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  1. I believe I addressed the consistency factor - A foul is a foul and should be called regardless of which team it is on. Calling officials by name should never happen. Posts on FB by church people encouraging fans to yell at officials and posting pictures on FB implying the officials were cheating for a team is not okay. This is not the example we should be setting
  2. If I implied the following I didn't mean too From your post " What makes your angle any better than theirs? I know the striped shirt does. But you saddled up the horse and asked for the gig. You are implying that the whistle says you know more about the game than anyone in the house except the other two who have whistles with you in stripes. But that's not the case. There are some people at every game that have a pretty darn good idea about the rules and how the game is played. " No where in my posts do I imply that I know more or that my partners do. I am sure there are fans that are very knowledgeable and even some that more knowledgeable than me. But where does that knowledge give a fan or a parent the right to berate an official. Just because they think they are "right" I am doing the best I can do and working to get better at it. Your post points out all the bad things you have seen and I hope you have also seen some good things. MY post has one message - IF you are a Christian and come to a game, act like a Christian because Jesus is right there with you.
  3. It is not too much to ask. Officials are supposed to be impartial and get the calls right each time, which we sometimes don't but I give it my best effort. Consistency - what is consistency? A foul is a foul is my definition. I recently watched a game out of our area and every block/charge call was a charge. I would have to watch the film to be sure but I am fairly certain that all of those calls were not charges. Is that consistency? I believe our job is to get the call right. I have done games where 1 team had 10 fouls and the other 2 and that is based largely on the style of play. One team is driving to the basket and the other shooting jump shots & 3's. One is playing man, one zone, style of play matters. Fans are also looking across the court and most officials are looking up the court so our angles are different so fans often see things we are blocked from seeing. Having coached there are a lot of people who know me so they feel compelled to call me by name when myself or another official makes a call they don't like. That should not happen. People who yell "call it both ways or call it on both ends" are implying that an official is cheating in my mind- I can assure you that is not the case for me. The most important point I am making, as a Christian, is that I brought Jesus with me to the game and need to act like it. I got a feeling that if Jesus came in person to a game with a whistle and stripped shirt there are a lot of Christians that would yell at him too, and he would be perfect
  4. I know I said I wouldn't post on here again but after all the fun I had officiating a game last night I felt it necessary I had coached basketball at the junior high and high school level for 22 years. I have yelled and screamed at officials more times than I want to admit. Not only as a coach, but as a parent. I NEED TO FORMERLY APOLOGIZE TO ALL OF THEM. This year I decided to pick up the whistle and do it myself. And yes, I did it because I love the game and for the kids. HARD doesn’t begin to explain how difficult it is. EXTREMELY DIFFICULT doesn’t do it justice either. It was much easier from the coaching box and the stands because from there I saw everything through our school colors glasses. Officials have different areas they are supposed to be covering and they are not always watching the same thing you are. Sometimes they are blocked by other players and can’t see the play. Yes I know there are 3 out there and someone should see it but that is not always the case because we are not all looking in the same area. I can tell you that I have missed calls because I am human and make mistakes. But I can also tell you that I watch film and read to try and get better. But mistakes are going to happen because we can’t see everything and our angles are not your angles. Officials are going to make mistakes but from what I have seen none of them are intentional. Fans screaming don’t help us do our job or help your team. I am confident that at some point in my career I embarrassed my kids, my family, myself and my school for the way I acted and so are you. I am definitely confident that I embarrassed Jesus and didn’t act like the Christian I am or supposed to be. So the next time you go to game, you Christians remember who came with you and remember there are other people watching you.
  5. Anyone know the schedule or brackets for next weeks action in Memphis? Is it posted anywhere?
  6. This is Coach Forsythe and I am sorry to say that last year I posted a few times on here about basketball games. HOWEVER I won’t be on here again. Reading all this stuff is disheartening. I don’t know any of you but instead of getting on here and mouthing you should be spending your time and money supporting the Bobcats. Calling kids out by name is ridiculous. They are KIDS and surely don’t need to read this mess. What good are you doing for the Bobcats by all this nonsense The players, school and the coaches need your support not your negativity or opinions. No coach worth his salt plays daddy ball. They try to win by putting kids in the best possible position. I don’t believe any coaches at MCHS would do it any different Support the kids by supporting the coaches. Either help us get better and promote positive attitudes or shut up I’m done on here and won’t be back
  7. Looks like a good AA bracket. Whose the favorites? CAK? Or some one else
  8. 14AA wins again. Dyersburg missed too many Free throws but it was a great high school game
  9. TCA and Middleton vs Dresden and Huntingdon Should be 2 very good substate games, playing at home will be crucial
  10. Does anybody? Dyersburg is basically 6 to 8 players who are all guards. They will pressure the passer and help in so FW will have to have some guys make some 3's. Also think FW enjoys an uptempo style which will play into Dyersburgs hands. IF FW slows it down a bit and feeds it inside Dyersburg could be in trouble.
  11. Obviously McNairy is a much better team with Walker on the floor. If Brown wanted to lose that would be an easy way to improve the odds of losing the game Has Brown ever did that before?
  12. McNairy beat em by 8 and by 5. Chester was in both games I think McNairy will win but wouldn't call a Chester victory an upset
  13. FW will probably still make the finals. Bolivar is the one who gets screwed having to play FW instead of McNairy
  14. I believe this is the first time that a 13AA sweep is a possibility. Crocket is good and Obions post pose a problem. Definitely possibility of a sweep
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