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  1. Should is the key word. White County was 29-0 in 2016 and got upset in the region semis. It happens sometimes.
  2. The Reeves twins are Seniors along with Curtis. Next year will probably Dodgen, Murray, Stiles, an 8th grade post, and probably the Freshman post Powers. Murray just had surgery about 3 weeks ago. We may have to play one of our guards instead of one of the posts i mentioned. We're going to need a ball handler.
  3. I was afraid WC would be down tonight, but we played well enough to pull it out in the end. Should be a fun tourney to watch. We could get upset, but i do like our chances of winning the district since it's at WC.
  4. Are they related to S. Monday that played for Clarkrange in the mid 80's?
  5. Cookeville beats Warren tonight. That gives White County the #1 seed in the District tourney. Congrats Warriors !!!
  6. White County's game against Cumberland County on Friday has been cancelled.
  7. Not that big of a surprise really. It was a 3 point game AT Cookeville.
  8. White County defeats Cookeville tonight by 19.
  9. As Steven Tyler once said........Dream on. Haha. Stone won't be losing in the first round.
  10. I'm over it already. It is what it is. The only way we'll play Warren again in the District will be in the tourney at White County. I feel good about that matchup if it happens.
  11. There are pictures all over my Facebook feed and the ball is clearly out of his hands and hitting the backboard and there is still .1 seconds on the clock. I wish i could post the pic on here. Warrens coach on the radio even said it should have counted.
  12. Ok. I saw the replay on Facebook. The basket should have counted.
  13. Warren beats White County by 1 point. Warren lead pretty much the entire game. I wasn't there, but the radio announcer said the shot White co hit at the buzzer that was waived off by the refs was actually good according to the replay. Coach Mitchell said the same thing. I don't know. I wasn't there. It is what it is.
  14. District and region are at White County.
  15. It's far worse this year than last. That's all I'll say.
  16. I thought it could be moved only if all four District 5 teams swept the first round of the region against District 6?
  17. Region and District tourney is at WC. Hopefully that advantage will keep us from getting 4th in the District. Time will tell.
  18. Lots of fouls called. WC County had 3 players with 4 fouls with 2 minutes left in the THIRD quarter. WC played well tonight. The next game will be closer. Good job Warriors!
  19. Stone was up only one after the first, but they outscored WC 27 to 10 in the 2nd(i believe Stone hit SEVEN threes in the quarter)and it was over from there. Stone is the best team I've seen play in our District. Macon is the best I've seen this season.
  20. Agreed. Of course nobody in District 5 wants to finish 4th and travel to Stone in the first round of the region either.
  21. Some teams just have more tradition no matter their size. White County understands. We are barely big enough to be AAA.
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