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  1. East TN needs to look out for Oneida. We’ve played both Cloudland & Oneida. That would be a great HS game.
  2. Why hasn’t she committed yet? Obviously good enough to play for anyone, but that fact she hasn’t committed is odd? Just curious why no commitment this late in SR season?
  3. Other than Macon, EVERY team in 8AA would struggle at Oneida. Tough place to play. East TN refs protect their own. That being said, York got beat because York didn’t show up mentally. Credit to Oneida for that. But if anybody is shocked an 8AA team would lose at Oneida has obviously never played there, and hasn’t played the team they have this year. Oneida would be 3rd-5th in district 8AA this season.
  4. Talked to a few Cloudland fans after the tournament last evening. Quality players, coaches and fans. Glad you guys made the trip to Jamestown. 22, 23 & 14 all had a great tournament. Enjoyed watching all your kids play. I know the weather had to be a little sketchy last night driving back East. Hope all the Landers fans made the trip safely. Good luck to you guys the rest of the season!
  5. Cannon at York game scheduled for tomorrow has been moved to Dec 30th @ 1:00 due to threat of inclement weather.
  6. Huh? Didn’t say anything about how good York is. Just stated the fact that York beat McMinn Central, and Dekalb is capable of beating them too. Will they? I don’t know, but if they play solid they should have a shot. If they play poorly they will get beat, but they definitely earned the opportunity when they beat CCHS and UHS.
  7. Only thing embarrassing is that comment. If you didn't know, York beat McMinn Central at Christmas by double digits. McMinn Central is at best solid. Nothing more. Dekalb should dominate them inside. Ferrell could have a field day. Even if she doesn't, if you can beat CCHS and Upperman you are more than equipped to beat McMinn at home. But Dekalb will have to play a solid game, just can't be terrible, and they have a shot.
  8. If it wasn't for the one Dekalb guard going off in the 1sr qtr game might've been 30 at the half. When normalcy prevailed it was a physical dominance. Dekalb boys play hard, there is ZERO shame in that! They play hard and with sportsmanship. Just limited physically. From posts on here the expectations are totally unrealistic from the home people. They just aren't very good.... But they do compete and that's a testament to the kids and the coach.
  9. I'm just saying that I didn't walk out of either game thinking "Wow, those two teams were on another level", may just be me though.
  10. Upperman 49, York 34 Macon 60, York 45 Same differential. All I will say is if both those teams are 2 of the top 6 teams in the state in AA, then AA is not very good this season. Neither knocked my eyes out. Macon is the favorite but wouldn't shock me in the least if Upperman won.... They shouldn't but it won't surprise me if they do.
  11. Just as an outside observer, comparing the boys to the girls at Dekalb is a strange argument. Dekalb boys are limited in talent in my opinion, from what saw. Boys basketball is not comparable to girls. You have 2-3 good players in girls basketball you are above average and usually pretty dang good..... In boys that's an equation for a 10-20 season, if you're lucky. Perimeter shooting- mediocre at best. Dribble penetration- below average. Lock down defenders- few & far between Not trying to be overly critical, but if anybody in Smithville thought this was a top half of the district team before the season started they weren't being honest. They are were most of the people outside of Smithville thought they'd be. Talent is not there right now. Those fingers need to be pointed at the elementary/middle school boys coaches in my opinion..... Not the guy who has had the HS job since early summer. Talent is developed young these days!
  12. 1. Stone Memorial 2. Cookeville 3. Rhea County / White County 5. Warren County
  13. Not much to update, we haven't stopped them once, Upperman dominating offensively so far up 35-14 at half
  14. Other than Cookeville, Upperman schedule to this point has been arguably weaker than York's. I mean they beat DeKalb, Cannon, Cumberland & Smith who are honestly not very good. Livingston to this point anyway has been mediocre at best (3-3 with wins over White Co, Cumberland Co and beat Smith Co by 10). I'd venture to say Oneida & Coalfield would beat every team on the Bee's schedule so far fairly easily except CHS & LA. And wouldn't shock me at all if LA went to Oneida and lost. Neither team has played a very tough schedule to this point imo anyway.
  15. Good luck at Rockwood and the rest of the season.
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