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  1. Mrs. Murray gained her wings last night. RIP. Prayers for her family. So sad.
  2. Hospice with her now. Prayers.
  3. Please say a prayer for White County Warriorette Mia Murray and her family. Her mom has been really sick for a long time and is not doing well at all. Thank you.
  4. Did Westview have any starters out when they lost to a 12 loss Union City team?
  5. WV 42 Upperman 48 WV 40 Macon 59
  6. How many Seniors on Clevelands team this season? Shame they cancelled the tourney.
  7. Macon County was the best team i saw all year. It wasn't even close. I have seen Stone Memorial and Bradley to name a couple of good teams i saw.
  8. They were all playing for 2nd place. Macon is the juggernaut.
  9. We'll never know. All games suspended now.
  10. I have seen AAA Bradley Central and a very good Stone Memorial team. Macon was significantly better than either one if those. I don't see Macon losing and I'm not a Macon fan. Time will tell.
  11. I've not seen Westview play this year, but i have seen Macon. I think Upperman plays Macon for the title with Macon winning. Macon is the best team I've seen play this year in any classification.
  12. Parsons was very good. His downfall was that he was too much of a "hot dog".
  13. I'm not suprised that Cleveland won. I am surprised at the margin of victory. We(White Co) played Siegel twice this year and they were probably the toughest team we played.
  14. Or Cumberland County Lady Panthers? I'm guessing Stone wouldn't like that. Haha
  15. I thought Bradley would win MUCH easier, but a win is a win. Congrats to them.
  16. I agree 90warrior. I've seen Bradley and Macon this year and Macon was the better team by quite a lot. Bradley slips past Tullahoma tonight. Macon just destroyed Red Bank by as many as they wanted to.
  17. Bradley will beat Tullahoma by 15+. All 4 teams from district 6aaa can beat Tullahoma IMO.
  18. Well it was tied in the 4th quarter so yes rhea COULD have won.
  19. We got off to a cold start(zero threes) against Bradley in the first quarter and then played catch up the rest of the game. We never gave up and kept the game within reach. Good season White County. Slatten and 2 other starters will be back next season.
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