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Everything posted by JSamson7

  1. Foreman has at least 4, maybe more. Are Connell and Simpson the only two that have titles before the split(s)? Smith and Knox have 4 I think, but isn't Turner now the HC at Baylor?
  2. I'm just going on current coaches for 2019-2020, but I have a good idea of who it'd be all time. I wonder which current coach has the most titles?
  3. My top 5 in no particular order would be Foreman (Pigeon Forge), Smith (Bradley Central), Pittman (Gibbs), Miller (Science Hill) and Knox (Cleveland).
  4. Are you looking for who's the best coach for 2019-2020?
  5. For the life of me, I don't understand why he's not listed amongst the best 2021 recruits in the state. I've known him since he was an 8th grader and you could see it then.
  6. How has Trevor Linderman looked so far?
  7. It does, not everyone can afford those kind of rides Charlie.
  8. I don't drive that car anymore, BC knows... Maybe you would like to see my new one Charlie Brown.
  9. Yeah, you keep saying though we lost at home which is FakeNews.
  10. What exactly do you mean? Maybe we're talking about 2 different things.
  11. We'll have to agree to disagree on Independence, but one thing I think most people would agree with is Mount Juliet won't be making a championship appearance any time soon.
  12. Have any of those teams outside of the top 4 won a 6A title? I'm not counting Independence since theirs was in 5A.
  13. Call me crazy, but I promise you Pigeon Forge will be close to the top 5 overall before the end of the year and I'll take them to double repeat in A/AA. I'm not sure how the individual tournament will shake out in AAA but my guess would be Bradley Central, Cleveland, and Wilson Central in no particular order. I'll take these teams to qualify for the AAA duals from each region. Region 1 - Science Hill, Dobyns Bennett Region 2 - Halls, Seymour Region 3 - Maryville, Heritage Region 4 - Cleveland, Bradley Central Region 5 - Oakland, Blackman Region 6 - Wilson Central, Rossview Region 7 - Independence, Centennial Region 8 - Arlington, Collierville
  14. If any of y'all been to practice, I'm anxious to see how some of these bigger Sophs (Thacker, Braden, Abdella, etc) look. Are there any Sophomores on the 2 deep standing out yet?
  15. Don't be surprised to see a Freshman or two on both lines.
  16. I know one's that back for Oakland for sure! Coach Harris is a buddy of mine and I saw his Heavyweight at the State Tournament this year. Josh said he was just a Junior and I promise you he is BIG. There aren't many kids his size and built like that. Unfortunately we don't have anybody his stature so I hope he's your only one.
  17. Let me guess, you'll watch it a quarter of the way through and have to head home before the finale. Cough cough, empty case...
  18. Eli King and Trey Chalifoux (Father Ryan) both made All American back in 2015. Still, a heck of an accomplishment.
  19. Does that mean you think MJ would beat all 3A teams?
  20. Over/under on the number of AA's that Tennessee boys earn this year?
  21. What part of Knoxville?
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