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  1. Where are you located? Smyrna High School is looking for a new head coach. There’s a recent post about it on here
  2. Our sport continues to grow! Big news out of Sumner County as it was announced to today that Gallatin High School will be adding a wrestling program! The green wave will begin competition this coming year under new head coach Dustin Stone. Huge congrats to the green wave and cannot wait to how they do in years to come!
  3. Beech is rolling. 12 minutes left and it’s 6-0
  4. This whole thing is turning into a joke
  5. I’d guess Belcher is a Wilson Central kid if he’s related to their past Belchers
  6. Placers by grade Freshman: James Howard 1st Ashton Davis 4th Brayden Ivy 4th Kodiak Cannedy 7th Sophomore: Cooper Flynn 1st Trae McDaniel 5th Gavin Gagle 6th Parker Peterson 7th Junior: Skylar Coffey 5th Senior: Brayden Palmer 1st Mason Reiniche 2nd Grant Lundy 8th Congrats to all who competed. To our 12 AA’s and our 3 National Champions!
  7. Palmer and Cooper Flynn in the finals. Brackets are on floarena
  8. 125- 1. WBTB56 2. Bump11 3. Jonathanamann125 133- 1. Mrstanger 2. Moorecore 3. Tex89 141- 1. Tex89 2. Godfamilywrestling 3. Mrstanger 149- 1. WBTB56 2. Moorecore 3. Bump11 157- 1. Mongoor 2. Godfamilywrestling 3. Mrstanger 165- 1. WBTB56 2. Godfamilywrestling 3. Bump11 174- 1. David.cantrell 2. Bump11 3. Godfamilywrestling 184- 1t. Bump11 1t. Godfamilywrestling 3. Matthias1 197- 1. Moorecore 2. Mrstanger 3. Tex89 HWT- 1. Mongoor 2. Matthias1 3. WBTB56
  9. Cenzo and Hall got beat. So it almost caught up to them. Would’ve been full circle if Nolf and Cassar lost. But oh well. I’ll take what I can get!
  10. I agree. But you have to think Hidlay does too. With that take down he’s got all the momentum. They take it away and now instead of having the lead on a big TD at the end of the period, he gets nothing. Still, I think Hidlay wrestled the better match all 7 minutes. Kid deserved it and had it ripped away by the officials. I can guarantee you if it was Nolf who had gotten the takedown it would’ve stood as called no question. Even more messed up part is Nolf even said after the match that it was a takedown And Cassar DEFINITELY stalled 99% of the match. It was bad. Yet no stalling calls. Then, the riding time at the end should’ve been stopped around :57-:59 when Gable escapes. But again they “looked at it” and screwed him too.
  11. Got the refs in their pocket. Nolf got beat. And Hidlay got royally screwed. Unbelievable.
  12. Shoot me your email and I’ll check the entries! Is it showing you didn’t enter or not letting you look at it? edit: if you are under the Same email on all of them I do have entries for you for all 10. For some reason your 125-141 just doesn’t don’t have the brackets named
  13. 125 has also been fixed. Didnt see where Milhof dropped. Y’all get your picks changed if you need to
  14. There’s been a change and some seeding changes due to a drop out. Make sure if you entered that you go over and make sure your picks are fixed
  15. Last chance to fill out brackets. Wrestling starts tomorrow!!
  16. All brackets are in and ready for picks! Head on over and fill out your brackets. All picks will be final at the start of Session 1 on Thursday. Good luck everyone! challonge.com/Ncaa25 challonge.com/Ncaa33 challonge.com/Ncaa41 challonge.com/Ncaa49 challonge.com/Ncaa57 challonge.com/Ncaa65 challonge.com/Ncaa74 challonge.com/Ncaa84 challonge.com/Ncaa97 challonge.com/NcaaHWT
  17. Sounds good! I’ll get it up and going in the next couple of days
  18. I put together one last year, had a good turn out. Would all be interested in another this year?
  19. Unfortunately I have a lot going on right now and haven’t had the time to finish the seeding process. If someone would like to take a few hours and seed out the rest for me, I still want to get the brackets set up..but I just don’t have the time right now to finish out the seeding. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  20. Sorry for the delay. My brother is getting married Saturday so I’ve been super busy with that on top of work! I’ll get them out as soon as I can
  21. He was very very big indeed. He was a year ahead of me and in the same region, plus my cousin wrestled at Mt. Juliet with him, so I got to watch him a lot. And while some of his hugeness may not have been natural, the “kid” was incredible to watch. He did things I had never seen a heavyweight do. I remember my freshman year we were at a tournament with them and Bob Jones, and the BJ heavy was #1 in Bama and a 2 time defending state champ. We were rolling with them before the finals and he asked what Hunters tendancys were and asked if he was a cradler. I told him he didn’t like to cradle, then Hunter cradles him and sticks him in the first. That was one angry bama boy. Little 103 lb me got the heck outta dodge!
  22. Jadoobirsingh was 2007. But definitely one of the best. His rivalry with Pipkin was must watch.
  23. I know this is strictly AAA..but man I’d pay big money to see a heavyweight Grand Prix with Kramer, Boykin, Sammy Evans, River Henry, Bruno Reagan, and Hunter Allen. Just throw those six in a round robin and I’d be set
  24. This is the one I’d add. I’d take him over Lundy. Although I will agree with WG that it is very hard to bet against Knox. Your Rippy boys should also be in the conversation
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