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  1. Saw the report during the Thursday rivalry game on the Alcoa QB and the accident on the farm with the 4 wheeler. Young man has over come the injury to become a great QB. Looks like his family must own the nicest farm in Alcoa.
  2. Nashville has sold it soul. Gangs will continue to grow. Nashville metro police are unable to keep people safe. Crime stats underreported in metro so not to scare people from coming to Davidson county. Has Davidson county elected a new mayor yet? Will they try to make changes to curb gangs and crime? This is coming to Knoxville unless new government and Knoxville police are given more power to keep law abiding citizens safe.
  3. The mafia rules the roost. Watch out or your next. I have heard that peep is especially rough. Keep your distance.
  4. The first high school football game l ever went l played center vs Chattanooga Red Bank.
  5. How did that go. McMinn people say they won. Is RB down this year. RB also scrimmaged Bearden and a three-way scrimmage with two other teams. Did not hear how those other scrimmages went. Maybe McMinn is strong? Or is RB down this year?
  6. I don't know. Maybe RB fans don't look at the 6A\5A thread. I know RB was good last year. I read somewhere that they were supposed to be better this year? Maybe, maybe not?
  7. I did hear that RB scrimmaged Bearden in Knoxville. Maybe that is a good guage for RB and McMinn Co. Bearden is 6A. Bearden plays McMinn this year.
  8. Maybe a better way to judge RB preseason is who else have they scrimmaged. It's hard to judge a team by one scrimmage.
  9. Wondering how Halls vs Bearden went. I heard Halls really struggled vs HVA. Bearden also scrimmaged be Red Bank. Not much info positive or negative coming from Halls or Bearden camps?
  10. Hope it's not serious and they get healthy, although l do not know who their top RB is.
  11. Rhea and Pemberton teams are always physical. I never hear much about their region on here much. What about Walker Valley? I heard they got beat by McMinn Central in a scrimmage, but WV had a lot of starters out. Have they scrimmaged anyone else. They had a good team a while back, but had some hard times lately. I never hear about Soddy. I know LC is in with them, but with all four teams making the playoffs, how tough can that region be?
  12. I keep up with OR. I have some very loose connections with the football team from way back. You are right about the linemen. Back in the old veer and option days you could get away with quick, strong but smaller linemen. Now with spread offenses and passing you need to be bigger to pass block bigger stronger defenders. Linemen are bigger on average today. There are some big ones that are strong and have good feet. Not every team has them.
  13. I see, let's play it close to the vest. If that's the way you all roll, just go with it.
  14. How does this shed light on anything. Just another blind side story? Why did this Cole guy not monitor what was going on at Freedom Prep? Sounds like he doesn't have a monitor on his guardian responibities. Is Memphis Central that much safer than Freedom Prep? I don't know. I am not from Memphis. Sounds like he wanted a bigger stage for his kids. Plus shouldn't he know the rules for his kids. Seems like if the are not eligible then they would not be as focused toward a weekly goal of a Friday test. Coach Wright is known as a good Coach from where l am from. All l know is that he has been successful at two schools, WhiteStation and rebuilding Raleigh-Eygpt. Maybe Coach Wright is also a good recruiter. I hope the big lineman stays in shape and gets to the college where he wants to continue his education. I hope the other ineligible players do the same. I do have a question, where are the 503c non profit organizations for the at risk children that are not major college football/basketball etc recruits. Maybe they are there and we don't hear about them on the T. Not every at risk child in Memphis is a DI recruit? Maybe these organizations are there or Mr Cole is helping some children that are not athletes. I hope so. The real test will be if these players stay at Memphis Central.
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