes on how to play in the paint, she's capable of being difference maker. Good luck to Summertown, 2a is very challenging this season.
  10. Neither team seemed to be clicking on offense. Close game till the 4th quarter. Little Darby went down in the 3rd with an ankle and didn't come back. She's most of Greenfields offense. Both teams played exceptional defense. Lady Rebels have depth problems. They gonna have to play very carefully.
  11. Don't know her name. Tall slim black girl seems like #5 or #11. Probably their 4th best player. Definitely gonna hurt the Lady Rebels.
  12. Saw McKenzie beat Greenfield by 9 at Greenfield. I didn't think either team played very well offensively. McKenzie has lost one of their starters. Transferred out. McKenzie has no depth to speak of. Little Darby went out in the 3rd with what looked like an ankle sprain. Did not come back.
  13. MAHS is bigger than yall and Peabody. They got a huge OT that can play. Huntingdon scored their 1st possession and that was it! Hard to believe the Mustangs held them to one score on defense. Talent wise this is by far the most impressive team I've seen this season. If they don't drop the ball they're going to be hard to beat.
  14. Curious, what is Comer's all time record against Huntingdon?
  15. Tall and very fast. Got a 4 star recruit back there and 3 or 4 more that seem just as fast. You haven't seen a team with this kind of team speed.
  16. MAHS matches up much better with Westview than the Mustangs. MAHS is so big and fast, much faster than Westview. Can a great QB make up the difference. I don't know. Should be a fun game to watch.
  17. 2 high scoring offensives in a low scoring slugfest. MAHS is the most talented squad the Mustangs have faced. They are huge, fast with multiple backs that can fly. Their DB's were playing up tight and we still couldn't get behind them on pass plays. Their defense shut out offense down much more effectively than anyone else. Wouldn't surprise me to see this team beat Westview and win it all!
  18. You're right but our freshman QB has go over and chat with Swenson after every play!
  19. Some rushing offenses want to run the clock especially a team like Huntingdon. Pounding time consuming ball control keeping these high powered passing teams cold and off the field!
  20. Is Woodard kin to the QB that played in 2019. Man that kid was good both on offense and defense. I believe the Dogs would have won the gold ball if he hadn't got hurt.
  21. I would never underestimate Cornersville I love the way they hit you in the mouth. They are well coached and physical. Rebels better be ready to mix it up!
  22. Historically lots of football played before the playoffs began!
  23. Martin won by a bunch. Looked like a different team that played the young Mustangs earlier in the year. Biggest bunch of 11-12 yr olds I've ever seen!
  24. Witnessed Simpson's younger brother play against Parsons 6th graders yesterday. He may be the 2nd best QB in west Tennessee as a 6th grader. Great size,speed and bigtime arm. Martin plays Huntingdon for championship tonight.
  25. You just never know with these Memphis teams. If the Mustangs take care of the ball we should win but these Memphis teams scare me.
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