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  1. i’m not saying you’re wrong... nor am i guaranteeing noah wins...my issue isn’t with people thinking alex is better p4p. that’s your right to have that opinion. my issue is stating that there’s no way noah wins based on 2 airtight decisions between them and palmer. ESPECIALLY when brayden probably beats alex if they wrestle again that year. brayden was the better of the 2 and gassed with a 3 point lead in the 3rd. not saying that’s an excuse, and it’s still a loss..but makes it even worse that you use that result to say noah can’t beat alex. also to reiterate my point from earlier, the palmer that alex wrestled and barely beat is a completely different wrestler than the one noah barely lost to a year later. Are you saying right now that alex is p4p better than palmer? based on this logic of them wrestling in the past, seems to be what y’all would think right? youre 100% right that they likely will never wrestle. so it’s all just opinions and heresay based on results from past seasons. but i just cannot agree with the logic that there’s no way noah wins that match strictly based on previous results with brayden
  2. lol yeah. i’m the idiot. for using actual logic for a matchup that hasn’t happened yet. not you who literally just asserted that noah will NOT beat alex based solely on results against Palmer, in 2 separate seasons. even though alex beat brayden by 2 whole points. and brayden beat noah by 3 whole points.. they are all very close and if they all wrestled 10+ times, i guarantee you not one wins all of them. they would all beat each other as far as common opponents, absolutely not. again..when it comes to tournament seeding or initial ranking...sure, use common opponent if that’s all you have. but for you to directly state that noah will not beat alex, based on 1...ONE common opponent which AGAIN...knows noah better than anyone because they’ve been practicing together for 10+ years...i’ve watched noah and brayden since they were elementary kids having been privileged enough to be around and be a part of the hendersonville generals club back then. notice how i haven’t stated that noah for sure beats alex or that alex “won’t beat noah” because unlike you i have a brain and understand the fact that until they wrestle, it’s all here say. everything is an opinion. so for you to blatantly state that there’s no way noah can beat alex, that statement is what makes you an idiot. all dumb logic aside...for you to openly state that noah will not beat alex, without any prior head to head result, is stupid.
  3. you’re an idiot if that’s your logic. “noah is not going to beat alex” when they’ve never wrestled, may be the dumbest thing i’ve seen anyone say on here in a while, when you’re basing it off of a match from 2 years ago. whitworth won an airtight decision over palmer 2 years ago...palmer beat noah last year. for starters, alex didn’t decisively beat brayden, it could’ve gone either way and likely would go both ways if they wrestled multiple times.. secondly, i guarantee you that’s 2 completely different brayden palmers..had they wrestled last year or now...it’s likely a different story. third..brayden and noah were teammates for a long time as kids and in high school..they’ve practiced together, rolled and drilled together for a long time..yes brayden is probably the better of the 2, but they know each other so well and have drilled together so much, that their 1 known wrestle off is a horrible measuring stick of “common opponents”. lastly...and i swear i should get this branded on my skin at this point because no matter how many times i say it some of you don’t listen... styles.. make... matchups... just because A beats B, and B beats C, does NOT mean A beats C. just like every other sport is about the system’s you play in, wrestling is all about styles. i’ve watched backups for team A beat opposing starters, that starters for team A couldn’t beat. all because the backup stylistically matches up better with the opposing guy. in other words...alex vs brayden, and brayden vs noah...have absolutely NOTHING to do with a potential noah vs alex match/outcome. the common opponents rule only applies to seeding or maybe ranking. you cannot use that for who is the legit better wrestler. only head to head works there and that hasn’t happened yet so take your “plain and simple” logic and sit back down.
  4. not the quarterfinal anyone expected, but both teams absolutely deserve to be here. the way both are playing right now i’m just excited to watch some good football. if i have to pick a winner i’d probably lean a little towards Shelbyville right now. somewhere in the 35-30 range. should be a heck of a game with 2 fire hot teams.
  5. very young team that i think may have overachieved a little bit this year. the way they were able to win games without necessarily playing great or being the better team, really shows how much heart they have and how much crabtree can get out of his kids. this team is gonna be scary good next year.
  6. this one should be good. and i’m pumped it’s televised for out of towners like me. 27-14 beech.
  7. in other news, Beech wins a barn burner over Columbia, 6-3
  8. congrats to the commandos. big win and a region title. good luck to all 5A region 6, and 6A region 4 teams! let’s bring some state titles home.
  9. it’s Noah. not taking anything away from Alex but i think he’s a solid number 2. if they are the same weight, i think noah wins 6 or 7 out of 10. it’s close but i’d give the nod to Horst as well.
  10. no sir. from what i gathered, the plan was for palmer to drop to 26 and horst to 20. but noah couldn’t get down to 120 so they wrestled off for 126 and brayden won. pretty convincingly too as i was told.
  11. gallatin fails on 4th down and Beech takes over with 1:20 left. first play and parks picks up a first down. that will do it. Beech is gonna win it 14-10. Go Bucs!!!
  12. TD Beech. Parks run. 13-10 Bucs. XP pending edit: XP good. 14-10 Beech
  13. theoretically yes. not saying he’s been bad, i just meant he has been contained most of the night and he finally broke one.
  14. Mr. Briggs has arrived. 69 yards to the house. 10-7 Wave
  15. beech ready to kick a field goal to tie it with less than a minute left in the half, gallatin takes a penalty and gives beech new downs...Jefferson takes it in the next play. can’t make mistakes like that in this game. 7-3 Beech at half
  16. beech made a mistake by not taking the points. gotta take points when you can in this game.
  17. The one we’ve been waiting for is finally here. Next friday the 8-0 Green Wave will visit The Hill to take on the 8-0 Bucs. I know i’m not alone in saying i’ve had this one circled on the calendar for weeks. 2 of the very best in 5A, and the entire state, go toe to toe for a region championship, and an argument for the top spot in 5A. This one will be well worth the price of admission. It may very well come down to the health of Isaiah Briscoe. It’s well known that both of these programs like to run the ball, and both do it very well. But the passing game may be the difference here. Either way I expect a barnburner in what very well could be the first of two games between these two teams this year, with the winner of that possible second game quite possibly playing for a state championship. I’m pumped Beech wins in overtime on a vintage Crabtree two point conversion, 38-37
  18. what’s that old sayin people say about nick saban and the tide...they don’t rebuild, they reload. that system has been strong for the past 15 years or so. they seem to always be in the conversation come year end. crabtree just knows how to get the best out of those boys, and they always seem to get better week after week. i would say hendersonville needs to win the battle in the trenches and shut down the run game to win, but henry county did that and the bucs still found a way. great teams always find a way to win even on off nights. i think beech ends up being a little too much. but like you, and eers said, throw records and previous results out the window for this one. one could be the best in the state and one could be the worst, and its still anyone’s game. it’s gonna be a war out there. go bucs! 34-21
  19. interesting. never thought he should’ve left. hopefully with everything that happened at baylor, he’s ready to get to work and move forward. i’m sure coach JRob is happy to have him back. that’s a huge (re)addition
  20. Where are you located? Smyrna High School is looking for a new head coach. There’s a recent post about it on here
  21. Our sport continues to grow! Big news out of Sumner County as it was announced to today that Gallatin High School will be adding a wrestling program! The green wave will begin competition this coming year under new head coach Dustin Stone. Huge congrats to the green wave and cannot wait to how they do in years to come!
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