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Everything posted by Southtowner

  1. ^^^ You think I may have counted out Sale Creek or Lookout Valley too early?
  2. I'm really not sure at this point. Apparently I had Mt Pleasant ranked too high at the beginning of the year. I thought with what all they were returning it would have yielded a region championship for them this year. That isn't gonna happen now. I believe I had Cornersville ranked around the 10th spot in preseason. Just off the top of my head West Carroll will slide in the top 10. I'll have to look at it a bit closer. Looks like the well hasn't ran dry in Frog Bottom.
  3. Looks like this region will come down to Clay Co @ Monterey Friday Oct 25, 2019. ?
  4. We played a good game. Just let Reed get loose that one time on the kickoff. He's a speedster for sure. Need to get healthy and shore up our xp's. A couple kicks were off tonight along with the snap and hold. Keep working.
  5. Copper Basin and South Pitt will play for the region championship Friday Nov 1, 2019. The Big Grabowski has done a fine job at Copper Basin.
  6. Great minds and yes tired of the Madness.
  7. Football is a game like a lot of other games and other things in life You just can't flip a switch and turn things on. You play to win the game. HELLO!??! You play to win the game. There's no switch to turn on and off. Quit with this nonsense. If yall are waiting to flip a switch to play to win the game, I'm afraid that circuit ain't gonna react when you do.
  8. Meanwhile in the Fiery Gizzard... ... some Jasperlites have set up camp.
  9. https://www.titansonline.com/community/game-of-the-week Voting opens Monday. I will bump this up to remind everyone. Please share. Thanks.
  10. Well, Huntland has become another victim of the half a hundred club. 53-7.
  11. Well, it's a 41 point lead. I believe someone said it wouldn't be that many. But it is.
  12. Pirates hold on 4th down. Nice drive by Huntland and a bigger stand by the Pirates.
  13. Huntland has about a 35 man roster. Here its 21-0 Pirates 9 to go in the 2nd.
  14. Everything went our way last week. And I mean everything. I hope we don't have a letdown after the big rivalry game and this being homecoming. It's time for this team to show their maturity and realize just because you beat Jasper you can't get complacent.
  15. Yeah, those will be our 2 toughest games. Jasper couldn't get it done so they are hoping someone else can.
  16. Lol. I did one on Roy last year when he went missing all those months in Greenback. Even wrote him a song. Empty Wrapper.
  17. @OLD PIRATE must be on to something. He hasn't been on here all week. Either that or he wants me to pay homage to him like I did ol Bassy. Yep, reckon so. Come on out OP and spare these fine folks.
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