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  1. With changes, better than the system current in place. Dropping classes is a pipe dream
  2. Not that different from the way things are now. At least the Z-Plan kept it from being the same teams in the same round year after year. Z-Plan wasn't perfect, but with tweaks it'd be better than what's in place. At the rate this state is growing, 2 year cycles will work best
  3. Still gonna get paid better than what they would make in Metro. Unless your at one of the top programs, taking an assistant position at a private school is a step up
  4. Can't have a rivalry if you don't lose to them
  5. https://www.dnj.com/story/sports/high-school/2022/05/19/riverdale-high-school-graduation-shooting-sunny-gant-remembered-football-team/9834689002/?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot
  6. 1 killed and 1 in critical condition. MPD has a person of interest but didn't release any details
  7. https://fox17.com/news/local/shooting-reported-at-mtsus-athletic-center-students-told-to-shelter-in-place
  8. Shooting at Murphy Center as people were leaving Riverdale's graduation tonight
  9. MNPS has been a disaster long before the current mayor. If you want to point the blame point, it at the officials that actually have school in the title
  10. Rutherford County is pretty much open zoned, which has been to the benefit of a bunch of teams in the area. Blackman's success was not immediate and just because you don't succeed at the college level doesn't mean much once back in HS
  11. His record in college doesn't mean much. When he took over at Blackman, they weren't very good. Tullahoma is a good place to raise a family. Tullahoma will get better and they will play disciplined
  12. So totally fine for HC's to make a 7 figure salary (soon to be 8) while the players (whom are the reason why they can make such a figure) receive practically nothing? Football is the only sport where until now you couldn't make any kind of money the moment you graduate HS. A few kids get a 7 figure NIL deal and some of you turn into drama queens
  13. Well MTSU isn't P5. Their AD has made it pretty clear that as long as they play in a bowl game, that's good enough for him. I don't like it, but not gonna get my blood up about it
  14. You don't hire a coach of Hibdon's caliber to maintain the status quo. Tullahoma will soon reap the benefits
  15. Thats a good problem to have. Too often kids specialize in just one sport. Playing another sport will make them a better athlete in the fall
  16. Which is pretty much the rest of the state (minus that big gift Pilot gave Knox area schools). Field Turf doesn't matter much if the rest of the stadium is falling apart
  17. Turf fields are a luxury. If a school wants one, they should raise the money themselves.
  18. I can think of better ways to market your program than getting your head caved in. I think Sumner should have taken some pointers from surrounding counties on how to open a new school
  19. Wouldn't be shocked for it to be a home and home in the next cycle unless a public school other than Hendersonville wants to play
  20. I agree worked out well, probably the best team Oakland played. Just a humble fan/alum
  21. Only got room for one Nashville private at a time. Maybe next time you can call us during the offseason
  22. I mean if your absolutely determined to play a full varsity schedule in the middle of a 2 year cycle, its gonna happen. Everybody thinks they can mimic Ravenwood or Green Hill and win right away
  23. Not going to judge them for scheduling up when so many programs take the easy way out. If it weren't for LC, Oakland would have a 8 game schedule
  24. Then your going to be playing alot of 6-7 game seasons because nobody on either side is going to agree to that, in this state. This isn't College or the NFL
  25. Because it's hard to fill out a schedule in the middle of a 2 year cycle (if the 2 out of state games didn't make it clear enough)
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