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  1. It would have to be on her moms side. The entire Walker family is from White County. Her Uncle Brad played for the 1998 State Champion boys team. He still attends most games here in Sparta.
  2. I won't be surprised at all if they beat us(White Co.) Friday. We struggled to beat Cumberland County last night. You can't have 20+ turnovers a game and beat solid teams.
  3. I don't know if 11 is a bunch, but you called it 90.
  4. White County beats a solid Warren County team 69 to 63. Game was close the entire game. We made our free throws when we needed to.
  5. White County will probably be 4th.
  6. Cream of the crop in 6aaa this season.
  7. My thoughts and prayers are with White County's Mia Murray and her family as she is about to have surgery on her torn meniscus and partially torn acl. Hopefully she can fully heal and be able to play in the future.
  8. White County goes 1-2(Diamond bracket)at the POA Holiday Classic in Portland, Oregon. We drew South Medford(#2 in the state of Oregon 6A)in the first round. South Medford went on to win the Championship. We won our 2nd round game and lost our consolation game in OT. Great experience playing some good teams out West.
  9. Safe travels as our Warriorettes travel to Portland, Oregon for a Nike tournament.
  10. White County beats Warren County in the finals of the Sonic Shootout. It wound up about an 18 point win, but most of the game is was a 8 - 10 ppint lead for the Warriors.
  11. Nobody in the state could have beaten Macon County tonight. Nobody ! They couldn't miss. We couldn't hit. Congrats to them. I would Love to see their first half stats. Some of us were talking at halftime and we couldn't remember them missing a shot. Haha.
  12. The people complaining about the brackets. Haters.
  13. True. He's not gonna put us against Macon County in round one. That would be just dumb. Especially since WE are the host team.
  14. The haters. It's amusing. Lol.
  15. That's the way it works in all small tournaments. Every host team does this.
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