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  1. Yes GC is great program! Micah will surly get you guys back!
  2. Keep collecting nothing lol
  3. We didn’t expect it either lol 14 three pointers didn’t help
  4. We go as well to watch basketball all over Tennessee! We definitely watch great games all year!
  5. 2 years max & he is gone! Milan only plays football but enjoy your self sir/ma’am
  6. Get there & then talk to me buddy!
  7. Do you know where your football coach came from? If we had Gillispie & Rico we would never lose! Your point lol
  8. Thanks! We did our best to represent West Tn, we just ran up on a better Greenville team.
  9. Couldn’t ask for a better tournament! #1 & #2 in the state to settle it in the state championship for 2 years is nothing short of amazing! I am proud of South Side despite the disrespect we receive!
  10. Your losing #3 it will be another 80 years before you ever see Murfreesboro again!
  11. I can talk it & take it when it’s my turn to uppercut lol. Can’t win them all they say lol
  12. Oh lord smh! That was false! Greenville is the real deal! They shot the cover off the ball
  13. They are fast! And run the floor very well
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