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  1. I love it that everyone thinks Westview and Huntington are they only ones in the west in 2A that can make some noise. Underdog is what some of us nobody’s like.
  2. I agree with you and yes I look forward to the 1st Week Match Up. Beside that week good luck the rest of the year.
  3. Or very promising for UC. A very talented squad.
  4. Uc Starters win 4-1scores 2nd teams 1-1. proud of the tornadoes
  5. Big SWO is a great guy who is passionate about his team and will be missed greatly on the T. You however sir are a complete jerk to even try to insult someone that started this thread so he can say goodbye to all his friends. So if you don’t like it WE ( all others on the T) don’t care about your thoughts.
  6. 1a- Peabody 2a- Westview top contenders 1a - McKenzie 2a- MAHS or Huntington (This will be decided Friday).
  7. I think the ones that stepped in for those lost for the season did well and your son had the greatest impact of all on my son I know. He is a great leader and will do great in life.
  8. Fairley will lose next week no doubt. They have speed but in all reality the fumbles and some missed tackles killed us.
  9. UC it was a special season and you all played with heart and determination. We had some great senior leadership and a lot of underclassmen stepped up in a big way with the backing of these seniors. Now it’s time to hit the weight room get stronger and be ready to put on a clinic on how UC Football is played. Continue the Tradition and learn from the ones who came before you all. Go UC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. It game day Tornadoes. Go out and block hard run hard and hit them in the mouth. Show them what Northwest Tennessee Football is about ( run over not around), No stupid penalties and let’s carry this season into another week. Go Tornadoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Well Vandy I apologize then. I just know how hard our kids work and to just have them write off so easy hits me wrong. We have a special group of kids and young too so I’m really looking forward to the next few years.But this season isn’t over yet and we will fight to make sure we have another week to play after this Friday in Shelby County.
  12. Love to hate us don’t you. Your kind are a dime a dozen.
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