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  1. Coalfield will have 3 main guys and 2 maybe 3 that will come in for relief but their pitching falls off quick after their main 3 so if LV gets to the starter early Tuesday they will have a shot.
  2. I agree with you about UH. I’m going with Coalfield because they have returned pretty much every one off of their sectional team last year, so they have that experience in playing in this game and I believe with Hines on the mound this Friday they will pull it out but should be a fun game to watch.
  3. Looks like 2 sectional games are set for Friday. University High will host Greenback and Hampton travels to Coalfield. I’m going to say that both University High and Coalfield make it to Murfreesboro.
  4. Oakdale surprised people this year and was tough to beat with their ace on the mound. He’s just a sophomore and made a huge jump from his freshman year last year in terms of his velocity. They’re a young team with only graduating 1 player so I expect them to be in a region game again next year. Coalfield is going to be tough to beat Friday, but they are beatable. Should be a good game tomorrow for the region between them and Greenback.
  5. Region play starts tonight. Who you guys have advancing to a sectional game tonight? I’ve got University High, Hampton, Coalfield, and Greenback advancing tonight.
  6. They very well could. Coalfield squeaked one out tonight against Oneida to win the championship. Kid hit a walk off homerun to win it. Coalfield is going to be tough to beat with their ace on the mound. He sits low 80s on his fastball and has a pretty good curve to go with it. Their lineup is weak in the bottom. A good pitcher should get the 7,8,9 guys out every time if they’re throwing strikes. Greenback is very beatable. The way Oneida hit it tonight against coalfields 2 guy they will give Greenback problems Monday.
  7. Those would be my picks also. I don’t think Oneida has anything left for Oliver Springs today. It took a walk off double scoring 3 runs to beat a Wartburg team that showed a lot of fight yesterday and should’ve won the game but that’s how baseball goes sometimes. I look for both Coalfield and Greenback to win their districts in the second game today and be hosting a region game on Monday.
  8. Looks like Greenback and Coalfield locked up a region game on Monday. Will be interesting to see who joins them out of their respective districts. I know Oliver Springs has their 1 ready to go for their elimination game today while Oneida staff is very limited for today so my pick will be Oliver Springs to advance. Not sure the pitching situations for midway and oakdale tonight. Should be a good one either way.
  9. I think Eagleville hosts some state tournament games but not for A unless that’s changed this year. In the past, A schools play at Riverdale and another site, but I’m pretty sure it’s not at Eagleville.
  10. Coalfield blasted Wartburg 24-0 and Oliver Springs beat Oneida 11-9. Wartburg threw their 4 guy and a JV pitcher tonight to try and get to the championship game Wednesday but they have to play a lot better in the field than they did today to have a shot. Fielding was rough in the second game with OS and Oneida but both teams hit it pretty well.
  11. I can definitely see Coalfield winning their region, but I’m not sure about who will be the other team out of that side. A lot of teams are evenly matched with Greenback. Oliver Springs and Oakdale both have a chance to make it out of that region as well. It all comes down to who has the most pitching.
  12. With the regular season coming to an end and district tournament play getting close to starting. Who is your favorites to make a run to Murfreesboro?
  13. Coalfield definitely looks the part. Their lineup is solid 1-6 but their 7,8,9 guys are suspect at times. I would expect them to host a substate game again this year and we will see if they can get over the hump and make it to Murfreesboro.
  14. I didn’t get the chance to make it in time for Summertown’s game unfortunately but was able to make it for the ER game. They were really solid, especially their pitching. I would’ve like to see the starter for Lake County be able to go farther in that game to see if they could’ve kept it closer. I’m not sure what happened to him (looked like some discomfort somewhere while pitching).
  15. How’s everyone feeling about the games tonight? I might make the trip to Riverdale this evening to watch the games being played there
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