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Everything posted by Southtowner

  1. BigSwo is the Union City poster. Haven't seen him on here this year. He usually pops in around the time the pads go on.
  2. Looks like Portgas D Ace from a Japanese anime.
  3. I sent you a private message. Don't know if you got it or not.
  4. I believe O.P. would rattle that cage for him.
  5. He ain't that big. I believe O.P. can take him.
  6. Let me take a look. Just a few more steps. Getting closer I think. Welp, maybe not.
  7. Hopefully it's another Bassy curse.
  8. Not by much. I'll go with the experienced QB and the team with home field advantage. Trousdale has history on their side. Yall know this may be your best last shot for a bit.
  9. I think mine is more realistic. But I'm biased.
  10. Good luck to you and your son. I may get down to see yall play the 1st week since we play on Saturday.
  11. I can't meddle with the Coaches' picks. They're not mine. The list was compiled before the great migration.
  12. Oh goodness. There's the Gap ....again.
  13. You Greenback folks are having to defend all this transfer talk on these boards and I'm sensing some weakness in your armor. Yall can't keep up with the flow of the threads.
  14. But of course. But only after he and Bass were talking about the East.
  15. I thought he was talking about the East. That's how I gathered it.
  16. * This list must have been compiled before the great migration of transfers.
  17. You're talking about in Cookeville? I was talking about each side of the bracket.
  18. Defending all the transfers I sense a weakness in your armor.
  19. Murphy Fair Coaches' Preseason Top 10 1A South Pittsburg Greenback Huntingdon Lake County Cornersville Whitwell Coalfield Mt. Pleasant Cloudland Gordonsville 2A Peabody Trousdale County Meigs County Union City Tyner Academy Waverly Fairley Watertown Lewis County Oneida
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