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  1. Anyones region this year. My gut wants me to pick Westmoreland if they get their offense going
  2. Yeah, I’ve heard the same.
  3. ER returns Brooks, Cothron, Jones, Williams, and Pearson. Offense should be better next year.
  4. ER takes care of Gordy, how does lookout valley look?
  5. Sycamore, so take it as a grain of salt.
  6. ER looked solid in their scrimmage. Only had 1 negative play on varsity and scored everytime they touched the ball. Then again they weren’t playing a stout team. But offense did look very much improved.
  7. ER, Gordonsville, Sale Creek, and Lookout Valley. Which 2 prevails out of this sectional?
  8. ER beat Clay Co 4-1. ER pitching is real deal and the defense didn’t have any errors. Clay Co hit a homer but besides that they couldn’t touch the ER pitcher. If ER can get bats going they will be a tough out.
  9. A- ER vs Eagleville AA- Pigeon Forge vs Loudon AAA- Portland vs Greenbrier AAAA- Hendersonville Vs Science Hill II-A Goodpasture vs CAK II-AA Lipscomb Vs CPA
  10. #16 is Carson Craig, #26 graduated, and #11 is Isaiah Groves he will be a sophomore this year.
  11. I wish. Wouldn’t be surprised if ER upcoming freshman class goes all the way though. Very very talented class
  12. If H20 doesn’t find a quarterback they could be some trouble there. Since H20 is the only program in the region that needs a decent qb for their offense.
  13. ER has the best athletes in the region if they can get the line to play well this year and solve the quarterback problem they will upset one of the 3.
  14. Westmoreland has one of the best defenses in 2A. Trousdale is Trousdale so no matter what they look like right now they’ll end up in the conversation for state by October. Watertown is the same way.
  15. ER will be a top 10 to 12 program in 2A this year, the only bad thing is Westy, H20, and TC are also top 10 programs.
  16. I’m excited for ER this year, if ER’s O line comes up big this year they will shock a lot of people.
  17. I have no clue on what brooks will even run this season. Could be a lot of what beech ran
  18. Heard more Chad Broadrick rumors on this one. Not sure again how true
  19. He was their best player. I thought he was a senior because of how he played and his build. He was really fun to watch
  20. Marquez Taylor is one of the funnest players to watch on the gridiron. McKenzie is my favorite to win 1A next season in football. It’ll come down to them or Gordy I think
  21. Middleton shouldn’t have a problem getting to the tournament next season. MAHS will no longer be a school and Peabody lost all 5 starters I believe
  22. Everything school* just happens to dominate 1A in baseball and basketball more than football. Brooks will get this thing rolling.
  23. ER baseball is set for the next 3 or 4 years. Basketball should continue to power also. Football is up in the air but looks bright. Feels like the late 80’s and early 90’s are back for the Indians.
  24. Brooks seems to have brought in a great staff from what I’ve heard.
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