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  1. Where is the face palm emoji? Between this comment and some others I feel it's warranted... That said, I'd hate to be stuck in any kind of adverse situation with some of you all with your doom & gloom mindset. I promise you our coaches don't feel that way. Some of you all should go back and reexamine what Maryville Mentality actually stands for... I assure you it's not some slogan we put on a shirt for $#!+$ & giggles.
  2. Pfft.. Sounds like you've been dipping into your stash too much.
  3. Both Gumlicks. Considering Cable's injuries I'd say he has performed exceptionally well. As far as where they'll line up, you'll have to wait and see.
  4. Cable, Howard, Howard, Littles, Wolfe for starters. In their respective classes, they could all bring home a title. They have some good Freshman coming up as well. A healthy and full PF team (without being raided by private schools) over the last few years would be sitting where Cleveland is at. Everyone else would be fighting for 2nd.
  5. Who says I'm talking about your Greeneville kids? A lot of people seem to forget how good Aidan Howard is, he's been hurt most of his HS career from football.
  6. No offense to the '96 team, but they wouldn't keep it within 30 points of this group. The only player(s) from that 5-5 team who could start on today's squad would be either of the QB's. One went on to pitch for a CWS caliber team at Tennessee, the other was a Mr. Football finalist in '99 who signed with NC State out of HS. Both were Region championship QB's at Maryville with one of them a state champ & 2x state finalist. Maybe you could throw in a receiver who currently coaches at Alcoa or another #8 at corner, but that's it....
  7. Man.... you all are leaving off some pretty talented kids from Pigeon Forge (outside of Wolfe). I can name 5 that I'd put up against anybody.
  8. Ha! If 2 state titles in 5 years is a slow and steady decline, I want want you're having... You Maryville haters are really bright.
  9. We have them December 10th down there. We won't be full strength then, but I could see us making it close if we get them later in the season.
  10. Stadel and Curtis would be a nice match up at 195. I'm looking forward Stadel coming back & showing folks why he coulda-shoulda-woulda been the 195 champ last year.
  11. I know. Funny thing is I'm older than Shinlever yet look 5 years younger... lol
  12. I played with him, he was a Freshman my Senior year.
  13. He also played for Hammontree, wasn't a player who had GQ as a head coach.
  14. Scott, he is definitely not a moron.
  15. Quarles was from Jefferson County, Hammontree was from Greenback, and I think Olive was from Maryville. Those are the 3 coaches who proceeded DH and each put their all into being the HC here regardless of where they grew up.
  16. I like her, she has been nothing but positive towards me and our program and whatever issues there are I'm sure she's working on it. I do need to correct one thing though, Sanders is now Elder. Grew up with both her and her husband since our JSE days, but all 3 of the board memebrs I mentioned are Maryville Rebels to their core.
  17. Pretty much all of school board members are Maryville Alumns and conservative. I don't see Stinnett, Sanders, or Simerly as a problem.
  18. Good lord, I'm glad the coaches and team don't feel that way.
  19. Are you going to be blocking for them? I heard you do that pretty well...
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