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  1. The defense will be fine. The offense will be fine. Plenty of talent to fill the gaps. The junior class has as much talent as the sophomore class and both have several starters from past seasons. Some played both ways some did not but that was because we had enough that they did not have too. UC will be fine.
  2. UC losing 7 Seniors and have 7 Juniors going to be seniors whom have all pretty much started if not played a significant amount the last three years plus a larger sophomore class to be junior class who has quiet a few two year starters. The defense UC had this year was great and next years defense will be just as good if not better. The Offense will be even quicker and will grind you to death.
  3. Huntingdon survived a stellar defensive effort last week. I don’t see riverside being able to match that. UC’s strength was their defense this year. Look at the last two games against Westview 10-7 and Huntingdon 14-3. Riverside can’t keep Huntingdon to no points until the fourth quarter.Also Huntingdon has a great defense also. Huntingdon by several touchdowns.
  4. They have had them for the past 3-4 years it’s the same purple and gold lsu uses.
  5. Good luck Mustangs. Love you son you had a great season.
  6. Our crowd is just as loud and neither are effecting the game. Great game.
  7. The storm has been brewing for too long and now a Tornado has been produced. A Tornado that has revenge and domination on its mind. A Tornado that is heading straight for Huntingdon TN. Mustangs take cover as total destruction is about to occur. It’s game day Tornadoes. Buckle those chin straps and go out there and hit them and in the mouth. Don’t worry about the doubters your true fans know what you can do. Defense need you to put on a clinic like you did last week. Offense grind that yardage out and punch it in. No stops on the goal line. Play as brothers play as a team. Play your game and this statement win is well within your grasp.
  8. We shall see. See y’all tomorrow night with the quote on quote 12th man.
  9. We shall see. See y’all tomorrow night with the quote on quote 12th man.
  10. Lol no Huntingdon fan will ever make me sit out a few plays bud
  11. Did say it didn’t and I will be the first to say you all had a great second half adjustment. But things could be different this time. I know you all will speak up for your team and I wouldn’t expect anything less but I’m going to speak up for mine also.
  12. We did and succeeded in the 1st half. Now we have to do it for four quarters.
  13. No I am saying more than a couple will get through. I am telling you all what the plan should and could be. I telling you I foresee more pressure a lot more. Why do you get so sensitive when I mention UC could win. We lost two games this year and you all did too. But when someone else speaks up it’s oh no that can’t happen. Listen the kids will decide this not you or me. But I promise we have just as good of a chance as you all.
  14. If they execute like they are capable of, the theory becomes fact.
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