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  1. IMO it should be but that’s all I’ll say.
  2. I meant from this year and I still think the running game will still be solid with a good O Line and 5&25 running the ball the passing aspect of the offense is what I think will drop off. Really hope 5 can stay healthy when he’s on the field he’s good.
  3. Riverside returns most of their Defense , on offense they lose QB1 RB1&2 WR1 and both Tackles which is a lot of offense to replace TE1 who is also RB1 was the only kid to score against westview with 3TDs not to mention a solid kicker.
  4. Wouldn’t say one horse but definitely Simpson is definitely the workhorse for WV they have some good receivers and a solid D props to them for adjusting to stop #90 Thomas he was responsible for all riverside points. RS was constantly in the backfield but Simpson was to fast to be brought down by a defensive lineman.
  5. 35-18 WV that will ab do it great season for the panthers
  6. Ball control has been key for riverside only one stop for both defenses so far
  7. 18-14 RS missed extra points and failed 2pt conversion have hurt the panthers
  8. Agreed hope westview brings as many as the tide did in the same situation a few years back
  9. I disagree riverside is built to stop the run, we don’t see many pass heavy offenses and have struggled against inferior opponents when they decided to throw the ball like Summertown and Lewis. Riversides only hope in my opinion is be able to run the ball against a seemingly stout WV defense and control the clock while making the most out of all their possessions with points and keeping the ball out of simpsons hands.
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