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  1. BigTime1950


    Covington's wing-t offense is more of a formation they run plays out of. Sweep, dive, midline option, midline lead, and triple option are the running plays l saw watching a highlight vs Alcoa in the state championship game. They were very physical and aggressive on offense especially at FB, QB, and on-line. Cleveland did not just line up in a wing-t formation, the actually ran wing-t plays. Sweep, trap, belly, criss-cross, boot, QP, etc. With multiple blocking schemes based on pulling guards. Cleveland ran those plays with precision, speed, and power. I don't know who else ran it as good. Webb has been great at it for years with real wing-t plays. Covingtons offense is more like Gibbs offense with the formation l would call a double wing. They are both good at running the ball. The FB plays seem to be the key to the offense.
  2. BigTime1950

    Metro Rumors

    Blount County
  3. BigTime1950

    Metro Rumors

    Like l said, haven't seen a brawl like Overton and Antioch in Knox County in many many years.
  4. BigTime1950

    Metro Rumors

    What schools and when?
  5. BigTime1950

    Metro Rumors

    I saw the tape of the fight in the Overton vs Antioch game. I have never seen anything like that in a long time, especially not like that in Knoxville in a long time. Last time l saw a fight like that was at the Jamboree at Neyland stadium in the early 90s if l remember correctly.
  6. BigTime1950

    Greeneville Football 2019

    They played at Greenville. Not head coach at Greenville.
  7. BigTime1950

    Greeneville Football 2019

    Wes Jones. Somebody named Craney also?
  8. BigTime1950

    Cummings to Halls?

    I should have known better that there was not 6 full pages on Cummings going to Halls as HC. It's really no big deal after he flopped at Cleveland like everyone else since Benny Monroe. Now he is just another Knox County coach that got lucky, ran for the money, failed, now wants back in, and Knox County let's him back in. How long till he gets back to Knox West as HC? Do Halls and West play this year? Is it easier to move sideways in Knox County or could have Cummings been hired at Knox West after failing at Cleveland?
  9. BigTime1950

    Who will be Cleveland's Blue Raiders next HFC

    Someone on the 6A/5A thread said Fitzgerald from Meigs would probably get the job.
  10. Who do they go after. Or will someone go to them. Is it too hard to repeat what Coach Benny Monroe did at CHS.
  11. BigTime1950

    Cummings to Halls?

    Is Cummings that good of a coach, or did he just get lucky with some great players ( IB program and redistricting into Bearden zone, etc). Time will tell?
  12. BigTime1950

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    Negotiations going on. Will this work. Can Cummings win at Halls? Is this a roundabout way to get back to Knox West.
  13. BigTime1950

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    Scott Cummings?
  14. BigTime1950

    FINAL "TOP 10" 6A Power Rankings

    I thought the MM coined the term butthurt. I see alot of MM posters using that term. Or maybe the tin heads can lay claim to the beginnings of the infamous butthurt term on the T.
  15. BigTime1950

    mail it in

    Have you ever heard of OZ and very low tuition for OOZ football players, sorry l mean students that want a great educational experience. What was l thinking of saying that. Oh no! Now the name calling and videos probably start. Sorry for pulling you into this charger fan. It is the curse of the T, l guess.