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  1. Answers coming on the "staff" part of this question, per BGA social media.
  2. Well stated. I would add to that BB recruited middle Tennessee for several years and the idea that he doesn't have an understanding of the region (and state) landscape, in DII-AA specifically, is unlikely at best.
  3. Looks like that question has been answered.
  4. Bill Belichcik it is. He has been known to frequent the Country Boy restaurant in nearby Leiper's Fork...makes sense. Big news if true.
  5. The other 2 finalists are Urban Meyer and Bill Cowher
  6. Time will tell, but it's highly possible that BGA is the big winner in this hiring cycle. Anyone who had questions or concerns about a commitment to football will have answers once the hire is announced.
  7. Splash hire is what I expect.
  8. Ensworth has never hurt for talent, but when Bowers was in charge, he got every player he wanted - hence the consecutive gold balls. Hasn't been the same since he stepped out of coaching...draw your own conclusions. It will be interseting to see which direction they go as far as targeting/acquiring talent with Hasselebeck in charge now.
  9. Finally a name... Absolute legend of a player. He's been coaching I think, but not sure about head coaching experience?
  10. Not in DII. Beat up on...respectfully...a lot of bad teams when David Lipscomb competed in DI.
  11. Nothing. Its a silly, uninformed take. The football has been bad. Sometimes that's a football problem...
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