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Everything posted by JSamson7

  1. JSamson7

    Head Coach position

    What's the name of the feeder program?
  2. JSamson7

    Mj Bears 2019

    I agree, I've got family who graduated from MJ who originally grew up here in Maryville. They know the real deal, but I'll give this guy some credit for being loyal. When you haven't won anything I guess you can hang your hat on a 14-0 Quarterfinals exit, but for us it's gold ball or bust. As far as strength coaches go, you'd be hard pressed to find one in high school with a MS degree in the subject that also worked at UT under Fulmer. Fortunately we have one that fits that description and no amount of lift a thons will get Mount Juliet even close to what we've established as a program.
  3. JSamson7

    Mj Bears 2019

    A Quarterfinals exit doesn't mean everyone knew MJ was #2, not to mention I'd pit our strength coach against MJ's every day and twice on Sunday.
  4. JSamson7

    Tennessee National Duals Teams

    Yes, but he was with me at Maryville for 2 years and may be back in TN in HS. He's just a 7th grader though. Thomas Stadel is also a name folks will see more of in HS for the next 4 years as well.
  5. Love hearing your stories on good ole Rankin. You and I share the same opinions on the guy it seems.

    1. Lost Old Dad

      Lost Old Dad

      If you ask my son what Coach he played for his 4 years starting at R'dale he REFUSES to say Rankin.  He will say Coach Britton 99% of the time.  He liked a bunch of his Coaches but really respected Britton the most.  He was fond of BOTH Coach McDaniels also.

      Best and funniest thing he did to Rankin was barf on his shoes.  LOL

      My biggest problem with Rankin is how he does NOT respect any of his players or assistant Coaches and how he screws his assistant if they are about to go to another school and he really NEEDS them.

  6. JSamson7

    Tennessee National Duals Teams

    Our MS kids did very well, but there's some truth to your statement. I'm not speaking for all the coaches that went with our team to Iowa because there are some I respect a lot, but a few of the Memphis coaches like hanging out in the shade from time to time.
  7. I didn't know you were a coach.
  8. Kinda like Will Wade and LSU basketball??
  9. That's why you gotta keep Barney to your left cause you know he ain't right!
  10. A common enemy eh?

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. fooseball95
    3. JSamson7


      BCSportsfan and ThrowDaSlant. A short fat man and Bill Nye the Science Guy more or less. 

    4. fooseball95
  11. I'm with you on this one! What's the world coming to?
  12. What did you expect from Barney the fat purple dinosaur? Too bad he wasn't around Knoxville last weekend...
  13. JSamson7

    Maryville vs DB... most players in the NFL?

    My brother/avatar who art in Heaven would have been another for us. RIP AD
  14. Ahhh, what could have been! Before he came to Father Ryan, Hooker was on our Maryville youth team with Ridenour and Shields (another Maryville great). We all knew he likely wasn't staying and coulda-shoulda-woulda's happen almost everywhere I imagine.
  15. Ridenour was also a DII All American.
  16. JSamson7

    AAA and DII State Recap

    Tim Voiles
  17. JSamson7

    Day 2 Discussion

    Ashamed of what exactly? That I had the cahones to go out on a limb and make a friendly wager for a kid I felt would win?? I've never shied away from anything. Ask the Goons, they'll tell you I'm not one for hiding. You should have looked me up on the floor if you wanted to collect.
  18. JSamson7

    What to watch for at the State Tournament

    "At what point did Eslinger give his motivational speech which gave them the willpower to win? Glad that era is over." You mean like this??? Eslinger is a good friend and UTC teammate of mine, but please do tell me again how I should act.
  19. JSamson7

    What to watch for at the State Tournament

    I'm just saying, if you're going to put your rep on something like a prognostication with inaccurate info then prepare to get criticized. It's not personal, but it seems if you criticize anyone then there's always someone "mad".
  20. JSamson7

    What to watch for at the State Tournament

    I'm not mad, just pointing out the obvious.
  21. JSamson7

    What to watch for at the State Tournament

    Two things, McDaniel wasn't 1st last year as Bates won it in 2018. You posted that inaccurate statement 2x which leads me to wonder exactly how much you do know what's going on in TN. Second, McDaniel has not pinned Braden Ivy twice this year either. One time is more accurate, but keep sleeping on Ivy though... I'm already on record on who I think wins that rematch.
  22. JSamson7

    Final Poll

    Rethink your wrestling IQ then, this list has some of the best coaches in the State voting yet for whatever reason you disagree. That's okay though, I'll go with what I know and the coaches who agree with me that help decide this list.